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Jan 13 2011

Auction Two, “kiddy Coolness”

Included in this auction we have the lined pencil case with pencils, a Birthday Banner which is just over 2 metres in length. A great “You can sew book”, Some fat quarters, stickers, a cross stitch mini kit, an applique kit. Two paint with water books. A dinosaur picture kit, some blank bookmarks and a bow holder.

I’ll start the bidding at $20 Aus. Posting is free withing Australia, and $10 for overseas.

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Jan 13 2011

Auction One “Mumma Goodies”

You might have to take a closer look at what is included. One of my lined pencil cases with pencils, a covered notepad, and tissue cover. Some fat quarters. A gooliwog kit, a couple of patterns. A large cross stitch kit by Dornacher, a magazine. A bag of lace, an apron ready to be painted/decorated. A cross stitch purse… Plenty of goodies. I’ll start the bid at $20 Aus.Postage is free within Australia, and $10 for overseas.

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Jan 13 2011

Auction, We have Go!

Here is a bunch of “Crafty Goodness” for someone to bid on. To bid all you have to do is to leave a comment with the amount of money that you are willing to pay for the items. I will be doing two separate auctions, so make sure that you leave your bid on the correct post. The Auction can start as soon as this post is up, but it will finish at  midnight on Jan 24th. All the money raised will be donated straight to the QLD Flood Appeal, when you have the proof that it has been paid I will send you your goodies 😀 Remember to leave your email, so I can let you know if you have one. Happy Bidding.

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Jan 12 2011

Flood Appeal

Take a look at You can either bid on something, or put something up for auction. Tommorow I will put up my auction, ALL money raised will go towards the flood relief.

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Jan 11 2011

Holidays are Confusing.

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Oh man, I don’t even know what day it is…

Last night I woke up to a crashing sound, of course I fell straight back to sleep 😀 When we woke up this morning, we noticed the big tree that is in the middle of the garden down, covering the shed. Jared was up, ready to cut it to pieces.This is only part of the tree. It wasn’t a huge one, but it is big enough. Jared spent a good deal of time sawing it up, but it might take a while to get rid of it altogether.

Today I made a couple more pencil cases.and a few note pad covers.Reversible of course..and some pocket tissue covers.I am thinking of starting an etsy shop, what do you think? I need to make a lot more goodies before I think of it seriously.

I just joined up for another Valentines swap too. This one is found here:

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Jan 09 2011

Show and Tell.

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After Church today, I made a few items. I made two pencil cases (to put away for future gifting).I was so excited to actually get something done.I followed this pattern.I also had this pillowcase sitting around for a while, so I made it into a dress for Cassandra. Cassandra loved it, she hugged me, when she tried it on. I found this pattern from the book Craft Hope. I know you can find simple patterns all over the internet if you don’t have the book. Saying that, I do recommend the book. I’m sure that I’ll be making a few more things in the future.

Look what Jared has been up to. He has been working in the garden, designing a little area. I think that he is really talented.

I have just realized that Alycia is the back of the photo. From the window she saw a blue bag hanging on the fence, that means that the neighbors have left us some books again :D, sweet!

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Jan 08 2011

Family Day

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We had a lovely day with my family today. We had a lunch with my mum and dad, my sister and a friend of hers, and her dad. My children (especially Cassandra, had a lovely day).  Mum and Dad also gave the kiddies and Jared and I our Christmas presents too. Woo hoo, I was given a Spotlight Voucher. (Spotlight is like Michaels in the US).

This afternoon, the neighbours knocked on our door, asking if the rabbit that they were holding was ours. Pickton had  gone on an adventure. He is so cute but very naughty. We actually let him inside for a while.He doesn’t have red eyes really, it’s just the flash.

Another discovery Cassandra has been creative, by cutting off all the little balls on the end of each bristle, of her brush.That’s gotta hurt.

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Jan 05 2011

A Happy Camper?

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Not really, but I try. Two nights ago I slept in the tent with Cassandra. I had promised her for over a week, so it was about time. Armed with hot chocolates, and popcorn and disco balls (for every tent needs $3.50 disco balls), we had a very cold night. I woke up a few times, rubbing Cassandra’s cold arms. At last I fell asleep, only to wake up in wee, eww! Do you believe that I nearly (along with Cassandra,  fell back to sleep?) Thankfully mumma sense kicked in, and I was out of there, dragging Cassandra drowsily behind me.The next night it was Alycia’s turn.not much bonding there with the DS. Ok, so she was showing me how to use it, so I guess there was some 😀

My favourite shopping time is “Stationary shopping”. My heart flutters when I see good brand pencils for $2 a packet, or crayons, or  note books. Every year we collect heaps to go toward some kind of mission.  This year I actually put a whole heap of stationary on layby.

While shoppingI also saw these cool things.When you take a bunch of flowers to a hospital, you can never find a vase. Put one of these in your bag, and you have a portable vase! You have to see it to believe it.A pack of three costs $3 from the Reject Shop.

Jared has been working in the garden, he is very creative.Look what Alycia found, a lizard forming in an egg!!So amazing!

Jared made me laugh the other day in the shop. We were all sitting at a table having a drink, when Jared said “Children I have one more present to give you, and it’s just there”, and he looked up to this.haha, a big present, hanging from the ceiling!

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Jan 05 2011

Happy New Year!

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(I wrote this how many days ago?)

My In-laws left this morning, much to the children’s disappointment. After they left we went to Eastland, and then for a swim at home….sweet! We went to a New Year’s Eve party, we arrived at 5.30, and then left at 9.30 (we are so lame). When we arrived the little ones had just come out of a blow up pool. Within 5 minutes, Cassandra was totally drenched. I just stood amazed at her animal antics. She did slow down after a few hours :C

Oh, I have an amazing photo to show you. It is of a unique toilet that I found at someone’s house. I have to wait until I can get my cord for my camera.(ok, so I have the cord you know how embarrassing it would be to  have someone see me take a photo of their toilet??) I should explain that it has a tap and little sink on the top of the toilet, so when you flush, the cistern fills up, and you use that water to wash. It doesn’t turn off until it is full, so that was a bit awkward as I tried to find the tap knob.

I now am watching Anne of Green Gables, the continuing story. Every now and then I get a fright because I can hear fireworks. Everyone else is asleep, and I have just eaten some lollies. (No New Year Revelotions here eh?)

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Jan 04 2011

Sew with Me.

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Come and  join me in making a Tilda heart swap. Sooooooo pretty.pop over to here

to sign up 😀

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