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Jun 14 2010


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Up for grabs is this lovely book full of delightful things to make. If you want an opportunity to win this book, all you have to do is leave a comment. If I know you don’t be shy, put your name down too! I will post internationally.Here is a sneek peek of some of the items featured in the book.andand

Today I sewed a bottle holder, well, actually two. Here is one of them.I also made a reversible headband for Cassandra.

the other side.

Stephanie and Ellie (our neighbour) made this today, how cute is this? I was impressed, a beautiful low calorie cake.

Remember, don’t forget to leave a comment. I’ll draw a name out of a hat in two weeks, 28th June.

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Jun 13 2010

They Keep You Young!

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Who knows what a child will do, or what they will say at any given time?  Today at church in the middle of the sermon, I looked down at Cassandra to see her holding a toy gun! Perhaps I should check her handbag in the future?  Just as we were singing the last hymn, I thought ‘Whats that sound” Yes, you guessed it, it was Cassandra, playing a harmonica! Jared and I tried very hard to hold back our laughter as I quickly shoved into my hand bag. My little Cassandra gives us so many opportunities to have a laugh, to keep us thinking, to keep us young.

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Jun 12 2010

I’m So Excited!

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Why am I excited? I made something! Isn’t that always a good reason to be excited. Once again I found a cute pattern in a magazine, so I thought that I would give it a go. I love it. At the moment I have it hanging on a door knob, so that I can say “wow, I made that”. Cassandra was so cute, she said “Wow mum, it’s beautiful, good job” How sweet is that. This bag will go toward the swap.

and inside.

Today our neighbours gave us their trampoline, how nice is that? Cassandra has been exhausting herself by bouncing away. I love watching the children jump, twirl and bounce.

Isn’t this carving cute? They have a few of them outside our local library. Unfortunatly because the wood is not treated, they will eventually rot, so I have taken a picture for prosperity.

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Jun 12 2010

Time to Work.

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Isn’t it always time to work? It’s a good thing though right? I have started on my planning for Dayspring Day. Although it is in the last week of Septmeber, it takes me a while to plan everything. I have stayed up tonight to design a little bookmark. I normally make a poster to encourage the children to read through the bible in a year. Using the poster encouraged me to do so last year, and Steph, and Camden (although he listened to the Bible on tape), and Lachlan and Alycia read through a big chunk. I have heard recently that some little children that I know are marking off their poster too, and they are only 8 and 6. Now if they can do it, you can too! Tick off the books as you go!

At the moment I am sewing another bag, but with very bright Amy Butler fabric. I’ll show you when I am done, it will go toward my handmade swap.

Look at these lovely little pinnafores! I saw these at Spotlight, the ladies have made them to donate to the orphanges in Africa. I thought they are simple and sweet, and something that I could probably make, but alas, they don’t have the pattern in the Bayswater store, or the Fountain Gate one. Perhaps I could try my hand at making a pattern, or is that too adventerous for me?I’ve been shopping! On line of course! My postie has knocked on my door three mornings in a row, I should be embarrassed right? I said to him today that he must know our address by heart, he said that he has driven into our drive way by habit before, when he didn’t even have a parcel, opps! I will show you tommorow what I bought. I might even have a giveway soon, so stay tuned.

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Jun 10 2010

New Beginings.

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As you can see I have a new blog! Good ole WordPress wouldn’t let me upload any more photos for free, so I have changed because hubby didn’t want them to have our money when we can get it for free! Are we cheap, or frugal? Anyways…hopefully I can make my blog look pretty in a few days. I will search out a tutorial, and try my hand at designing (with Jared’s help of course).
Since I have not blogged for the last week, I have so much to show you. Now let me think, what have I been up to? Um..Sport last Sat for Lachlan, and then a 50th Birthday Party for a friend at night.I was racking my brain over getting her a nice gift, but what do you get someone?? I saw this magazine in the op shop, and my little brain started ticking. You can see why I would like it right? Well, I started a little bag  straight away, and this is how it turned out.It’s a special little bag to put a teacup into when you go to a craft group etc. Jared said “huh?”, but I thought she can use it for whatever she deems necessary. In the back is a pocket for a spoon etc. I had a cheap spoon engraved with her name on it.I was so excited to give this present to my friend, I suppose I was like a little girl giving an egg carton caterpillar to her mother…I hoped she liked it. Why does it feel like you are giving away your baby when you make something and give it away? Just as well I like her eh? On a side note, it was a “Mocktail” party, so everyone was dressed up, very dressed up. I realised that I need something nice to wear, because I don’t have a lot of clothes. I was nearly embarrased, but hey, they are a nice group of girls, so I didn’t get any side glances or anything.
On Sunday Jared went off to Morwell, to conduct communion, he took Camden and Alycia with him. I had Steph, Lachlan and Cassandra and we went to a local church. We heard a great sermon, and they had communion too. When we were told to come up to the front seats, I hesitated and wondered whether it would be a sin not to take communion, at the last minute I got up leaving the children and sat in the fourth row, behind the regulars. I nearly died when the minister called out my name and pointed to the first seat at the front. During this time, I was trying to focus, but not having had communion there before I didn’t know how they did things. I copied the person after me. Then we had to sing a Psalm, I left my book behind, doh! So I took the Elder’s who was facing me and about 100cm away from me. Ok, so he looked awkward, but hey, he covered well. The drama of it all.
The reason for staying local is that Stephanie had to perform at her teacher’s house for some experience before her first exam. There were about 10 students there with their parents. Steph was the only one who didn’t make a mistake. She had to play three songs, and announce them. I seriously thought that she was going to vomit, then and there, but she pulled herself together, and did well. Meanwhile unbeknown to me, empty lolly wrappers were falling out of my pockets, adding a colourful array of rubbish on the spotless tan carpet, doh, and double doh!
Yesterday Steph had her exam. 5th Grade piano, she came out smiling, she survived, in fact, she said that enjoyed it. I am proud of my girl, and Jared too, afterall he taught her right up until this year, and gave her a love for good music. After the exam, we filled in four hours at Ikea, had luch, and did some other shopping, the we picked up Lachlan from school I hate driving in the rain in peak hour. I become evil goofy behind the wheel, calling people all manner of names (clean names of course, just creative ones). This is a photo of relief, relief after an exam.Oh, an this is Cassandra, who would have thought that those roll up crayons for $2 at the reject shop could be used for eye shadow, just so you can look like Cinerella!

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Jun 07 2010


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Argh, Worpress, what have you done to me? You will not let me upload any more photos? What is a blog without photos? It is like Romeo without Juliet, or Bacon without eggs! I will now have to see how I can upgrade, for I have many photos to show you. Oh, WordPress, you are a bother at times!

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Jun 01 2010

Little (or not so little) Miss Grumpy Pants.

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What is wrong with me today, I feel like ripping everyone’s head off! Yesterday I was feeling very peaceful, I even sorted through the piles of paper lying around the house, but the day ended in disaster, I had crossed the safety zone. I honestly didn’t see any system to all the piles, so I placed all the similar papers together. I even put them in nice new clear folders. Well, now all those folders are lying lonely and empty on the floor, and I have learn’t a lesson “don’t touch your husband’s papers”. Tommorow might look better. Seriously, how do we all fight over such things, what a waste of energy.

I have tried my hand at selling some items on ebay, I sold 2 items.  It’s pocket money, nothing to swing a stick at (that’s the right saying isn’t it?). I have made another Gratitude Wrap to go toward my 10 handmade things swap.

This is what my house looked like yesterday morning, how disqusting is this! There was left over bread from the bread run (no-one would take it), things for the op shop, books, shoes, horrible. With a little TLC, it became.. Ok, so it isn’t perfect, I could work on the bookcases, but you have to admit, it looks better than before. And remember I was busy sorting papers!! Do you like this cartoon? It always makes me laugh, but seriously, if I saw a pile like this in someone’s house, I would probably be disqusted. But hey, we all have days like this don’t we? Remember you saw my entry way. These books are my most treasured material possesions. These are my memory books, one for each child. When I was pregnant with my first child, a friend called Lea, suggested that I have a book to write in, to eventually give to my child when they are an adult. So I ran with it. If I am in a fire , after you have saved me and my family, please grab these too. They are by my bed. Here is a snap shot of Steph’s. The best thing about this, is that they will have my thoughts once I have died to be with my Lord. They will know that they are loved, that I tried my best, and that what I want most for them is to know that Christ died for them, and that they should follow Him, and live for Him. Blogs are good for that too right?

I had better go now, and change from Miss Grumpy pants to Little Miss Humble.

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