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Sep 29 2010

It’s Done.

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Dayspring was today, and I am glad that it is over. I woke up at 4am to the sound of heavy rain/hail. I was thinking “oh no”, but then I thought about it. God is in control of everything, how could I get miffed at him sending rain? So I decided to be positve and think of plan B.We had about 80 children with their parents, I was hoping for 100 this year, but perhaps the heavy rain prevented people from coming?  We had Detective Dan talk this year, and Bible Bill on the phone (remind me not to do that one again, it was a total flop).

Here is a identi-kit picture of the APWM director, aka Bible Bill.

I was most excited by an eleven year old who read through the entire Bible in one year, how good is that? His name is Joshua, he got a medal to encourage him.This is the boy’s spy kit that Joshua won for being a super detective. Detective Morrow also gave a little girl a “Nancy Drew” kit as well.This is Stephanie and Lachlan, the prayer twins. I love the fact that my children are happy to do their bit. I am so thankful to God for them. Alycia has been a great help this year too, with the laminating that she did. Camden and Cassandra really wanted to help too, so they helped to sort the toys.  Jared and I are so blessed with our children.On a side note, look at these books that I bought for $1 yesterday, you heard me $1! 20 books for $1 or 50c each, so of course I choose 20 books. There are some gems in there, anything else will end up back in the op shop. I found a book on David Livingston, Florence Nightingale, and other popular titles such as Charlottes Web.

Well, that’s it for now.

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Sep 27 2010

Busy Bees

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Despite not being 100%, we have been trying to carry on. My sister’s friend gave us free tickets to see the MSO in rehersal. I took Steph, Alycia, Camden and myself. It was in the Melb hall, so pretty.They played brilliantly! The head violinist played soooooo well.We caught the train in (an adventure for me). Camden really enjoyed  the trip. Half way through our trip I realised that Camden was wearing his top inside out.We went to the show on Friday. Jared bought the tickets for us 😀 Alycia and Cassandra stayed at my mum and dads for two nights, so they didn’t come with us. I have to show you Cassandra’s special chair in a couple of days. The above photo is Steph’s  dream, a whole pile of pigs!A funny bunny.I loved seeing Camden on a real police bike.My children are in a police van (hopefully the only time this happens).I had to check out the crafts and cakes….I bought my girl a hat! I gave it to her because she was looking a little grumpy, I thought it would lighten the mood. She took it well (despite mum saying that it was a kind of child abuse, haha). I wore it too 😀Stephanie is the grammar police, she saw this sign, and started to laugh. who puts a capital in the middle of a sentence? She also saw a card that said…”your invited”, ok, so not everyone has learn’t basic grammar (including me).The older children took part in a fundraiser on Sat. They did a great job, but only raised $200 for 5 hrs work, divided by (alot of children). It will go toward a camp that they all want to go on.check out these Barbies. London, Newyork and Paris. Speaking of Barbies, I found this blog with tutorials on how to make Barbie clothes, check it out.

Today we went op shopping and bought two detective coats for Steph and Lachlan to be the Detective Prayer Twins.

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Sep 20 2010

I’m Beautiful!

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Don’t you think so? I just want to sleep, but I feel gross in doing so. I’m suppose to be getting ready for Dayspring Day…ugh!

Today I played the worse mother in the world, I fed my children ice cream for lunch! We have a few sickies (including me), so I did what any self respecting mother would do, gave them yummy soothing ice cream. Alycia dobbed on me, and Jared keeps sighing, saying “icecream for lunch?”  Don’t worry, I was a good wife, I cooked some chops for tea. 😀 I also sewed his leg pants At least one child was energetic.Last night I was trying to go to sleep while Jared was watching a very loud opera (my least favourite of all musicals). Where the men sang screamed iked this “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhg” and the woman sounded like this “ekkkkkkkkkkk”, I could only hope that it would end in tragedy, like all good operas. At last it was quiet, phew, they did themselves in, just as well, because I was about to do it for them.

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Sep 19 2010


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My son loves turtles, do you think that he would like this for his first car?Stephanie and Lachlan just got home from a church camp. Lachlan is already in bed (before 7pm), and Steph is looking pale (the camp must have been good eh?) Lachlan is struggling with asthma and a bit of a cold.I found this image on it brought to mind the fact that I have volunteered to make 35 mini gingerbread houses in Nov for a friend at $2.50 each. I enjoy cooking in bulk 😀Do you like this play house? I was thinking of someone in particular that just sewed 84 quilts for Thailand, she probably has enough wadding over her house to make something like this, haha!!How dreamy is this? So nice, I can just picture all of us, snuggled in here with a book or something.

At the moment my little 4 year old is rubbing my head, sooooooooo nice. 4 year olds rock!!

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Sep 18 2010

Car Trouble

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Jared went out and found himself a new car. While the trade in had been organised, we had to wait for the new car to be ready.  When I went to pick up Stephanie from the library, I had a little looksie until she finished her work experience. One of the librarians started to walk around saying “Does anyone own a Commodore Wagon?” Well, you know where this is going don’t you? A lady had banged into our car (the car which was already booked to be traded the next day, ugh!). She was a lovely lady nice and honest, she even called her policeman husband to come..It wasn’t really a big deal, it was just the light that was smashed.

So we (read, Jared), organised it to get fixed, guess how much it cost. $168! What a rip off eh? Jared informed the chap, and left it up to him as to whether he will pay. Jared’s good like that, he isn’t nasty with money. So now we have our new car..Today Cassandra did some craft. Mummy guilt had hit me when she was asked by the eye doctor what she liked to do, Cassandra said “I like to paint, but mummy doesn’t like me to do it” Oh man! So I got out the paints, and now I remember why I don’t like her painting. I am now soaking her clothes, I have wiped the tables, the floor, her face..well, you get the picture.Steph and Lachlan are on camp at the moment, so it is soooooooo quiet here. The bathroom is even cleaner, what a differance two can make. I do miss them though 😀 We went off to the DFO this morning, yawn..I saw this cute door mat, and I thought “wouldn’t you feel loved if your fisherman husband bought this for your front door?”Saying that, I have to go to bed. I feel like an old lady right now. I have a chesty cold, no sore throat, just fluid in my lungs. My head is weird, and my legs ache. (yeah, you really needed to hear that whinge didn’t you?) Good night folks.

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Sep 14 2010

What Ya Doing?

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So what have you all been up to? Ok, sounds alright (let me just clarify that I really didn’t hear you, I’m just pretending, so you feel special). Me? So nice of you to ask (do I sound pycho yet?). Ok, just let me put down what I have been doing…um, er…the usual. The sewing Quilts for Thialand is now finished (phew), not that I actually quilted any, just sewed some tops. I did about 6, steph the same, and her crocheted blanket. I did sew on 30 labels once the quilts were made. I printed some labels on fabric transfer paper, then ironed them on scrap material, I did 84 of those. Then this..Auntie Nicky (my sister), booked, and invited Cassandra to a special show for early next year. Nicky sent me the invitation that she made for Cassandra. Cassandra was pretty excited.

We had some missionary friends over for a meal, and they brought with them a pressie for us. Take a is a lantern. I wouldn’t trust a real candle in it, but those fake ones fit in well.They also gave this lovely patterned scarf.

This bright sticker was stuck to our bin last week. My little man (Camden), had stuck plastic with etc with the cardboard, grr! Thankfully the garbo still emptied the bin . Today we went out, and arrived home at lunch time, so I asked the children to bring in the bins (assuming that they were empty), so they did. Two minutes later the garbo came, so now we have full bins, ugh!! Anyone with a few children will know what a pain that is.

This is another engagement cake that I made for a friend’s daughter. I know, I’m not original, but I think that towels make great wedding presents. I actually drove up to Drouin (over an hour away) for the engagement party, only to find that I was a day early!! I stayed for half an hour, then left. I am such a twit. I did go back the next day, but for only an hour, as I had to get back for a baptism, and had to leave our house by four. Saying that, I didn’t end up going to the said baptism, because three of my children (the youngest), came down with temperatures, and needed to rest. So the last few days have been filled with lots of hugs (nice), lots of movies (sick of them), and panadol ( a lifesaver). Today, I made everyone go out for half an hour, to capture some sunshine, to lift their spirits and to kill some germs :D. Everyone enjoyed it except for Camden, he looked pretty tired though, so we came back home.It was a beautiful spring day.When we got home, I started on sorting out the “show bags” for Dayspring Day.My floors are covered with stuff, stuff and more stuff. This is the fun part, putting it altogether. We have 140 bags, almost ready to go. I just have to punch holes in the calendars so that they can be hung up. (That always hurts my hands), I’m such a whinger!

On a side note, look what I found for a couple of dollars, my heart skipped a beat seeing these spotty cloths. I bought two sets, and walked out of the shop feeling like a queen (I’m really not that hard to please eh?).Speaking of cleaning, my favourite thing to watch on You tube are the “How Clean is Your House?” episodes. How disqusting are those houses? I must say though, some of the things that they clean, I have never thought to clean, so I am learning too. They both are characters, so while I sewed on lables, I watched.I have also listened to a great number of messages at 

I finished my book, and cried a few tears. I think everyone should read Uncle Tom’s Cabin. If you haven’t read it, give it a go.

Until next time, see you.

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Sep 06 2010


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Ok, so I’m not feeling that happiest right now, so I haven’t been blogging. Sadness does that. I will reflect on what I have been doing (apart from the negative yucky stuff, I don’t want you to be sad too!).This is Stephanie’s first blanket that she has crocheted. She is giving it to an orphanage in Thailand. Here is a picture that is a bit closer..I volunteered to make some tags to pin onto the quilts, I printed them off, used my Sizzix to cut out the tag shapes, then I laminated them.They have each child’s name on them. I also said that I would print out some labels on fabric transfer paper, and iron them on fabric.I have also finished the boxes for all of the missionary cards, 140 of them.and these are the cards…Now I just have to put them into the boxes…ugh!I saw this mug for $2, it called out to me “buy me”, so I did!I tried to get a nice photo of the children.

We had to take Lachlan shopping for some clothes, he had a “Casual dress” day at school, we couldn’t let him go to school wearing pants two inches too small, that would be like painting a target on his back! I tried to catch a photo of Lachlan coming out of the change room, he was onto me, but I love the look on Camden’s face the moment I am reading Uncle Tom’s Cabin, it is very moving, I recommend that you read it.

I find it difficult to understand how people could sell other people, tear them away from their families, and beat them like dogs. What I find really horrible is that the some churches found it ok to have slaves!! Another reason why you don’t leave your brain at the door when you become a christian. We have the Bible, that tells us that we are all made in the image of God, we are to treat peiple the way that we want to be treated. We are to give an account of how we live our lives, we are to live as Christ. What are we doing today that might not be what God wants us to do? Dayspring Day is just around the corner, I’ve got to get going.

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Sep 05 2010

Happy Father’s Day.

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Happy Fathers Day Dads (as if any of you are reading my blog, hee hee). Today We went to Ashburton Pressie Church where Jared preached, then home to a yummy roast dinner and a home made lemon meringue pie. My mum and dad came for lunch too, which was nice. The funniest part of the day was when mum said goodbye to Camden, and ruffled his hair. Guess what Camden did back? You guessed it, ruffled her hair! Little boys should learn very quickly, that is something you just don’t do. Hahaha.Tonight the children had arranged a special evening of Fun and games for Jared and I. For one and a half hours we sat and competed against eachother with a willing buddy (Alycia with Jared), and Camden with me. Not only did we have some whopper quiestions, we also had to dance, act and plan out a new country within five minutes (tough game eh?)Stephanie dressed as the host, Lachlan was the judge and sound effects man, and Cassandra was just pretty (a direct quote from Cassandra).It was a fun night.

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