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Feb 28 2010

How Much You are Loved.

Published by under sewing  I love this song. Why? Isn’t it nice to be loved? I guess I have always struggled with that assurance, not that I have reason to doubt anyone’s love for me. I appreciate God’s love so much,  even though He truly knows me, He still loves me. Who doesn’t want that? You can have that love to0. Christ died for the ungodly, to forgive us our sins, He loves us that much 😀

A week has gone by and I haven’t blogged, what’s wrong with me? Well, I’m tired, and I haven’t been staying up late, and we all know that bloggers are night owls eh?

We threw a suprise party for Alycia last Friday night ( I will never do a suprise party again). All our family avoided eye contact with Alycia as we lied through our teeth as to what we would be doing for her party. Camden said to me ” I can’t look at Alycia’s eyes anymore”.  Jared took her to work with him, and Steph and I worked like crazy. All the girls had to dress as something starting with A. Stephanie was Anne of Green Gables. Alycia is now 10.This is Steph, Alycia and Lachlan. Isn’t Alycia a doll? Alycia went pale and a little wobbly when everyone jumped out and suprised her.Ok, so you see this balloon? You might be a bit more observant than me, and notice that it says Birthday boy? Note to self: never take a 4 year old to choose  balloons, they stress you out as they pick one out and start to blow them  up…grr. Alycia received this top from one of the girls.

The next day we went to visit our G’ma, check out her bruised arm. Evidently it looked worse a few days before this photo. She bruised after a lot of blood tests etc.I hope they gave G’ma a lolly pop after that big booboo. Poor G’ma.

Jared and I had a disagreement, cough, cough, about whether the wardrobe would fit up the stairs or not. I said that it would, so he taught me a lesson. The wardrobe was heavy, I was wrong, and he was right. This is Jared with a fake smile.I have done some sewing this week. I followed this tute how to make PJ pants for Cassandra, and then this one for a peasant top to match.This photo is before I made the top.Do you know that you look after your clothes better if you make them yourself? Well, you do. Go make something, and see 😀 I also made this on the weekend, for Ellie. Ellie is turning 13, and she loves ballet.I followed this tute from Grace violet, but instead of using bias binding for the rim, I inserted the outer layer into the inner layer, right side together, sewed, leaving a hole to flip them right side out. Then I just top stitched. Then we filled it with good stuff 😀

Last night I took the girls to a free concert at Malvern Gardens. Stephanie’s piano teacher was playing in it. It was cool, but lovely huddled in the shelter tent with all of our quilts. It finished at 9.30.

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Feb 16 2010

Eye Candy

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When I surf on the internet, I often just save pictures that catch my attention. Let me just see what I have saved…I love this, everyone could make one of these. Considering that my children did some sign language last year, I  think I will get them to do one. Maybe saying “God loves you”.

This is an idea, would you hug this thing? I would, I could do with a hug. Check out this site, it has some amazing photos of odd things, be warned though, they do throw in a rude pic every now and then..

This is a cute idea for a jumper don’t you think?

This would be a great little gift for a special little girl. I can’t remember where I found this, probably etsy.

At the moment I am watching Martha Stewart, I just love the fact that I can tape it, and watch it later. I love the way they make cute note books from their used papers. Oh, can I have a Paper Pro? It is one amazing stapler.Last night we went to the college start of year service, it was very light on. It’s funny how you can get a little discouraged by people not turning up. We had a good sermon though.

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Feb 13 2010


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Check this out, how does Alycia sleep like this?We had alot of candy canes left over, so we made a few hearts.Jared is calling me, gotta go, see ya.

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Feb 10 2010

Not Another One!

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I am not talking about spiders here, although….there is another one hiding. I’m talking about ANOTHER Masters. Yes, Jared has just received his third masters. Ho hum, perhaps we should wallpaper a room? It really is very impressive although Jared doesn’t crow about it, quite the opposite. The funny thing is that Jared insisted in framing my associate diploma in theology over 14 years ago, but his “biggies” are still sitting somewhere loose in the house.

Today I had alot of leftover pumpkin, so I used this book to give me a few ideas.We had hot chocolate, and it was yummy. The girls were onto me, but Camden guzzled the whole cup and thought that it was delicious. Here is the recipe, try it, I dare you.Ok, the pumpkin on the inside of the cup might be a bit off putting, but just vitamise it a little better than I did.I also made some yummy oatmeal with the pumpkin, yum!

My sister just ordered two nappy cakes from Stephanie, yay! Stephanie is rich, oh, my birthday is only 2 months away…

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Feb 06 2010


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I got up at 4.30 to cook Jared breakfast yesterday, he had to go to Sydney for work. I then had to drive Jared to school ( a 2 hr round trip). Back to the heading though…..I was cooking and I looked up, and then I saw it…(scream), a huge huntsman. Then it disappeared. Last night the battle begun. I offered $5 to any child that would kill it. Thankfully the motivation worked. Steph got the broom, it dropped into a vase, and then she used the scissors..Do you know that cutting a huntsman is not so easy? He doesn’t look so scary now eh?This morning I took Lachlan to his rowing..

He fell in….Because the Yarra is very dirty, he was told to immediatley shower, and then to return to practice.

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Feb 04 2010

This and That.

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I’m glad to say that Lachlan is doing well at school, and really enjoying his rowing on the Yarra River.

 I tried my hand at making Hot Cross Buns. I would love to bake all the breads really well, but often I don’t like the texture. I was happy with these though.This recipe is found in one of those cheap cooking mags found in Coles or Safeway.

Today I took Cassandra back to the eye doctor. She now has to wear a patch for 4 hrs every day for 6 weeks. Poor thing, she just cried, in fact sobbed, because she just couldn’t see.I went to two Optometrists to find an eye patch, but they didn’t have one. Soooo…I used this pattern that a friend sent to me on Facebook. You can find it here.

I didn’t want to use felt, because I thought that she might get some fluff in her eye, so I used cotton, cut two and backed it. I am happy with the way it turned out.

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Feb 01 2010

Back to School.

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Today we started back to school. Unfortunatley our books haven’t arrived yet, so I improvised. We went through the flags and countries of the world. writting, maths,etc. Thankfully Steph and Alycia have a subject to do from last year. Cassandra is due to start this year, so I am back to “M, M, M, Milton Mule” She is so excited! Jared and I went out tonight and bought her some school supplies. She is very spoilt because she is the first one to get brand name items. She asked Jared for a princess pencil case, Jared and I nearly gagged when we saw the $8 price tag! Jared said no, she didn’t pout, so Jared’s heart melted, and then he said yes (why doesn’t he do that to me??). Here she is with her booty.I don’t understand why, but it seems when I am the busiest, I achieve more in my day. I made some melting moments (found in one of my favourite, yet dorky cookbooks), and some donuts. They were very nice hot out of the oven, not so much once cold.These are baked not fried.Here is the recipe.And this is the dorky cooking book, that I like. I normally only buy cookbooks with pictures in them so I know how they are suppose to look like, but these are all standard Australian recipes, so I didn’t need them.

I have to leave at 6 am to take Lachlan to rowing practice tommorow morning, oh man!

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