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Aug 03 2009


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Today we had our homeschooling group. Today’s “Keepers at Home” lesson was about making Versatile biscuits. The girls whipped up a huge bunch and then divided the mixture to make different flavours, such as cornflakes, choc chip, sultanas etc. Lian does such a good job, I am so slack, I’m just there to say “ohh, ahh”. Alycia was very excited, she actually gave her share of the cookies to her Girl’s Brigade leader.keepers athomeLast night when I was checking out ebay, I found this great little idea, a closet coathanger safe! Perhaps it really isn’t a safe, but it is a neat idea don’t you think?il_430xN_80894268Another thing that I would love to do is to be able to ice cookies and cupcakes well. Take a look at these cute biscuits.il_430xN_82659255

A highlight for me this week was the fact that I discovered that a friend kept a secret for me. I had mucked up a “secret project” that involved many people. This friend found out, and secretly covered my transgression (fixed it) for me, and did’t tell everyone about it. How nice is that. She had the opportunity to have a laugh at my expense, to say “What an idiot Cassie is”, but she didn’t. Thanks friend.5-DR4

Now, I don’t drink coffee (or tea for that matter), but if I did, this would apply to me. I do dum things already, imagine if I drank coffee too!

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Aug 01 2009

Good day.

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This morning we joined up with about 8 others for a working bee, it was good fun. It is always a good feeling to see people work together. Do you believe that after only an hour and a half work, I actually feel a little sore? How sad is that?IMG_5957I loved the fact that we were able to burn the bits of wood  and shrub.IMG_5961Tonight we went out for tea. We went to visit a lovely family, who have been blessed with four gorgeous little boys. Full of energy and very huggable, my children love these boys. Cassandra met her match in little Daniel,lol! Here is Jayni, the mum. Just think, one day she will have four daughters in law, that is a thought  eh?IMG_5977Thanks Jayni for the lovely meal, and what do you know, we both like fish! I hope to get you over for a little sewing bee sometime 😀IMG_5989This is my peg doll, sorry Nicks (my sister), but here is the picture of it. Nicky wants to see a picture of my children, so here it is.IMG_2484

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