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Jan 31 2010

Nappy Cakes and School

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andand againThese are four of Stephanie’s Nappy Cakes ready to sell. We tried a few flower shops to see if they wanted to buy some, but Of course they want them cheaper than $50. We only use the best brand nappies, we put in singlets, socks, cream, a good cheap stuff. Stephanie only clears about $8. She also has a handmade baby blanket in there.

 Lachlan went for his first day of school on Thursday, just for a few hours. Friday was a full day, he was very tired when he got home. He was mostly excited about the special locks for his locker. He made a friend, who happened to be friends with two other nice boys that he already knows. One new boy flanked by two others, came up to him a swore at him. Lachlan gets very offended at foul mouthed people. I have had to explain that people talk like that to appear cool, others do it without thought. I have told him not to break into a sermon every time a boy swears. There are more important things to preach about, such as the love of God and His sacrifice for us.

 We received this little red book in the mail on Friday….talk about organised. It is a diary for the parents with every day something listed.Lachlan has his try outs or swim test to see if he able to swim well enough for the rowing team on Friday. It is all such a novelty for us.

Today I finished reading my book, I hate finishing books. Is it just me, or does everyone feel like they are living the story?  Mind you, after reading this, you think that I would be relieved about finishing it!

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Jan 27 2010

The Zoo

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No, I’m not talking about my family, we actually did go to the Zoo today. I love the Melbourne Zoo, especially the seals. The children (the younger ones) get very excited about it. One thing new is that you have to pay for parking, ok, It’s only $2 for 5 hrs but eh?A spider anyone?And now for Christmas presents…I was greatful for some money, I bought a Jane Austen movie and a Guy Sebastian CD. Mum gave me some nice perfume. Jared gave me a great phone. It took me a while to like it, simply because Jared was trying to programm it for me, while saying “stupid phone”  Thankfully Jared perservered and now it is fantastic. It is a phone, email, camera, internet, even a torch!One of my favourite things was from my in-laws. This nice banner.

I have my Chrisco catalogue to look through. This will be my third year. Last year I ordered a meat hamper, a lean cuisine and some K-mart vouchers which helped to pay for some pressies and chocolates etc. The money gets taken out of the bank every week, it is one way to help me save. The Lean cuisine stuff was yuck (compared to home cooking), but it gave me a little break during  a busy time.

I got such a lovely suprise today, I won something! First time ever! I left a comment at in hope of receiving a prize, and guess what? Well, you know, I won! I got to choose which pattern that I would like, I chose the Toffee Apple bag pattern, so cute.How pretty is all this, I am sooooooooooooo excited. I love feeling special 😀

And just because I like blue..

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Jan 26 2010

Happy Australia Day

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Thanks to Parkmore Coles for the inspirational photo 😀 Today Jared, the children and I went to my parent’s house for a BBQ. My sister and her friend joined us. Dad, myself and the children had a swim (the water was perfect), and then went home to a sit down lunch (thanks mum).Yesterday we had a good day too, we went bowling! We had an early bird special at Mentone. Jared and I and Cassandra took turns, while the other children had turns of their own. It is fascinating to watch the children’s different personalities come through. Some have fun even if they are loosing, others don’t try until others are beating them, and others try until they improve.Lachlan starts school in two days, so we are trying to make the best of his last week around.

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Jan 22 2010


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This blog has been more about Stephanie lately, with all the crochet she has been doing. Now she has made a monkey, and a hammer for a baby boy that we saw yesterday. I think that she is very clever. She also attempted to cut Camden and Jared’s hair, and I must say that she has done a brilliant job (better than me anyway). She is going to be one of these people (like Jared), who can do anything that they decided to do. and Yesterday I caught up with my original Mother’s group. This group was originally put together by our local health nurse nearly 15 years ago now. Here we all are. Fleur just had another beautiful boy, HarveyToday Steph, Lachlan and Jared have caught the train to Scotch college to see how long it would take. Lachlan is starting school next Thursday, he is not nervous at all which is really good. He has been getting up at 7am all week and doing some German studies before we all get up. I’m sure he will be fine.

 Next time, I will have to put up some photos of some of my Christmas gifts 😀

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Jan 16 2010


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No, I’m not in a coma,  just taking a break from blogging. To tell you the truth I have been a little out of it. With Lachlan starting school soon, I have been trying to not think of my family going their seperate ways. My family will never be the same. I know that it isn’t the end of the world, but I’m just saying how it is.

Today we picked up Cassandra’s new glasses. We had her tested last week and discovered that she has terrible eye sight. She now has glasses, and will also have a patch soon. She has pretty pink glasses. She was thrilled to get glasses, I think that she sees them as a fashion  accessory.

Of course we had Christmas. We had lunch here with my parents, Jared’s parents and grandparents and a friend. The highlight for me was seeing so many at Church, nice! I was also able to eat chocolate again, yay! It became easy to resist after a month or so of not eating it. I made a promise to God since Sept, it doesn’t make me holier than though, it was just something I had to do. Now I will need to give up diet coke, and have chocolate on occassion. I must say that the two together makes me rather nervy. I am a poster girl for a heart attack waiting to happen. I will do my best to be responsible.

Steph has done more crochet, this time for a little girl’s 6th birthday. You can lift up the lids for three of them.She also went to her room and came out with a bear. She said “Oh, it doesn’t look like the pattern”, yeah right Steph, it looks great. So she went off and made a matching girl bear.We have also celebrated Lachlan’s 13th birthday. He read the Bible in Church for his Bible, he read very well. We gave him a pocket knife (which we choose in Geneva). I misplaced it for 24 hrs, and I will never hear the end of it from my in-laws. Of course he may never even pretend to threaten anyone with it, or lend it to anyone. This is a banner that I made for any male birthday’s. My mother in-law thinks that I have become a buddist (no way). I have a pretty pastle one to hang for the girls. These are really easy to make, and unlike some of the cheap looking (but expensive) ones in shops, mine is double backed. Trace out a triangle, cut two of every pattern. Sew up and down the sides (material right sides together), and flip out to right side and iron. Of course you haven’t sewn the flat top yet, but you can just encase that in the bias binding. This is so easy, but so cute.I had Steph and Lachlan at the Presbyterian Youth camp, which they loved, and then we went to Bright for a weeks holiday. Spotted in between, we met up with friends, had sleep overs for the remaining children, and went for lots of swims.

The best thing in Bright was the river, we swam in it everyday (except for Jared). I made the children have a buddy, but I was like an eagle watching all of the time.We visited Mt Beauty, Bogong and other beautiful mountains, but it was just too hot to do too much more. Thankfully we had good airconditioning in the place we were renting.

On a sad note for us is the fact that my “Keepers at Home” buddy Lian has moved to greener pastures. I will miss her very much. The church gave her a preserving pot as a “All the best” gift, I hope that she liked it. (We were away for the farewell).

What to do now? Visit G’ma and Pa, clean up, a new pole for the tent….and so on. See you soon.

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