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Jun 30 2011

Another week.

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Yup, another week is nearly over. This week I had my mum come over and help me cut out some swords, thanks mum.Stephanie also sold her two tea sets today. She is making another one of these turtles for $30 as well. If you want one, just contact me.Inside are some turtle eggs, and one has hatched, so cute!My boy went off to his school army camp this morning. Two nights he will be roughing it in the wilderness.As you can see, the enemy is trying to capture him (not really, it’s his lovable little sister).

Tonight we have a young visitor, who loves Barbie dolls, so we set off to the op shops to find some. We found about six for her. I made this little apron tonight in half an hour, so cute don’t you think? I personally would wear it myself, if I was a Barbie ( I wish).Do you think that she looks good in it?On a more serious note. My husband never takes photos of me, except in the unflattering way, such as when you are….bending.  This will most likely be the photo on my funeral notice. Now, no one can say to me “Why do you put horrible photos of me on your blog”, because I can say, that I do it to myself too.

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Jun 26 2011


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Say Hi to my family.When I look at my family, I feel absolute joy, but I also remember the hard work that got us to this point. I’m not talking about the nappy changing or the washing, meals or dishes, I’m referring to the character training. I certainly don’t think that I have perfect children ( that’s impossible, plus, I’m not perfect either), but I am pretty happy with the way they are going. I have been amazed over the years at the children’s stubbornness, their sneakiness, the naughty ways that they can get into trouble. I remember the hours of discipline, the tears the prayers. I also understand the wisdom of older christian women saying that it is by God’s grace that your children come to know Him. We try to guide, but it’s God who calls them to Himself. My prayer is that God will continue to guide each child to Himself. Another amazing thing is that we learn so much about ourselves when raising our children. What we believe, what we really value, and how horrible we can be as parents on a bad day. Thank you God for forgiveness.

What a busy week we have had. Steph has just found out that she is going to India for a trip, and not the Middle East. She has been learning Arabic for 6 months, so now she will change her language and get cracking. Part of this trip is that she has to raise a third of the money (by getting sponsers), and a third is paid by a church organisation, and a third she has to earn the money herself. We considered her getting a job at Safeway, or something similar, but we seriously don’t have any time for that. We are out every night, and busy with Lachlan on Sat. too busy to drive her everywhere. She has been giving some piano lessons, so she has money from this now, but she still has a lot to do. This week she has made two crocheted teasets, and has sold them for $30 each. Do you think that they are cute?They have two cups with saucers, a teapot with a removable lid, with a teabag.So cute!

I had better get off now, my little one is calling me to give her a cuddle.

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Jun 25 2011

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oh, check out this cool site for all kinds of paper crafts.

Here are some samples.and and there are heaps, check it out.

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Jun 23 2011

I’m Back, yay!

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So much has happened this week, so I will trying not to overload my poor little ole blog  today with too many pictures (yeah, right). Firstly my dear Jared turned 40! Now we are both old. I cannot believe that we are 40, remember going to his mother’s 40th birthday when I was 16!! I still have the invitation, ugh! I digress….Any how, I ended up giving Jared $50 (because I never know what to buy him, and you really can’t buy him undies and socks for a 40th can you?). He seemed happy, but of course I had to take it back again a couple of days later to pay for a Boys Brigade camp that Camden and Lachlan are going too. Yeah, parenting is tough like that, I did the same with my birthday money…I digress again. Jared’s grandpa turns 89 this month too, she we had a combined birthday celebration at Jared’s brothers. They live closer to G’ma and Pa, and they have a big house. So I brought the food, and we ate it at their house, and Grandma insisted on paying me for the food (how nasty am I, but have you ever said no to a grandma before, no seriously?). The highlight of the day was this photo of our family. Next time we will have one with Jared’s parents in it too. I have changed the faces for those who do not like the internet, can you guess who they are?A couple of days before this (on Friday night), Jared and I heard a bang, and withing five minutes three fire trucks were outside in our street. A house had blown up, and was totally gutted. Shocking. It was four houses down from us, on the same side. The weird thing is that no one in the street could smell any smoke, and I didn’t see any flames (although a few people said that it shot up into the trees quickly). I am so thankful that the FTs came quickly, as we all live around trees. I haven’t seen the owners (or renters around since).I met a few neighbors who live in other streets.  This week we also had heavy winds, and I mean scary. I woke up at 2am, when I heard a crash. It was a tree in our neighbors yard. They had two come down, one crashing into their car port. Poor neighbours. Meanwhile I am thankful that none landed on our house, and that they were kept safe too.

I went for a visit to my sister’s house on Thursday, she lives in Rosebud. I like Rosebud. We arrived, just when her friend found out that her nanna had died, so it was a little awkward. I was trying to keep the children from being too happy, but that’s pretty hard. Nicky and I and three children ended up going op shopping. The children loved this, as auntie Nicky, is the magic fairy who gives the children their hearts delight. To be honest, I enjoy it too. While we went shopping, I found these really cute dolls.I bought them to put into the present cupboard, but I must say that I would like them for myself. Alycia found a sister for her little brown baby, auntie Nicky bought it for her.We had a lovely day, some found it exhausting though 😀

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Jun 18 2011


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Oh man! My internet has almost froze. Jared tried to download a whole site, and now we have reached our maximum usage, so it’s going to be a few days until we are back to usual. Meanwhile I have so much to share with you, including the fact that last night a house four doors down from us exploded and has completely been destroyed….I will be back in a couple of days.

Stay safe.

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Jun 14 2011

Swords and More..

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One sword finished, only 99 to go….I’m so stupid, what am I thinking!!

Yesterday we woke up to find that Stephanie’s rabbit, Pickton was missing. Oh no! I cannot believe it, after half an hour of searching Alycia found him under our van. It took some bribing, some chasing, and us tripping over some stuff, we got him. We actually brought him inside to calm him.Have I told you that I love the show “How Clean is Your House”? I thought that I would put into practice what I have learn’t from that show. I have some pen marks on our creme leather chair.So with the use of some hairspray, sprayed directly onto the ink, then a bit of dabbing, this is what I have..Magic!

Over the long weekend, we have done a bit of op shopping too. Cassandra asked me for this book, how could I say no? I just love the pictures.Alycia has just taken up knitting, so she made herself a little bag to hold her vaseline (for her lips).

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Jun 12 2011

Have I said…

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that I love my family? I am so blessed by all my family. I especially love the way the kiddies get along well. The other night I was wondering what Lachlan was up to, so I went and checked, and found him here.We call these two our twins. Although they are 21 months apart in age, they are inseperable. They speak their own language, they can read eachothers thoughts. I am so thankful for their relationship, Steph helps guide Lachlan, and Lachlan listens, and vice versa. It has been so nice to have Lachlan home from school for a couple of days so that they can reconnect. Here they are listening to music, an ear piece each, while Lachlan writes, and Stephanie crochets.

We had a lovely day today, Jared preached at Essendon and Clifton Hills Pressie Church, I love his strong preaching. We then came home to visitors, so nice.

Yesterday I made some Anzac biscuits.These are very simple to make, and very yummy. Here is the recipe for you.

Combine these four ingredients into a large bowl.

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup plain flour

1 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup of dessicated coconut

Melt 150g butter with 2 Tablespoons of golden syrup

in another container mix 2 Tablespoons of boiling water with 1 1/2 teaspoons of bicarb soda. Combine into butter mixture (it will froth and rise), then add all the wet ingredients into the dry and mix.

Make into large spoon sized balls and place on well greased over pans.

Bake on a slow oven of 15o degrees for 20 minutes.

Enjoy! nom nom nom… 😀

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Jun 09 2011


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I am heart broken, the swords that I wanted to buy for Dayspring Day, are just to expensive. I can’t get anymore in Australia, and to have them sent from the US, cost $250 just for the postage! All up for 100 swords it would be $550, considering that I get $600 for the day, that is way too much. Plan B is that I make them.I traced the sword that I had, sewed around them, cut them out…Turned them through and stuffed them. I haven’t closed them up yet, and I want to paint the handle area black, and put a jewel in the middle of the handle. I showed Jared, and he said that they look rude..What? I am planing on making 100 of these, and your telling me that they are rude?  I will put them aside for a week or so, and see if it looks ok then.Yesterday I went to It was so cool, I recommend it. You can go in, and for $25 get a whole bag of crafting supplies (which you can choose yourself). They have pieces from factories, material, rubber, leather, wool, tape, paper, card, string…This is what I bought.andLachlan also got some books, and demo phones. Camden found a transformer and some other toys. I also got a fabric book, so good.

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Jun 07 2011

I’m Here,but Not Really.

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What day is it, what month, I’m really not sure. Two days ago I was in an op shop with  Alycia and I saw what I thought was a Bollywood DVD. I made Alycia buy it for $1, and I was wondering why she was really gringing when she went to the counter. When I got home, Steph was in fits as she pointed out that it wasn’t a Bollywood DVD but a Bellydancing DVD, what! Well, I couldn’t waste it, so I sent the boys out of the room, and the girls and I had a bit of a try (well, actually Cassandra and I did, while Steph and Aycia sat down and laughed).This is what we were watching.I am not putting a photo of me doing it (no one wants to see that), but let me just say that my right side is a tad sore two days later (boy, who knew I could move my hips like that :D). This is not a bad exercise, yeah, seriously. I could feel my tummy muscles (that has to be a first), and my arms warming up, not a bad thing to do on a cold day. Maybe you could all give it a go, hee hee.Lachlan was given more army gear this week, he was so impressed. Jared and I are freaking out that he might end up in the army, just because of the cool stuff that he gets, ugh!He has to cook!!! Maybe I could buy a couple of these for the kitchen, and say “go for it, cook up a meal for seven!”Speaking of cooking, this is my rice….no we didn’t eat it.I forgot to show you the nice set that I bought a few weeks ago from the op shop. Don’t you just love it? Jared says that it is too good to use, but I love the specialness of using it everyday. I have a couple of cups and saucers as well, sweet!This is my little cooking buddy, isn’t she cute.  She makes me laugh so much. This week I have cooked heaps. we were on morning tea duty, we also had a fellowship lunch at Church, so I cooked alooooot. I love seeing the peoples eyes light up when they see that there is some yummy food awaiting them.Alycia has spent some time making up some “food” for her American girl doll, Josefina. Alycia has also been making “real food”. She is trying to save up for a church camp. There is one in a couple of weeks that three children could go to, but that would add up to $700 in total, so Alycia is saving up for the summer camp, for just after Christmas. Thanks to my friend Narelle, she has made a bit of money making some lemon cakes at $5 each. My friend also allowed Lachlan to mow their lawn on the weekend, giving him a hefty allowance to go toward his saving, thanks Narelle, I hope that we won’t make you broke. We were also given some wood for our fire, which I have on right now, cosy.Here is Cassandra sitting by the fire with her new gloves on, she cracks me up.

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Jun 03 2011

Money, what Money?

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I really can’t complain, but I’m going to anyway.  This month has been an absolute horror when it comes to money, it could be worse, so I should be thankful. We have had a washing machine blow up $300+, two new tires $300, and what was the highlight was getting back to Australia from our trip, only to have $300 plus taken out of my account 25 days after using an ATM in Oxford ( I wasn’t quite expecting that). I was also charged $9 for the error, ugh! Of course that doesn’t include all the other regular bills that one has, but that is life right?Can anyone make me these? I need these, have I said that before? I hate having soggy gloves.Take a look at these cool coins. I think I shall need to buy some for Dayspring Day.  We are having a knights theme. You can find your own here:??

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