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Sep 30 2009

Yay, it's done!

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Yay, Dayspring was today. We had about 60 children and about 30 adults? I forgot to count. The children are all so lovely, they pay attention and take it all in. We always take a picture to send to our missionaries so they know that we are thinking of them. This is the picture.IMG_6456The Bible characters did a great job, I was particularly inspired by Bible Aliz who broke into song with a small pink guitar, classic!!

This is what Cassandra and Camden looked like before going.IMG_6446I just hope that the children will remember to pray for the missionaries. In the mean time I feel realy tired, but it’s worth it.

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Sep 27 2009

A week in Pictures.

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IMG_6346The last day of school before two weeks of holidays, yay!

IMG_6343A bit of craft…

IMG_6353Alycia’s basket ball player..

IMG_6370Aliens invading the world by Camden (what on earth does this boy watch??)

IMG_6373Opps, you aren’t suppose to see this!

Last month I made a promise to God (a very serious thing). I promised not to buy and eat chocolate bars until Christmas. The secret is now out, the reason for my girth. Chocolate is my Delilah, I have given in too many times. Jared said that I have been savage, and now it makes sense to him. Yes, I have grown horns! I prayed that if anyone offered me anything chocolate if I went to their house, I would eat it to be polite, but no chocolate bars. The first day of the promise the neighbourhood children came with the chocolate drive, argh! Then in the city last week we met….IMG_6388Yup, he gave out free chocolate ( I didn’t eat mine)..

IMG_6379A day spent in the garden (no, snails are not good swimmers Cassandra)


I like this photo of Jared.IMG_6397

IMG_6402It’s called recycling folks!

IMG_6405Camden was given his first real Bible from us. I bought him a large print NKJ to make it a little easier for him. My heart skipped a joyful beat when I went in to tuck him in at bed time, to see him reading 1 Timothy.

IMG_6410A couple of sleepovers…

IMG_6411A clogged washing machine.

IMG_6409Some nifty hairstyles by Ellie.

IMG_6413Some beautiful roses from our garden. They smell so lovely, I feel so blessed to have these lovely roses in our garden.

IMG_6417Steph taught Ellie how to make a quilt too!

I made some cute cleaning cloths, they are folded in this picture. They have towelling on the other side.IMG_6420IMG_6419







Posed for a “Wanted by God” poster.IMG_6423IMG_6432 









Remind me to keep an eye on the whole facial hair as I grow older, it really isn’t a great look for me!IMG_6442I drew this last night for a filler for Dayspring Day. When the children have time to wander around before or after the day, they can get their photo as Bible Bill on his horse.

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Sep 16 2009

Another One!

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Here is Alycia’s quilt, she has done a great job!  Alycia stitched every single stitch all by herself. I think that hers looked extra fluffy because she had a thicker seem allowance than Steph’s.IMG_6338This is what my house looks like, I can’t stand it! There are stickers, pencils, fluff…you name it, I have it on my floor..on the bench, argh!IMG_6337

150 bags are packed and ready to go, I have enough for 10 more. The house looks so bad, I have stickers, fluff, laminate etc on the floor. Perhaps I need a major cleaning day. I was so impressed with the children helping me pack the bags, especially with Camden. While Camden was happily passing things to me, Cassandra would hand me a pack of cards every now and then to put into the bag. Little did I know that she was hogging into the lollies for DSD under the table, oh man!IMG_6336Narelle I would just like to say, that if Lian and I (well, actually I didn’t do it, my girls did), then you can do it too! Lian is a kindred spirit, we were both a little challenged when it came to sewing. Instead of pouting, we both decided to just have a go, some times it works, other times it doesn’t. I won’t be sewing a wedding dress any time soon, but if you want to sew, just start. I have found You Tube to be a great help, people often put up tutorials on how to sew things. Better still, come over during the holidays and I will show you! Flannette is on special at Spotlight Bayswater for $2 a meter at the moment. To make a small quilt like Alycia’s you need one meter of printed and one of plain. You can add a middle layer if you want, but you don’t have to. Happy sewing folks.

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Sep 15 2009

Dedicated to Lian… :D

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This week’s lesson for Keepers at Home was rag quilt making. Lian did a great job cutting out heaps of 6″ squares, so that the younger girls could have a head start. This is Lian’s quilt, the demo.IMG_6304 Both of my girls begged me to be able to work on it today. I was really impressed with Alycia, the way that she sewed all day on my machine. Stephanie was all fired up, determined to finish. Steph can do anything when she puts her mind to it. This is hers.IMG_6333On Monday the children had to dress up as a character from a book. Camden dressed as the Cat in the Hat, notice the pose?IMG_6308This afternoon we dropped off a meal to a man, that our minister suggested to us might appreciate one. I knocked at the door, introduced my self, and where I was from, and handed him a meal. It was quite funny, as the poor chap looked at us as if we were nuts. He graciously took the meal, but I wonder if he ate it…The children and Ifelt really weird once we got back to the car, but Steph re-assured me that this is what we are suppose to be doing within the church. It was kinda funny, I hope that he doesn’t think that we are out to poison him!!

Remember those treasure stones that I made, well the smell is killing me. The entire house smells like coffee! I don’t know whether they are suppose to stay in your house for two weeks.IMG_6332

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Sep 12 2009

Ordered Chaos

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This week has been a hive of activity. The first thing the children and I did were to make treasure stones! I found the recipe in the best book ever called Kids concoctions.IMG_6241Our local Gloria Jeans gave us their used coffee grinds, that is when having young happy children is very helpful (you get them to ask for it) 😀  IMG_6246Here is the recipe.

IMG_6247mix all the ingredients and then mold into a rock and insert toys, ie treasures for your little treasure seekers.IMG_6252I am waiting for them to dry, when they are dry, they look like rocks.IMG_6266The ordered chaos is my house, a total mess!! We have 160 missionary cards cut, laminated, and packed. Today we printed out stickers, stapled the calendars, and punched a hole in each one so that it could hang.IMG_6299after hole punching the calendars my hand was very sore.IMG_6298

Do you remember the special surprise that I was working on? well, it wasn’t just me, it was alot of people. Last night a bunch of homeschooling mums got together to surprise sevvy who is expecting her sixth child, with this beautiful quilt. I was so impressed by Lynne who designed the quilt and with Gerardine who came up with the idea. Can you believe that Lynne is offering the quilt pattern for FREE on a friend’s blog called 

IMG_6275and the happy recipient..IMG_6276Don’t forget to check out the link, it is a beautiful quilt with the Bible verses “you knit me together in my mother’s womb..” Yes, children are a blessing from God.

speaking of children, look at the little ritual that Cassandra has with her daddy every morning now. He dances with her singing a princess song.IMG_6243and then off to work he goes…

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Sep 06 2009

Father's Day

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I hope that every dad had a great day today.Happy-Father's-Day

Jared was called to be King for a day by the children. We were given breakfast in bed, before heading off to Morwell for Church. This is what the children gave to Jared. I particularly like the fact that they wrote that the chaffeur had died (that mean’t that the king had to drive himself).IMG_6234IMG_6236For some reason they thought that Jared wanted an upgrade with the car. One flew off on the highway, going to Morwell.IMG_6225

Oh, and some useful coupons. Jared, can I use these, I need help with the dishes.

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Sep 05 2009

Three in One.

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This  post is three days in one. Thursday we had a busy day with a funeral in the morning, and then straight on to Camden’s arm check up. Nice to see the bones fusing together, it is amazing really.IMG_6190Cassandra was exhausted. I kept her busy for a few hours stringing fruitloops onto a shoelaces.IMG_6192Friday was a good day of school, followed by youth group for the oldest kiddies and a bread run for me.

Saturday we went to the Mission Aviation Day, the children and I enjoyed watching an acrobatic plane, looking at the MAF planes and some army trucks. Camden begged to go onto the jumping castle, but with a broken arm? No way! IMG_6197IMG_6205

Cassandra, Camden and Lachlan went on a little helicopter that was dragged by a tractor. Cassandra was so excited, but when she got off she cried saying “Mummy it didn’t go up in the air” So how responsible does she think I am, putting her on a heligopter without proper doors.IMG_6208We had some lovely visitors, look what they brought for me.IMG_6217Oh, and look at what was in the mail, aren’t they graciousIMG_6216

Today’s advice…If you tell someone that they are grumpy often enoughm they will eventually become grumpy.

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Sep 02 2009

Brought to You by the letter T

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T for tomato, that’s what the girls needed for their “Keepers at Home” class. Actually they need a few more than one. They made Tomato sauce, Ruth did a great job teaching them. I helped out with the boys this time, they were painting their castles. Do you believe my girls forgot to take some home? tomato

Today we went to visit a lady who has just been placed in a home. I had told her I was coming, but not what time, so when I arrived she wasn’t there. I went back when she was expected back, and waited with the children in the home for her. I think that I met everyone, except the person that I went for. The children were very good as we waited for half an hour in the lounge. We didn’t end up seeing her, so I will have to go again sometime.

Before we went visiting, we popped into the op shop which was fairly close by. Look what I got!IMG_6185Not exactly what I was shopping for. As it was my ticket was displayed on the dashboard, but because of the steepness (is that a word?) of the dashboard it had slipped down, and was difficult to see.ticketOf course I went straight to the council offices, drove, parked, all children out blah blah blah…Showed the paid ticket and the fine. I had to fill in paper work, have my ticket photocopied, blah blah blah…Lets see where this ends. I declare this blog to be my evidence your honour!

Back to the op shop. We bought a bag of toys for $3.99, this included lego, figurines, horses, baby borns and this cute Hello Kitty. Can you tell me what the point of this toy is though? Is Mackers telling us that they do use stray cats for their burgers? LOL!IMG_6189Here is the stray little kitty, turn it inside out and this is what you have…IMG_6188Has it put you off?

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Sep 01 2009

Stupid and Jealous

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Now that I have,  your attention, I have to say that I had a bit of a laugh when I clicked on my side link sugardoodle. Instead of getting a great site, I was directed to a cattery, what? So a few little letters can make a big differance, not .com but .net!

IMG_6174 Yes, I am Jealous, the reason being is that Jared gave Lachlan a big and expensive gift. Jared is sick of seeing Lachlan play with lego and begging to use the computer. He went out and re-lived his childhood and bought him a model of HMS Hood to build. $70  and two days later, he has already finished (now that surprised you didn’t it Jared?). Lets just say that it has been very peaceful with him quietly working away. All I can think of is how I could buy a beautiful quilt kit for that price, perhaps I’m not idle enough?IMG_6157Cassandra obviously wants to be a little hairdresser. I kept her entertained for a while, while she brushed my hair. It was lovely despite her carving the brush bristles into the top of my head, it felt sore for over 24 hrs, but hey, my hair was shiny!

Look what Steph has been working on, she has been teaching herself how to crochet, she made this cute little hat for this doll.IMG_6158Last week/this week has been a bit of a challenge as a parent. I have had to deal with two of our children seriously. I pray that they will grow in wisdom. I was more disappointed than angry. IMG_6159This is how I am spending a lot of my time lately. I have just folded and glued 160 packets for the missionary cards. I stayed up until 3 am sat. morning to make sure that it got finished.

Remember I told you about singing to an elderly man? He died on Thursday. We were all very sad, but find comfort in knowing that he is with the Saviour that he loves. His cheerful and cheeky manner will be missed by all. SP_Promise_Paper_Daisy_Is_40_8Mr Dunham loved the Word (the Bible). His brother has been left to clear all his belongings, he has been amazed at how many Bibles there are around the house. In the kitchen, by the bed, in the drawer, by the chair. What a testamony!

Off to bed now, I would rather be sewing something, but perhaps I should wait until october!!

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