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Nov 29 2010

So Cool.

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Today I dropped off Stephanie to do the thousand steps, and when I did, we saw a tortoise on the grass! How cool is that? I have never seen one in the “wild” before. Of course with us all around it, it did what any wise tortoise would do, and stayed in his shell, but then…..out he came.and no, I didn’t eat him, despite what the photo looks like.would you like fries with that?The rest of the photos wouldn’t upload, so I can’t put his cute little face on my blog :C

On a different note, Jared has announced that he will teach the children latin for an hour each day during the holidays. At first I thought that I had to do it, and I had this overpowering urge to cry. Phew, I can cook instead.

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Nov 27 2010

This. That and the Other..

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I have had beautiful flowers given to me many times this week. Cassandra goes out every day, and picks me the loveliest flowers from our garden. They are the largest flowers.A big bill for a term of piano and violin for Steph…Two lessons were missed, so this is the reduced rate. Bye bye money.Speaking of money, do you believe that I spent $42 at an op shop this week? Grnated I did buy quite a lot. Stephanie picked up 10 tops. Does she really need ten tops? I dunno, but they were all so nice, and I hate seeing Stephanie in the same top often. I also bought 4 tops for Alycia.I found this great book for Steph, I was really excited when I found it for her.I also found other little treasures, a child’s Bible, farm animals and some textured dominos.This week Camden received his Kids christmas swap, he was pretty happy to have his own parcel.Thank you to Oliver who sent them. Unfortunatley  I don’t have an address or email to send him a personal email, so if your mummy is reading this, thank you.Camden has had his Boy’s Brigade night, where he was given a certificate, and a colouring book. I was so embarrassed by him, he obviously enjoys the limelight. Not only did he bow and  blow kisses, he also did a very flamboyant wave, ugh!

Monday night was Jared’s college dinner. I had to help set up, and .clean up afterwards. It was a lovely night. Stephanie was a waitress for the night with one other teenager and her mother, they worked very hard. Last night was the college graduation, so we have been very busy this week. Oh, and Lachlan had his final exams..

Today I made a gingerbread christmas tree to take to a friends house after church.Then I wrapped it.I bought the kit a few years ago from Big W. I made a number of these one year, they are so easy to make, and cute.I also made my Grundle today, but you’ll have to wait for the pics until after I send it ( I don’t want to wreck a suprise :D).

Lastly, I bought this Wonder Woman costume for Cassandra today, so cute.No one can escape Justice.

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Nov 21 2010

Life is a Blur..

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Jared and I were talking today, I said that I have been very forgetful. Today at church I had a second were I couldn’t remember how to open the gate! Jared said that he has been the same lately, we just both need some more sleep. It is the early mornings that are the killers. Three times a week at Scotch for rowing at 6:15 is making me forgetful. Enough whining, and on to other things.Here are some cute children from our church, they are all so sweet. The older children were on a road trip (including Stephanie), so they aren’t in the picture.Look at these cute bins. They were $3 each, I was pretty happy to find them. I have been sorting through all my nicknacks, I have so much…what a horder I am.I’m finding things that I didn’t even know I had. How did I end up with 5 rolls of fishing line when I don’t even fish? Ah, for making pin cushions….I have heaps of safety pins, but I can never find any when I need them, and the list goes on.

I’m ready to send off three craft parcels, they were fun putting them together.I have had these miniature dolls house toys for nearly 20 years, now I’m thinking of putting them on ebay.This is what I see looking from my desk, upstairs. Isn’t it peaceful? I guess the ironing board is a bit of a reminder, but the outside view is gorgeous.

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Nov 17 2010

Give a Grundle.

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Do you feel like making something? How about making a Grundle?. Pop your name down on this site, she will send you a pattern, and then you can get creative. You don’t have to have a blog to join this one, so that’s good for some of you non bloggers. It looks like a bit of fun, so I’m in. Hey, I might even get to see my postie again ;D.

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Nov 16 2010

For Mum

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Mum,  has asked me to show Cassandra on her “Princess Chair”, so here she is the chair..This is a very special chair, for a special little girl.

My mum came over today to give me some pressies that my sister bought for me from Thailand. How spoilt am I? She bought me some cool shoes.a cute bag.and the star of attraction, which everyone in the family is loving is…our first full PS3 game.The thing I like the best, is that you put your own face into a figure (I get a chance to be thin again :D). This is my mum as a cartoon person.I think that it looks like her.

On a different note, the children and I drove up to Moe for the Church Fete on Saturday. It was lovely to see everyone from our old church, it is always difficult to walk away. The children and I went for a little walk around afterwards.On Friday night I took Alycia to see Luke Holt doing his comedy show. We were given free tickets from a friend, nice!Yesterday, I had to take Cassandra to the eye doctor. She was so excited to have a day out with me, but then….she had to have those terrible eye drops that sting. The poor little dear.I took the photo to distract her…Afterwards I bought her a milkshake, now she is happy.Princess’s need to be loved you know.

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Nov 12 2010


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Look what I was just given. My old friend Gail just dropped in to pick up the gingerbread, and she gave me a little pressie. She just made a lovely bracelet for me, she is so clever.My wrist doesn’t do it justice. Gail also made a lovely little stamped bag, filled with yummy chocolates.

At the moment I am laughing, Alycia just said to me,” who is that woman, she is so beautiful”  It was Penelope Cruz, everyone has always said that Alycia looks like her.

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Nov 11 2010

On the Table.

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These were on the table this week.  Jared had to  present his doctorate to a bunch of “important” People, so he had a few copies ready for their viewing. these are the leftovers.

I have been busy with making Gingerbread! Remember how I offered to make 38 gingerbread houses. I don’t have to assemble them, just make the pieces. Here is the simple recipe.cook for 13 minutes.

One lot (as pictured below) made 2 1/2 sets .these turned into…above is only about 9 sets.

What else have I been up to? I have just joined up to swap here. I think it is open until tomorrow. I am adding three of my children to receive parcels.Cassandra cut her hair again! This is not as bad as last time, it is almost trendy.

A person I know won some tickets to hear Luke Holt from Light Fm, she couldn’t go, so she has given them to me. How cool is that? I am very excite about it. I will take Alycia with me.

I received my Chrisco vouchers from K mart. So I have bought a few things this week. A number of Christmas gifts, two pairs of shoes for Camden. An outdoor broom, and the list goes on. They are all but gone now. Don’t you hate how money goes so quickly?

At the moment I am watching Romeo and Juliet with Stephanie. She has to study the movies (old and new) for her English class. The new movie has a lot of perverter scenes in it, one scene is like Sodom and Gomorrah. It makes me sad that my sweet girl is now exposed to this.This is bunny (not actually ours, in case you are worried), it has bitten the girls a number of times. The photo is scary don’t you think?isn’t this toy cool? You can check out this and others from

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Nov 06 2010

And the Winner is….

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Narelle! Congrats Narelle, now you will HAVE to sew :D, or you could give the book as a Christmas gift, as it is new.

There were only three people who entered, so you had a pretty good chance eh? Sorry to Bron and Joy, maybe next time?

Thank  you to my little glamorous assistants for drawing the name out of  the hat.

On a different note, we bought a rabbit. He is beautiful, his name is Pickton. Stephanie’s eyes are shinning, don’t you just love it when something you give to your children does that?Yesterday I also bought a superman cape, why? Because it was $2.99 in the op shop, and I was in a playful mood. So now, I play.Of course my glasses had to come off.Do I look like I am going to save the world?

Next I made Jared try it on, he was not into it like me, pity…we couple of made good superheros.

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Nov 04 2010

Agro Mummas.

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Is it just me, or are there a lot of angry women out there? The other week I was at a Boys Brigade event and a woman took my attention, as she was pulling on a child’s arm (hard), and yelling, or should I say spitting at the child, and two others. She might of been having a bad day, granted, but she was so angry. Later in the day, my son was her son’s partner, they were about to race (on a go cart), and she grabbed her son’s arm, yanking him away, and said that “we’re going”, I said, “Oh,they are about to race”, she turned to me with gritted teeth, and growled “my other son is injured I have to leave, is that alright with you?”  Ok, I said in a shocked way. As it was she didn’t leave, but she left an impression.

When I lived in Moe, I remember children being called the worst names in the most aggressive ways, and just for the record, I know I’m not quitless. I am naturally an emotional, and aggressive person. I have prayed all through my life to have a gentle and quiet spirit, to be kind and loving, but it’s hard. In fact, this is one of the reasons that led me to be a Christian. My mum recieved a call from my school, saying that I was a nasty little thing. It wasn’t long after, that I heard about Christ, and how He was not only willing to forgive me, but that he would be with me, and love me, despite me. I digress, I was speaking about agro mummas.

Nancy Campbell, the Above Rubies lady, always says “Mums, be Sweet” what good advice that is. If you are doing too much (which I think most women are), tone it down, and be sweet. Proverbs 31 says “The law of kindness is on her lips”  May God make this true for me. I found this useful site, with some good advice, take a look.

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Nov 02 2010

Soul Mates.

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A soul mate for Barry, and it’s not me. It’s Belinda! Despite everyone saying that Barry looks a little rude, I don’t think so, so I made another bear, Belinda. She is very sweet, and her tummy is slightly higher, to make everyone happy.I also made a plastic bag holder from a tea towel. All I had to do was fold down the top and bottom of the tea towel, sew it (that will be the elastic casing), then sew up the long side seam (right sides together). Thread the elastic in, and there you have it.Don’t ask me where the last one went, but I was finding plastic bags everywhere, so this solves that problem. Alycia also cut her old jeans into shorts, so I hemmed them, and put on some cute lace on them. She look so cute in them.I have a little book on my desk, I’m writing down what I am getting everyone for Christmas. When I got back to my desk, this is what I found. Cassandra is trying to write, too bad it doesn’t say anything….yet.

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