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Jul 05 2010

The Postie visited…

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again! This time it was with my “Useful Handmade Swap” Remember the ten things that I made, well, these are the things that I recieved in return. Each thing is from a different person, suzy from opened every parcel and distributed all items evenly, great job suzy! So here are the items..This is one of my favourites, a little pouch made by Sweet!

A lovely bread bag from  What I like is the extra touch of writting down two of her favourite bread recipes for me too, nice !

from    made from a curtain, good idea huh? She also sewed a little shopping list pad for me, thanks!This sweet bookmark by Very useful indeed!

I might blog about the other things tommorow…I’ll keep you in suspense, hee hee.

Today Jared, and I and the children drove to Rosebud to visit my sister. She has a lovely new home. She has turned into a regular little handyman with all her cleaning, painting, and fixing (a roof of all things).  We left soon after lunch and drove up to Arthur’s Seat. We all enjoyed the walks and scenery.There is nothing like the smell of pineneedles (who wants to clean out the car now?)Excuse the grotty face, she just ate a Kindersuprise from Auntie Nicky (by the way Nicky, she didn’t get a white rabbit, but an alien with a helmet), she still thought that it was cool, but “very evil”.I really like this picture, I could imagine this as an “organic” postcard. Well, that’s all for now, in the mean time, I am going to check out my crafty friends blogs..TTFN (Ta ta for now).

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Jul 03 2010

Bad Hair Days, and Other Such Things..

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Need I say more?This week Stephanie and I visited a violin shop to have her chin rest lowered. $35 later, she came out with a more suitable rest. Don’t you just love all of these violins? Look how cute the little ones are!  Evidently you can get smaller ones! When I walked into the shop I thought ” I would never have guessed that I would come into a shop like this”, and then I looked at Stephanie, and she looked so natural in such a shop, it is her thing..

Today Jared took the children out so that I could catch up on cleaning the house, it was so chaotic! I vacuumed, swept, mopped, wiped, dusted, washed, and cooked. It looks so much better. Thank you Jared. This is a rare treat, but it really is better than diamonds. Jared walked in with a present for me.A beautiful book on baking, a book to keep recipes in and a cute spotty writing book ( I will use it to write sermons in). Why did I get a pressie? Because tommorow it is our 18th Wedding Anniversary! I didn’t get Jared anything, I use to. I was suprised to get a pressie, so it is extra special.

This is a great book! I recommend reading it. I found it at Koorong for $13, and it was worth the money. How refreshing not to have a book full of “fluff”. This one is also one of my favourites.Be prepared to be convicted!

This afternoon Cassandra and I cooked up a storm. She is so good, she copies me, and makes a cake easily enough.Cassandra came over to me, a minute ago and said “Mum, when I get married will you give me your cook books?” how could I say no? Yes, Cassandra, I will give you my cookbooks when you marry.

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