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Aug 28 2009

Aussies Wanna Help?

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Last night while surfing the net I came across a website which accepts material to forward on to people in need. They make toys, blankets etc, and find a need, and delivers. So if you have a bit of time on your hands or a lot of material hidden in those cupboards of yours why don’t you have a looksie. So many charities are for overseas, but this one is a local one.NeedyStitchesOn a side note, if my whole family smells like Pine o clean (disinfectant), it is because little miss poured the whole bottle into my washing machine. Germ free, or at least our clothes are!

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Aug 26 2009

Good Advice

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Check out this material containing some good advice for all you singles out there, lol! Let me say, I’m not into fooling anyone, so only do these things if you are for real.il_430xN_76209281Another good thing found on etsy, what a sweet way to wrap some material.229694290_tpDo I have time to paint my pegs? They are so cute.

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Aug 25 2009

A mini whirl wind.

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It has been busy around here, a bit like a mini whirl wind. Friday afternoon Jared drove to Buln Buln to pick up Jared’s Grandparents to stay for a few days. They were going to cancel seeing that we had a busy week, but Jared hadn’t seen them since before going overseas, so he wanted them to stay. Jared drove and got them, I said that I was too tired for the three hour round trip. It was nice to have them stay, although everything that I cooked was a flop. I don’t normally have such a bad run with my cooking, but this weekend was a biggy. We went out for Saturday dinner after taking G’ma to see her sister in a new nursing home. Sunday we heard Jared preach at our Church, then I took them home after lunch.

Monday was a productive day with school and I even found the time to whip up a couple of new slings for Camden’s broken arm.IMG_6142The personification of a whirl wind is Cassandra, she really makes me laugh. On the weekend these were her antics.IMG_6125Sunday straight after church Cassandra was found with her shoes off, on this lovely pile of dirt.IMG_6115found watering the garden with her leather shoes as a watering can.IMG_6115Day three squirting vegemite into silicone cupcake holders and hiding them under her bed….huh, what is that all about?IMG_6148I had Stephanie and Lachlan dress up for a photo, they are Penny and Pete, the prayer twins.IMG_6135Another whirl wind? My sister, Nicky. Nicky arrived home from six months living in Thailand. Do you see that red bag? That is filled with presents for all the family.IMG_6149Nicky filled the house with pure silk scarves, Dvds, watches, binoculars, bags and heaps of other goodies. Thank you Nicky, you are very generous. You will be a poor old woman, but all of my children tell me that they will always visit and bring you a chocolate milkshake and a chocolate donut to eat, you have brainwashed them well, lol!

On another note, have you seen this book? I found it at the ABC shop at Chadstone. It is a good introduction to some composers and their music.IMG_6145It comes with a cd so you can hear them.

Today Jared is still unwell with a fever. Jared insisted on going into work so he asked me to drive him in, and pick him up. I know Jared is really sick if he is willing to sit in the passenger seat, he hates me driving. I hate driving in peak hour!

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Aug 20 2009

The Whole Truth..

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Wednesday night I went out, after being out for less than half an hour? Jared called me to say come home, because he thought that Camden had broken his arm. He was playing a game with Lachlan, and tripped over his blanket. Camden always screams blue murder, so I wasn’t panicking, but there was swelling, so Jared took him off to the hospital in Ferntree Gully. After how many hours there, and some happy gas and xrays, they were told to transfer to Boxhill Hospital. Jared came home, and I took him. To cut a long strory short, he broke the two bones clear in his right arm. He had a op today, but thankfully no pins. we need to go back every week for an xray to check on the bones joining.IMG_6101We are so glad to be home. To top it off today, Jared took over for me for a couple of hours. I drove home with the children, and when I got out of the car, I could hear the tyre going down. I couldn’t believe it, I had one hour to shower, have breakfast and return to the hospital, but now my car tyre was flat! I called Jared, he told me to take it to our local mechanics before it was totally down. I did that, and then begged. They took pity on me, and changed it for me.

Tommorow I am suppose to pick up G’ma and Pa, at this stage, I am too tired, but we will see.

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Aug 18 2009

Wonders Never Cease.

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Today I listened to Camden read, and as he wrote down his answers to his questions, I was sorting through some craft items. I found this little kit of a duck mobile. I couldn’t believe it when Lachlan promptly said “Can I do it?”  So off he went and started to sew…what a mess…but he was determined. About an hour later he said that he had finished it and had hung it up for Cassandra. He was pretty proud himself, I feel a little confused, he wanted to sew? I guess guys are doing that at school these days, it might come in handy some day right? All I can say is look at how he fastened it to the roof, yep, he is a guy!IMG_6084If you are interested in a swap, check out you put together a few sewing goodies to send to someone, you can read the details on the blog. I’m in!

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Aug 17 2009

Danger, explosives…

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So I have exaggerated a tad. This afternoon has been one of little annoying mishaps, I can feel myself bubbling, not quiet ready to explode. The car we were looking after wouldn’t start despite Jared trying many times yesterday…..then I discovered that my son played with someone’s hat and that hat is now missing….I haven’t got a person for America for Dayspring Day which is less than 6 weeks away, my ink has run out on my laser printer, and it costs a small fortune to replace…and lets just say that I am running behind on things. Little things that can get you grumpy if you let them….I have a confession…..Perhaps a good night sleep?kahcard

Today the girls did a card making lesson. Stephanie (a mother, not my daughter), showed the girls how to make cute cards out of basic materials. Isn’t it nice to recieve a little note? I often think of sending one to people, but 75% of the time, I don’t.

Here is my add for Dayspring Day.dsdaddpicDon’t think I don’t trust you, but you know how it is…there are some creeps out there, so I have blocked out my phone number just in case…for the children’s sake.

gotta go and have a sleep.

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Aug 14 2009

Meet Butterbean!

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While the children were doing school today, and between Camden doing school, I made a littel Butterbean, In fact I made two! These are cute and very simple to make. The patterns can be downloaded from

Here is a picture of my little dolls, Steph made one too. The little girl doll was claimed by Cassandra. A young child could make one of these with a little assistance.IMG_6077IMG_6079IMG_6076


Look what my lovely postie brought to me today 😀IMG_6080Did I tell you that a tree was blown over last week during a freaky five minute hail storm. Our neighbour Nathan came and chopped it up for us today. Actually he started to chop it up last week, but then his chainsaw got stuck, he came back over today to finish the job. Thanks nice neighbour.

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Aug 11 2009

Lost and found.

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A big chunk of time was spent searching for my neice’s birthday present that I had put in a “safe” spot before going overseas. I have emptied many cupboards, and after how many hours, found it in with the wrapping paper, argh! Have I lost my memory already? In the meantime I have discovered evidence that a little hungry chocolate eater has been nibbling at my cooking, I could probably use my power of observation and say that the mouth print matches Cassandra’s!

We have a little friend called Anna who had read a book with her mother, about some children who went and sang to some elderly people. With this thought in mind, Anna wanted us all to sing to a lovely elderly gentleman from our church. Feeling a little freakish, Lian and I with  children went to sing. Poor man, we should have called first, but he is generous. We sang a few little songs, and his eyes lit up, they truly did! Godbless you Anna, may you always think of good ways to uplift others. Anna is only 5.motivational_charts_children_singing_scene_attendance_cards_classroom_reward

Jared is at another meeting tonight, so the girls and I are watching the end of Pride and Prejudice. I love this movie. Steph says that I am more like Emma, with Jared being my Mr Knightly, why? I always get myself in scrapes, and Jared always is there “correcting me”, even though he loves me 😀

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Aug 10 2009

Bits and Pieces..

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Doesn’t the time just fly? How is it a new week already, what happen to last week. What have I been up to? Well, the norm, school, cooking..I tried my hand at some homemade pasties, nice! I got the recipe from one of my favourite recipe books.IMG_6014IMG_6012

We went to a bush dance on Sat. night, or should I say the girls and I did. Jared took the boys up to Rochester to preach, so they had a boys night. They had a great time,of male bonding, ice cream eating, and wrestling in the motel room. Meanwhile, Cassandra was trying her hand at bush dancing.

Check this out, we know a boy called Caleb, he is like a mini Steve Irwin. He made a bed up in a tree at his parents house, and actually slept in it. Anyone driving past would have had either a fright or a laugh.IMG_6033On Sunday a friend showed Steph and I what you can do with crochet, she is so talented. I fell in love with this carrot, and she gave it to me. 😀IMG_6036It is a little purse, cute eh?

Today the Girl’s Brigade had a twin/triplet night. Alycia wanted some matching skirts desperatly, so while she was with Jared at college, Steph and I made three skirts. They are simple tiered skirts, made in a hurry…Steph and I did every mistake in the book, and some not in the book, argh! From a distance they look ok..sort of. The smaller one is for Cassandra, but Alycia wore it so Ellie our neighbour could go too. Alycia actually fit into Cassandra’s skirt!IMG_6062

And just because I thought it was cute…IMG_6044

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Aug 06 2009

Yum, Roast Minister for Lunch!

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Have you ever sat down to Sunday lunch, only to have roast minister? I remember even as a teenager being warned about this. How often do we criticise our ministers? Ok, if He isn’t preaching faithfully from the Word, have a quiet word with him, but…. I have heard people criticising his tie, how many children he might have, the type of car he drives, his choice of sermon. Many people love their minister and try to encourage him, but there are some (and I think women are the worst here),who love to exercise their spiritual insight and “direct, or advise” their minister on how to be a more faithful preacher. I have just read through Samuel and Kings, do you know where I am going with this? David! He had reason to dislike his king, afterall he wasn’t godly. The amazing thing is, that David respects Saul because he was the man that God had charged with that position. David even demanded that others didn’t speak badly of Saul. I believe that If your minister is preaching the gospel, we should respect them, and pray for them. The life of a minister can be lonely, why don’t you pray for him and his family instead?CoolClips_vc006985

Yesterday I had a chat with Lachlan, he is 12. Jared’s great grandfather asked him what he wanted to do when he grew up, Lachlan was very slow to answer. Thinking that this was very odd, I asked him later why he didn’t list off the jobs that he has always said that he was interested in, Dr, Minister, Police officer. His reply was unexpected when it came to “a minister”. Lachlan said that he read that if you are a minister, you are judged more strictly as you are responsible on how you lead your church. Wow, the fear of God is a good thing. Of course I explained that although this is true, a father is also responsible for his family. So just as a family should make the father’s job easier by being obedient, so we should as a church.

On a lighter note, I visted Jared’s grandparents yesterday, did the normal school, piano etc thingy today. Alycia and I started on a little project (it will probably take us weeks to do). Stephanie is learning how to do crochet, you tube is a great tool for watching how to do something. I will have to take some pictures of her projects. Camden had Boy’s Brigade at Boronia tonight. Jared is now helping out every couple of weeks, Camden was so excited when his dad was one of the leaders.

This week I found the best shop, it is a lovely quilting shop found in the back of Keith Fagg Building Supplies. Wow, if someone hadn’t told me about it, I would never have seen it. The material is cheaper than Spotlight and there is more of a  choice. My heart actually skipped a beat, I was so excited. I bought a Melly and Me pattern book, Alycia wanted to make a bee.6a00d8341d101453ef011571190f16970b-115wiIn case you live around Spotlight in Bayswater, the shop that I am referring to is only about five shops down in Canterbury Rd.

I recieved some mail from my postie friend. Last time he came to the door I said “Ah, it has been a while, I have been away” He said to me “I was wondering why I couldn’t put bread on the table”….mmm, do I have a problem?IMG_6010Also, I didn’t show you the generous gift that Jayni gave to us (or should I say to the girls). Jayni said that she saw these beautiful tins, and considering that she has four boys, she didn’t feel comfortable with such pretty pink things. Who am I to argue? Thank you, I love the beautiful patterns, and colours.IMG_6008Tonight I made Bread Pudding, it was rather nice.IMG_6011

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