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Apr 02 2010

Happy Easter

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Today we remember that Christ died on the cross for sinful man, of which I am one. As a christian, this is what I do everyday, so the day itself is not so celebrated. It’s nice to think that the rest of the world might take time to think of Christ when they don’t normally do so.  You can be forgiven, trust in Christ, and acknowledge His Lordship.

I have children in the tent again tonight, I slept in it with Cassandra last night. It is amazing to me that it can be cozy even though it is so wet and cold outside.

Jared has been clearing out my hard drive, I have so much junk on this computer. I have so many purdy pictures on this computer too. Let me show you some.These are on etsy, love em, but…..they only ship withing the US, bummer!Cute? you can find the pattern on can’t I make cookies like that?This MAKES me want to hang my washing , yup seriously, right now!I can’t remember where I found these, but who can resist? I would love to put some of my photos on, but my computer is not accepting my camera now, argh! JJJJJJJJJJJJJarrrrrrrrrrrred….

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