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Nov 29 2009

The Calendar

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and a nice little book.

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Nov 27 2009

Insert Scream Here.

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Argh! We just arrived home from college graduation. Just after we left, I saw a huntsman on the side window, not being sure whether it was inside or not, I said “Jared, pull over please” Jared said why, and then insisted that I tell him, then he pulled into a side street and pulled over. I swear that this spider was on Red Bull or something, because it just kept on running. We drove home with it appearing and disappearing. Jared was very focussed. If I was driving, you would be reading my eulogy right now. I have always said this is what is going to kill me. I just hate spiders so much, even more than dentists, and that is saying something. When I got home, Jared went straight upstairs to have a shower, so I offered any child who could kill the spider $20. Of course I added that I had to see evidence of the crime too. Alycia won, I know owe her $20. It wasn’t an easy thing to do, at 11.30pm. I hope that the neighbours were not disturbed by Stephanie playing the death march on the piano, and Cassandra yelling “kill the spider” repeatedly.

On another note, we received a call today from Scotch College to say that there is a place for Lachlan to go into year 8 next year. This decision has not been made lightly, but we said yes. It’s funny (and also stressful) to see people’s reactions. I had a lady say to me “Yes, I think he should be in school, he is that type of boy), mind you, she has’t seen him for two years. Others are wary, but most say well done. I’m not up to debating our decision, we have agonised and looked over the positives and negatives of our choice. Does anyone care more for their child than their parents? No! We love Lachlan, and want what is best for him. This is our hope for Lachlan since he was born…that he would grow to love and serve the Lord Jesus, that He would be strong and wise with a servants heart. We hope that we have grounded him in what is good and right, and now it is his time to spread his wings while still under our care, and test his own faith and his integrity. If it goes pear shaped, we take him out. Simple. We love you Lachlan.This is Lachlan as an old man, still loving and reading the Bible.

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Nov 26 2009


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Mum came over again today. She made a second attempt of making some hearts. They didn’t turn out very well. Mum cracked me up, instead of lowering the machine foot, she actually disconected it, so funny. I know mum reads my blog, so I’ll be nice now. Love you mum. This heart wasn’t too good, so mum saw potential, and passed on the idea to me. Meet Ted.I have grown attached to him. He is ready for a party, he is waiting by the phone for an invitation. I might end up attaching him to a pole or something to give someone a little smile. Have you heard of the Toysociety? People all over the world make toys and put them in a plastic bag and hide them for an unsuspecting person to find. Check out this site.

We had another friend in the house too, a slug. Cassandra insisted that it was a snail. She is a stubborn little thing. I explained that a snail has a house, she put it in a container and then said that it had a house, argh!

Alycia did a bit of creating, after some school.And here are some nappy cakes that Steph has prepared to sell. They will be wrapped in clear cellophane.I did a bit of sewing after tea. An apron to sell at Market day. I will sell it for $15. If it doesn’t sell (which it probably won’t), I will keep it, I love aprons. I will make four others with different prints.Today I received a lovely calendar from my sister in-law who is with Jared’s brother and their children in the US over Christmas. I will show you some photos on the next blog. They are lovely pictures with verses on it, really nice.Little Cassie has been crafting too. Modpodge! Do you think we can sell these can pencil holders for $1? Someone should take pity on her, don’t you think?

Speaking of crafting, this is what my kitchen table looked like yesterday.Stephanie and Lachlan got the results for their science test today. It is a test that all children take at school, so I was interested to see how they fared.  They both did well.

I would expect a higher mark for Steph as she has just finished year 9, but she still did well in comparison with most.

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Nov 25 2009


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Look what I have. I recieved my swap parcel in the mail yesterday. There is something special about recieving a little parcel in the mail box. She made some lovely little things. A little wallet for tea, a lovely broach, some cute spotty decorations that smell very yummy, and, well, you can see for yourself.Now I can show you what I sent her…This is the apron, Steph is the model.  Dione loves bright colours, especially pink and orange. I also gave some tea towels and a few other goodies.I love giving little gifts.

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Nov 21 2009

Sew Crazy

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This week I sewed the squares together for the quilt. The church ladies are making this for a lady who fell over backwards holding her new born. She was in hospital for months unable to move at all. She is now at home, and able to move a little, but she still has a long road ahead of her. I thought that it might be an encouragement to her if she received a gift from a number of ladies who are thinking and praying for her. I had a little chuckle when her brother in-law said that they really didn’t need a blanket, I said to him, it must be a girl thing. You all understand what I mean don’t you? It is now all stitched, all we have to do is snip all the seams, then wash it. I hope to have it done within the next week.I started to make some bibs for some people who have had babies. I will also make some more for the market day coming up.YOu can find this pattern at a look at this beautiful bird, it was outside our laundry window. It was a mess out there, but I spent the day cleaning up. We also made up some party bags ready for Camden’s first ever birthday party.

Tonight I made up my swap partner’s gift, I will show you what, once I have posted it. And Yes, It involved my sewing machine.

This week I have been given a referal for Cassandra’s lazy eye. Karl (Jared’s brother picked this up, I just thought Cassandra had a party trick).  I have a referall too to a “private” Dr, I haven’t booked the appointment yet, but I know that it is a necessity  especially since this particular problem is hereditry. Oh man, I can’t spell!!Here is Jared, telling me to go away. I evidently distract him so much that he thinks that he might fall off to the roof.  I went off to the tip and hoped that he would be alive when I got back.

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Nov 17 2009

Fire Ready.

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The heading says Fire Ready, but I wouldn’t like to test it. I have to admit that I have been dreading summer, I don’t like it at the best of times. We have recieved two books about being fire ready from the Victorian government this week, and it does get me a little nervous. Jared has just bought a pump so that we can cover our house with water if need be. This little pump will draw out the water from our pool into two hoses, one to water the roof and the other free hand. The bathroom in our safe spot if we can’t get out, which I fully intend to do if there is any risk. Our neighbours have been cutting down trees, but when you are surrounded by them, it won’t make much of a differance.

I’m very greatful that Jared has thought about it, and has tried to make his family safe. He most likely will be at college, while I am at home with the children. We really do need rain.

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Nov 14 2009

Daily Living.

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Sometimes we just plod along, and this is what my life has been life in the last week. Jared has been painting the top storey of the house (he now has decided that he doesn’t like the colour)IMG_6821IMG_6824I bought this and gave it as a gift to someone. I really enjoy these CD’s. They are found at Visonforum Take a look, they have alot of great items.

Jared’s grandparents are staying with us this weekend to celebrate Grandma’s 85th birthday. I made her two aprons for her birthday. As always I left it to the last minute, so I have to stay up until 1am to finish them.IMG_6829IMG_6828

This week we all have a dentist appointment, Camden has a check up for his arm, Cassandra is getting her eyes checked, and I am booked in too (no, I’m not pregnant!).

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Nov 09 2009

So Hot!

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Agh, it is so hot today. We had our Homeschooling group today, and the rooms heated up very quickly. We were very happy to get home and jump into our pool. I am thankful for our airconditioner. I really feel for the older people, especially those who still think that they shouldn’t use up their electricity.

 On Saturday our Minister’s wife had a Nibble, Needles and Natter day. It was a great day. She asked everyone to bring something to work on. One lady had never sewn before and she is about 70, she made her first apron, she was so proud of herself. I wanted to learn how to crochet a rug, but first I am learning the basics. I haven’t downloaded the  pic yet so let me see if I can find an example on the internet for you to take a looksie.PlarnRug300x286

Jared has started to paint our top storey this week. He has a rope to support him, and a large ladder. I will carry the phone in my pocket, so I can call the ambulance quickly..

Tonight I popped into Safeway before picking my girls up from Girl’s Brigade. I had little Cassie with me, which is rare at that time of night.  A young man taller than me, was whistling loudly with his fingers in his mouth, of course I turned my head. He then walked right up to my face and did it, I smiled as if he was brilliant and he said “thank you very much” and stumbled off. One thing I learn’t in Moe, was to smile, nod, and don’t say anything. It could save your life. The silly boy, had a black eye, and was high on something.  Cassandra said to me as we got into the car ” I could punch him up” She had a little lesson on how to deal with this kind of thing properly.il_430xN_96445010Look what I found on etsy. A donut bike bell, so cute. No, I haven’t bought it, but it is as tempting as the real thing, don’t you reckon?

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Nov 06 2009

And Now I know

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I have often wondered why I was so “challenged” when it came to sewing, but now I know. My darling mother came over today to make some heart lavendar bags. It was very funny (sorry mum), but she had a good laugh too. This was her first attempt.IMG_6796and then there was the accidental snip off the table cloth..IMG_6797

She got there in the end.IMG_6799

I know I am cruel, but I’m cut from the same cloth so to speak.

Mum can do it, she just needs to take her time. Mum’s talent lies in decorating, she can transform any house within a day. Unfortunately I don’t have that ability from her.

Love you mum!

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Nov 02 2009

Digging up the Dirt.

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Today the family worked really hard to clear the little fenced off area in our backyard. Steph had spent a number of days clearing weeds and over growth and piles of wood.  For a small sized girl she showed alot of spunk and determination in all the work she has done.IMG_6772Cassandra took me on a tour of the garden insisting that I smell every rose bush that she had planted…huh?IMG_6776Today I checked on the blog for my swap buddy for christmas. I have been assigned I can’t wait to hear what her favourite colours are etc..

Today was the perfect day for a yummy chicken salad, my fave. Yum! Hopefully it won’t be long before we make it out of our own garden (ok, not the chicken, just the vegies).IMG_6779

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