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Apr 29 2010


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Check out this  site, they have many free ebooks to download.

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Apr 27 2010


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Because my post yesterday was sooooooooooo ugly, I thought that I would post some pretty pictures instead.I thought that this was cute. I found this pic on It looks kinda of relaxing don’t you think? Makes me want to go out in that muddy ditch outside, and have me a relax.Who said that sleeping in a closet was cruel?Alycia is reading the Famous Five series at the moment. She is up to number 14. I read the first one and I really enjoyed it. Alycia insists that she buys the older books though, because of the old sketches. The library has the earlier ones, but it’s getting more difficult to find them.And just because I like the picture. Most times I am willing…..ugh!

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Apr 26 2010

Favourite Things.

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Who doesn’t have favourite things? Well I do, even though they might change a little. I was into fluffy pens at one stage, then things that sparkle, and now it’s anything pastle. This all sounds very girly doesn’t it? If you want to join in a swap of “Your favourite things” why don’t you join in over at this blog. 

Today Jared was working on his lectures even though it is a holiday, but I managed to distract him later in the afternoon when I found this site . is the picture I made of Jared.Then Jared did one of me…Aren’t husbands suppose to see their wives as beautiful? Well, I could cry if this is how he sees me. I looked like Michael Jackson!!Time for a makeover!!

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Apr 23 2010

He's Dreaming…

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Last night my son told me of an excussion that he could go to, to Italy!!! All it would cost is $8000, yeap, you heard me right, $8000. He doesn’t even like art! As if!! I asked him this morning, did you really think that we would say yes? He said “No”. Then I asked him, would you really want to go with people you don’t know to a place so far away? He replied “No”, so I guess he was dreaming after all. Save up my son, maybe you could go on a big trip in  a few years, I hear Safeway is hiring.

Being a wonderful mother I have always told my son that he may as well speak in Chinese, because he mumbles his words. Who would have thought, that he is actually good at learning Chinese? He told me that he did very well in his test, go figure.

My son has made some new friends, due to his great talent…..Yup, that’s my boy!

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Apr 22 2010

It's Me Birthday.

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Well it was yesterday!  The night before I stepped out of the bathroom and discovered the smell of gas coming from the kitchen. (notice the clarification, in the kitchen). I went downstairs to discover a haze of gas, it was very strong. I immediatly started to feel ichy in the head. I told the family, the kids were taken outside for a bit, while I opened windows, turned on fans etc. After an hour it was all clear. Kinda of scary to think that my accident could have killed us all. I need to pay more attention. Thankfully everything turned out well.

In the morning I was woken up by the kiddies bringing me breakfast in bed :D. Cassandra gave me some coins and a flat battery (that looked like a coin), Camden gave me some crunchie chocolate, Alycia gave me a chocolate bar, and Stephanie gave me a CD of Mandisa, the lady who sings that song “You are loved”. Jared gave me a remote control. I recieved some lovely material from my sister in-law, and a nice book and some money from my in-laws.Jared took the family to Sophia’s last night to celebrate. The highlight for everyone was the ice cream. Four of us shared this, and we were all full.Now, who said that I never achieve anything…(let me just say that I did not eat all of this myself).Today we went to a family fun day, it was the third time that we have been. If you live in Melb., check it out. it is a free day open to all homeschoolers. You do have to RSVP though so  they can cater for lunch. This is Jared trying to solder Cassandra’s glasses. it didn’t work. This afternoon I went to get a replacement. They didn’t have pink, unless I wanted to wait, so I choose blue. She said I had to pay, I readied myself…$24! They kept the lenses, and popped them into a new frame. Yay, I was prepared for $200.

check out this guys blog, he makes simple, but cute stuff.

gotta go, battery is flat, ugh!

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Apr 18 2010


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Today the girls and I were watching Little House on the Praire on my bed, I fell asleep. I woke up to this.Cassandra deliberatly, bit, twisted, and pulled her glasses apart. That sums up Cassandra’s mood today.

Yesterday we went to Como Gardens, on The Basin Olinda Rd. I was hoping to see an old homestead, but it was just a garden.  Not so disappointing really, for the gardens were beautiful.It was only $7 for the adults and free for the children.

I like this action shot of Cassandra running.This is Jared and Stephanie, they always walk together like this, they enjoy eachothers’ company.

Yesterday afternoon I emptied my filing cabinet, I regretted it. I did manage to throw many papers out, while also discovering a few gems such as this…Jared and I were presented these when he graduated from Theological college and the ripe old age of 21. We had been married for only 5 months. I really like them, they are made from curtain rings, they have our hearts’ desire on them.This is Jared and I at my 18th suprise party that Jared and his family threw for me.This is Jared and I when we were 19/20? We broke up just after this photo was taken, so it brings up a mixture of emotions. Obviously we got back together 😀

This is me now.This is me now, yeah, I know, ripped off! Poor Jared. And this is after I have brushed my hair!

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Apr 16 2010

Pincushion Swap.

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I recieved my Pin cushion swap yesterday, don’t you just love it? The beautiful heart is the most perfect colour, with beautiful needlework. Did I mention that it was beautiful? I like the long pastle coloured pins, and red hearts too. The little satchet made it smell lovely, and it was wrapped in an old pattern sheet, cute, cute, cute. Thank you Marian. I noticed that Marian lives in Moe?  This is her  blog, if you would like to take a look. was actually up there yesterday for a Mission service at the Presbyterian Church in Fowler st.  I snuck a look over the fence to see what they had done to the back yard of the house that I lived in for ten years. They concreated the back yard. Ouch, that would be hard on the eyes on a sunny day.By the way, the nappy worked well. I have bought a water proof cover to slip over it for insurance. Ah, sleep is sweet.

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Apr 14 2010

Photo Glutton.

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Warning this post has many photos in it.

Ok, during the last week of School holidays we went to Docklands, Melbourne. We were actually hoping to find the big climbing wall so Camden and Alycia could climb it, but we couldn’t even find those outlets, so we walked around here instead. We found a dinasour, a real one!This isn’t the real one, the next one is though. Camden was the brave boy challenging the furious beast.We then caught a tram, and visited an Indian resteraunt for tea. Jared had a curry, can you tell? EwwThe saddest bus in the world.Reason? Yeah right, I came from a monkey? When I was at the Zoo a few months ago, and I heard a woman say to her child “Isn’t it amazing that the animal evolved to have those feet for survival?” I went away thinking…”If animals/people evolved to adapt to their surroundings, why don’t the people in Ethiopia evolve so they don’t need food and water?” Silly really isn’t it. I think that you need more faith, to believe that  God doesn’t exsist. Don’t be on that sad little bus peoples!

I went to visit my friends in Berringa, it took about 2.5 hrs to get there. Camden typically “fell” into the dam, and ended up wearing Steph’s old dressing gown for the rest of the day..what’s worst is that he didn’t seem to mind it.The next day we had the Volley Ball competition for the whole of Victoria. All (or at least some) Presbyterian Youth Groups compete. Considering that we have just joined a different church, we thought that we would just be watching, but our church youth took pity on us, so Lachlan and Stephanie played. We didn’t win, but we did win the cheerquad trophy (we were very vocal).I finished, and posted my pincushion swap…I went to a meeting about a special trip run by the church, and now Steph is very interested in going…Um, what else?Lachlan has just started to wear his winter uniform. Don’t you think he looks handsome?

Today a made a giant nappy, you heard me. I’m sure it could fit an adult! Mmm, might come in handy in a few years, oh, I digress. This nappy is to avoid paying $12 a week for night time nappies for my four year old. Most nights she is ok, but others, not so. She is very excited about it, huh? Now it will be modeled.and the back…

it has a removable pad of 8 layers in the middle, lets just see if it will do. No wonder these cost a lot to buy on etsy, it cost me about $100 in frustration. Maybe I should make another one, just for practice?

Now I am off to take Steph to piano and violin lessons, and tommorow I am off to Moe for a mission meeting. G’night.

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Apr 08 2010

I'm Off

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I’m off for a big drive tommorow, to visit my friend Lian, she lives past Ballarat. Oh man, I can’t find the address, and I have to leave early tommorow…ho hum, I’ll think about it tommorow. I just came home from a catch up with some homeschooling mums, it was nice to touch base again. There is nothing like a little laugh to brighten up a week.And just because I don’t have a recent photo to put in my blog entry, here is a random one. It is me! My parents had this photo and one of my sister up on the wall, can you see the dart marks? My sister use to throw darts at it, I guess I was an annoying little sister, still am, things haven’t changed much eh? Mum gave me this huge picture, and I chucked it…this is my momento, a photo of it. As you can see, mum wasn’t that great at cutting hair either, lol!

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Apr 03 2010

I'm Awake!

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Ok, so Daylight Savings has finished, so we put our clocks back one hour last night, thus…I woke at 4.30. I am enjoying the quietness, ahh. Peoples, you should never leave your dishes for the morning, it isn’t a good start to the morning :C.This is my little wrist pincushion that I made to match the apple pincushion. I really like it. All you need is a glass or something for a nice little circle to trace, and some good ole fishing line.This is an updated picture of my kiddies. They were very excited because my generous sister had just taken them to the movies, and to McDonalds.

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