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Feb 27 2011


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You all know that I have been de-hording. I have just come across a cool little blog dedicated to such endevours. Have a look here to be inspired.

It is so difficult to say good bye to things. Here are some toys that I gave away. I have been going through heaps of magazines, I think that I have de-stashed over 60 mags!!! My house is feeling the better for it. I have even gone through my closet, all my craft drawers, the present cupboard, and even some goodies that have been kept under the house. How much money must I have wasted? Who knew that we could have been millionaires!I won’t give away these mags though 😀

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Feb 26 2011

Too Fast

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Ugh, the weeks are going too fast. Despite this though, it is slower than it could be, for which I am thankful. Jared has been doing the night time car runs which is a relief. Cammy got his new boys Brigade uniform, so he was eager to try it on. I think he needs a black belt. Lachlan on the other hand was given his army cadets kilt, which he is totally unimpressed with. Granted, the kilt looked like a granny dress (very disturbing), but when he put the whole kit and caboodle on, it looked more impressive. He did not want to pose for this one.Oh man, look what is under his bed. His room is next on my list for de-cluttering. I hate going into his room, he collects everything!!!Look at the sweet cover on this classic. I bought it for $1. We were on the way to drop off more books for QLD flood relief. I had to buy it, so someone could enjoy it.

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Feb 22 2011

A Sunday Afternoon

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After Church on Sunday, we walked to the local park. I love the way the children trust Jared to push them on the “Swings of Death”. Jared tried to get me on this thing, calling me chicken and doing the whole “chicken noise” thing, but hey, I’m not falling for that one again!The children managed to get Jared on here.He is very brave. His leg at one stage got bent back, so that was a bit sore, but he soldiered on.

For the rest of the week I have been de-cluttering. I have been crazy, getting rid of things that I have kept for over 20 years. I do have an emotional attachment to most things (stupid I know), but if I can find a good home for some things that I really like, I’m ok to let it go. I went through the girl’s room today, that was really hard (for me, not the girls). I took 10 garbage bags in total to the op shop today, and I have some toys for two different playgroups. I might try putting some craft items on ebay, umm, I’ll have to think about that one.Look at the lovely little surprise that I received in the mail yesterday. A lovely little tissue holder from Stephanie who did the softie collection for the flood appeal. Check out all the toys that she has received so far.You can read her blog here: What a sweetie.

Tonight I am watching “How Clean is Your House”, followed by “Hoarders”. That might be why I have been motivated to clean and sort.Children and books just go together don’t they? I have taken about 100 children books out of my house (that was hard)in the last week. In our local paper a lady advertised that  she was collecting children’s books to give to the QLD flood victims. She will be collecting them for a few months, so if you live near Rowville, Victoria, perhaps you might want to leave some at her door too.

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Feb 18 2011

My Girl Turns 11

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Wow, my little girl turned 11 today. Where does the time go? What can I say about Alycia. She is an active, nature loving gal. She is a brilliant cook, she is stubborn enough to try to make, sew, or conquer anything. If you put her in front of an audience, she will freeze, or laugh nervously. I didn’t expect that, I thought that she would be like me, and be a bit of an attention lover. I still think that she should marry a farmer. I love the fact that she is more sensible than I thought too, sweet.

The hat that Alycia is wearing is for my mum, it’s a pill box hat. Cute huh?

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Feb 17 2011

Congrats, Jared.

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Yay, Jared finally got the “Yes, you have passed” for his Doctrate. He is amazing the way he works, all the time working full time, and still being around for his family. He just loves to study, to keep his mind active. He now has three Masters as well. Alycia cooked him a little cake to celebrate.The little stick on the top, I used when he got is bachelor of theology 20 years ago (I told you I was a hoarder).

Check out the way Cassandra ate her pie for lunch, different eh?The days are a little different for a while, Jared is home on Sabbatical. He works in the lounge room, so he in the thick of things. I find myself not checking my Facebook as often (I don’t want him to think that I am a slacker).

I have discovered that I now have to have Lachlan at school by 6:15 three times a week. Apart from Homeschooling, and other such things such as music lessons, etc I am feeling out of it already. Thankfully Jared is doing some night time runs this year, so now we will both be out of it, but not as much 😀 I also want to catch up with my family, and Jared’s grandparents.Thankfully we have just got our car back, after months of trouble. The car place wanted us to pay a huge some of money after the third time it went in (the first time was still under warranty), Jared ended up contacting the “Watch dog” place, and they suddenly changed their mind, funny that eh?.

I am going through everything that I own, what a huge task. Somethings I cannot let go of because of memories attached to them, but I must say that I am being brutal.Do you like these plates? I found them in an op shop. They reminded me of my nana. The plates are more square then circular, and so are the matching bowls and side plates. It cost me $15 for the 15 pieces.

Two nights I saw the biggest huntsman ever, in our room. Jared tried to kill it, but missed :C. During the night I woke to the sound of the huntsman walking across the wall, creepy. Last night I climbed the stairs to find it (but near my desk). I woke Lachlan and Alycia up, so that they could kill it, for $10 of course. It was so big, that it couldn’t be sucked up by the vacuum. After hairspray, and alot of banging, and so much screaming that I actually became hoarse (thanks neighbours for coming to my rescue, not!), we finally got him. I’m exhausted just thinking of it.This is Alycia sucking up the remains. Now I will wait for the hundreds of babies, ugh!

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Feb 12 2011

A Bridal Shower.

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Today we went to a Bridal shower. Steph and a friend were asked to be bridesmaids, so their big job (apart from waking down the aisle with the bride :D), was the bridal shower. They made large tissue pom poms in blue, yellow and white to hang from the ceiling. We found out how to make them from here. Easy to make, and yet so cute!I had a great opportunity to use all my pretty tea cups that I have stored under my house, so pretty.I have 35 tea sets. They looked so pretty. Most of these I have found in second hand stores, and the others I have been given from family or friends.They played a fun game where they had to make a bridal dress from toilet paper. This is what they came up with.The day went well.

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Feb 10 2011

Goodies Received.

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I have certainly been blessed sooooooooo much. My first swap received was from Jackie I was in shock when I opened this parcel up, she was so generous. I really do feel blessed to receive such aparcel. How talented is she? I just love this lovely wall quilt, the dish, the hershies (yeah, my kids have their eyes on them)This was my Tilda Swap.You have to love all the pretty colours 😀and even a dish to put them all in.and the most gorgeous doileys.and beautiful cookie cutters.Thank you very much, Jackie.Everything was so carefully packed too. I must say that she must of fainted when she paid for the postage though :(. They can take you by suprise eh?

I sent my Tilda Swap to someone else, I think she may have it by now.The girl I sent this to, loves snails and turtles, so the material (the orange one has both of these animals on them). As you can see the Turtle magnet didn’t make it, it’s dangerous remember? I hope that she likes the goodies.

My second swap was an apron swap, I sent to the same person that I received from.This cute apron is from Krissy. You can find her here.

I sent Krissy this (I hope that she has it, I don’t want to wreck the suprise).I hope that she likes it.

And because I am really spoiled, I have to show you one last blessing. This one is from Vanessa, she doesn’t have a blog yet, but she is thinking of it 😀How cool is this? I love the little bucket that she made, thank you so much. Madeline also made a cute Valentine book to go with it.  Thank you Vanessa. I sent something to Vanessa too.I hope that you enjoy your goodies Vanessa.

I have only discovered today, that someone has been trying to leave a comment on my blog, and that it hasn’t shown up, and that my email has been blocking them, so if you have been leaving a comment, and I haven’t replied, I’m sorry, but I don’t know why. Because I was made aware of this, I just contacted another blog swapper, who I hadn’t heard from, so this is now all sorted too, phew. I would hate to think that someone would think that I wouldn’t hold up to my part of the deal, that would be nasty. I was pretty upset when I found out, that someone was upset with me, but Jared thought that it was hilarious (that didn’t help).

Everyone have a nice Valentines day (i think that I have already celebrated :D). see you.

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Feb 08 2011

I’m so Naughty.

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I know, I have said it before, but I can’t leave a parcel unopened. In the last two days I have recieved my three Valentines Day Swaps, and I opened them all (insert evil laugh here). Wow, what lovely suprises. I will be mean, and make you all wait until you see them. My girls, enjoyed the parcels as much as I.  I can’t wait to show you.A wilting rose. I was about to throw  this rose out today, because it looked old, and worn out, but then……I smelled the most beautiful fragrance. It suddenly occurred to me that this rose is like an old person. I know when people get older, they sometimes feel like they have no purpose, that no one appreciates them, but like this withered rose, their fragrance can still be beautiful.  God talks about our prayers being like a beautiful fragrance rising up to meet him, our good works being a testimony to Him. Don’t overlook the wilted rose, they hold much value, and are loved by God.

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Feb 06 2011

A Lovely Weekend..

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Something about this weekend, was lovely. Perhaps because it rained so much, and I didn’t have to get up and take Lachlan to rowing at 5.45. We have all been pottering around, and despite the rain, we went swimming in our pool! I have suddenly realised that my 14 year old Lachlan is alot stronger, to the point that when he “playfights” with me, he is actually scary.Alycia made this doll today. I think that Bron? gave her the pieces a while ago. Cute isn’t it? This is the side view.I have spent the weekend watching “Father Knows Best”, it’s sweet, and the family can all watch it together. I have borrowed it from Quickflicks. They send it to you via post, we have been given a free subscription. I have also been destashing. So many magazines, I’m such a horder. This is what happens when I go op shopping. All these are going back to a local craft shop, where they sell them cheaply for a charity.

This morning I woke up and the first thing that I saw was a huge spider (and I didn’t even have my glasses on). I screamed for Jared (he ignored me), so I called out “Who wants $10? I suddenly had four children in my room. I thought that Alycia killed it, but evidently Lachlan did, do now I owe Lachie $10.

I have just parcelled up my last Flood appeal auction, yay! I can post it tomorrow.

See you.

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Feb 04 2011

This and That, and Something Dangerous.

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What could be dangerous? Wait for it…Included in my Tilda heart swap was this “Dangerous” Turtle magnet. The postie told me to take it out, because the parcel might be returned to me if it has this dangerous magnet in it, go figure??

Lachlan had his first Army Cadets yesterday (Cadets is compulsory at Scotch). I think that he looks cute (well, he could ditch the hat, but you know what I mean).. Look at this lovely quilt. Steph made it. It’s lovely and warm, being made of flannel fabrics. She did all of the sewing, and quilting and binding all by herself. She is so talented, and determined. Well done. She also made an amazing turtle, but I will show you that tomorrow.

This week is a blur, School is back on. I have been driving Lachlan to school at 7:15 then home, Steph goes elsewhere on Wednesday. Then every night I have to drive one of the children somewhere (ok, so Jared did the Wednesday night run, in return of me doing the 5.45 run to rowing tommorow morning). Lachlan is suppose to go on Sunday morning too, but he won’t be because Sunday is Church day.I had to laugh at my little nature lover. Aycia caught one big praying mantis and two little ones. When she went to check on them, there was only one left. The big mumma!! Doh, who would have thought a mumma would eat the little ones?

Tonight I went swiming in the pool with the kiddies. I have just discovered that fighting with Lachlan in the pool is no longer fun, but a matter of survival. He is so strong. I personally don’t like the feeling of being pulled backwards and down into the water. He is like a playful pup, not knowing his own strength.

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