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Dec 16 2010

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My little Christmas cook. Do you like her apron? It’s made from a tea towel! Cassandra received it in her swap yesterday. What a great idea, an apron from a tea towel. They have folded the tea towel, cut out an arch for the arm holes, then with a long piece of bias binding you start with a tie, then sew under one arm, a loop for the neck, and then down under the other arm, leaving the extra for the tie. She also recieved a packet of gingerbread cutters, and some cards with stickers. She just loves craft.

Today we are getting ready for a little party for her.

Jared took the children to work today, to be his helpers. I was left at home, with Cassandra. What a lovely day we had. We went for a walk, made party bags, and then made cupcakes. She said today “your nice today mum”, I hate it when she says that, it means that I’m horrible other times. The truth is, we don’t spend a lot of one on one time together, which I miss.  It was lovely to have lots of cuddles today, and to give her lots of attention.

This is a photo of Cassandra cooking. Her auntie gave her a bunch of icing and edible flowers etc, so we got to making cupcakes last week. I think that she did a great job.They tasted ok too!

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Dec 14 2010

More Computer Space!

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At last, I can upload my photos. Now, what has been happening around here? I received my Grundle from Lyn on Friday. I love the colours, isn’t it cute?She also gave me a cute little note pad, thanks Lyn.Alycia recieved her Christmas Swap, she loved it. I loved the way that all the craft items were sewn into a neat bag. Alycia got to work straight away.Here are some dolls and teddies that I made to sell, to donate the money to the children’s youth group. How much do you think sold? Nothing!! The baby dolls were only$5. Worse still, I actually lost a bear (heartbreak). I saw a boy ready to throw it, then I was distracted. At the end of the night, I couldn’t find it. The rings that Alycia made, sold. She made $5.50, not the biggest donation anyone has ever seen.The children had a 70’s night dinner as a fund raiser. Here are only a handful of the children. It was a lovely night.Jared received  a card with a balloon, from Melbourne Uni, to congratulate him for finishing his doctorate. Jared was embarrassed to have a photo taken with it, so I held it up in front of him instead.My mum came over today, to give Cassandra her birthday present. Cassandra was very excited, and was upset when Nana left (she wanted to go home with her). She told me that she loves how everything is clean and neat at Nana’s house (what’s that, a guilt trip?).

Tonight I went on an information night with Steph, for her Girls Brigade. She is getting ready for her first hike. The backpack is nearly bigger than her!

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Dec 11 2010

A Close Call

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This afternoon, while driving down Eastlink at 1ookm an hour, a small truck in front of me, carrying planks of wood, suddenly had one loose. The plank came straight for us. I swerved, then realised that it was a bit flexible, so I straighted up, and headed for it. I just knicked it, boy it could have been tragic though.

Thank you God, for keeping us safe.

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Dec 09 2010


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My husband is my teacher, he is teaching me Latin, I didn’t want to learn latin, but now I am. I am trying to be good, it is very hard, (to be good that is, not the latin). I have had three lessons now, they have lasted from 1.30- 2 hrs. I have a headache. This is the book we are using.We have had three lessons, this is only one of our pages that we had to translate.My husband says that I am the worst student, I want to poke my tongue out….

Tommorow, the children and I am going to a 70’s party, to raise money for a camp that the children of our church are going to. At the last moment to register, Jared said that the children could go afterall, phew. I asked if we could make a few things, and the money made could go all to the camp. I hope something sells.Hair clips, for $1 each.more sewing of baby dolls and hairbands. Alycia made some rings, and cut some styrefoam to display them.Alycia made rice the other night, don’t you love what she did with the rice?And on another note, I can finally show you the elephant that Steph made for her Grandfather.Speaking of Steph, she got her results for her maths exam. She had only gone to three lessons before she did an exam, and she topped the class!! Haha, that is so funny.

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Dec 07 2010

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

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I was so excited yesterday to head off to “Meet Me at Mikes” to drop off some softies that I had made. I was so thrilled to see all of the beautiful toys ready to give to children who need an extra love this Christmas.Here are the toys that Steph and I made. Steph made the crocheted lion and penguin. She whipped those up within a day! Here is a closer look at the penguin.She is amazing!

I was a bit stressed about my drive to Fitzroy, I thought that I would never find a park, but I did, just outside the shop!She put our teddies in the shop window straight away 😀 You can see more about this here. The children and I loved ohhing and ahhing over all the cute toys, everyone picked out their favourites.andThe children and I enjoyed the morning.After some shopping in the afternoon, it was off to the Girls Brigade evening. The get you to join in the games, which is a bit of fun, in an awkward kinda way.

No for some reason, my computer won’t let me put any more photos up on my blog, so my ranting with pictures, will have to keep until next time.

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Dec 05 2010

Where Art Thou Jared?

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Oh Jared, where art thou? I have no room on my computer, again!! You saith I need Nero so I can transfer my many happy snaps, and yet I still have no room. You insist on doing it for me, because you know I need the pin, andthat I have a high likely hood of installing a virus. Oh Jared, oh Jared, please, please, please, give me some computer room :D.

Ok, so I can be a bit dramatic, but you get the picture.

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Dec 03 2010

Girls Day Out

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Today I had a lovely day out with Alycia, we went shopping! It was nice just to hang out. I didn’t have to buy any Christmas presents (because I have them all wrapped already), so it was nice just to potter. I didn’t buy anything exciting, just underwear for myself and Steph (the children say I have a thing for buying underwear, go figure), then we picked up Lachlan…now he is on holidays, yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!It’s hard to tell from the above photo, but these are some baby clothes for a school friend of mine, who just had her first baby. I decided to try and make some clothes into cupcakes. I sent the parcel off today.

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Dec 02 2010

Back Again.

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The last couple of days we have had Jared’s parents stay with us, the children have really enjoyed playing Scrabble and Boggle etc with them all. They are a bit like a dentists, we can’t show you their faces on my blog 😀

I sent my Grundle off yesterday, I hope that my buddy likes it. Here he is.Stephanie and Alycia are going to see Mary Poppins with my sister tonight, how blessed are they?

Now I have started on working on something for Malawi.

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