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May 03 2011

Now I Might Get the Order Wrong..

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I am finally home, sweet. It was so nice to come home to my dear little family. The children came rushing out with their arms wide open. I had a comment from my neighbor who said on Facebook “We heard the children being happy to see you, it was a lovely way to  wake up in the morning”…awh.

Last week is already a blur. We caught buses from Edinburg for three days. The first day we went to St Andrews and Dundee. St Andrews is where William and Kate met. Jared dragged me to all of the Church history sites. I have to admit it now, but my church history is going to be so confused, everything is mixing into one big mixed up dictionary. Anyway, back to St Andrews.We had to have a chuckle at this shop, you got to use what draw cards you have eh?We searched for the martyr’s memorial..His initials are marked on the road.Another mark of a martyr. If you have seen the Will and Kate movie, this is the spot where Kate stops Will from stepping on it, saying that he would fail his exams if he did. I think that this photo is from Dundee, but I will need to check. This is Robert Murray McCheyn’s tomb. We had to walk quiet a bit to get to here. Oh, and check this out.This is a ticket for the local bathroom. What made me laugh, after paying my 30p I got this ticket. Look what it says at the bottom “and shown on demand” say what?

The next day we went to Glasgow, and then off to Blantyre.We went to the David Livingstone museum, his home. In this house, lived 23 families. David with his family (5 siblings and his mum and dad) stayed in this one is the room, it was great to see.In the room were two double beds, with pull out beds under each one. Remember that they had no running water or electricity.He had a love of learning, and a love for the gospel. He knew of God’s grace, and he wanted to share the message of hope with everyone, may it be this way for us too. Here are some of his tools, cool hey?

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