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May 31 2009


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Today I am very disappointed. I have just been told that another person I know has decided to be a Uniting Church minister. As soon as you doubt the Word of God, and trust in your own wisdom, there seems to be a certain path people take……I challenge you today, to know what you believe, and why you believe it. If you say you are a Christian, READ the Bible.

Today the horrible flu has reared it’s ugly head. Cassandra and Stephanie closely followed by Camden and Alycia, and Lachlan. I even feel a little drained. I have put in my apology for missing out on our homeschooling group again! This time Lian has organised to teach the girls how to make bath bombs and other items.

Camden has been busy with his Lego lately which is good to see, he keeps asking to take pictures of his little creations.IMG_2188Friday I recieved a terrific parcel of goodies. It only took one week to arrive from the U.S. I have got some great “around the world” puppets to use for Dayspring. Some niffy badges. Oh, and this great knights costume for Camden.IMG_2169IMG_2174

I have made lots of yumies lately. One is this simple apple tea cake.IMG_2200I took the photo before it was cooked, it doesn’t last long afterwards to take a photo.CIMG0352How cute is this purse? You can buy one on etsy, or make yourself one by buying the pattern!6a00e551101c54883401156f6a2a59970c-500wiAnyone set for a knitting bee?

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May 28 2009


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Look what arrrived in the mail today! A mini laptop. It is so cute, small enough for us to take on our trip to Europe, which is only three weeks away! This will be our little friend which will allow us to phone our children, and see them each day while we are away. I also have this new watch that I bought for $8 from K-Mart. It will do as a watch, and a little photo album,(so I don’t forget what my children look like). I’m going to miss them so much.IMG_2167
and the watch..
Today the children and I went to a homeschooling conferance run by Character First. They run a family day once a month, and finish off with lunch. I really enjoyed it, all the children were really well behaved. There were over 100 people there. I’ll put more details about it later, in case you are interested.
il_430xN_67316598 These are very cute! They are on etsy I think…

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May 27 2009

A cut above the rest

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Ok, I’m no hairdresser, but I can only improve eh? Jared, actually let me cut his hair. I was going really well. I was taking my time. The front and sides look great, but I was wondering what was going on in the back….Where was his neck line? Up, up, up…oppsie! Thankfully no one has either noticed his page boy look, or are too polite to comment. Jared wouldn’t let me take a photo of his back, I thought it best not to push it, afterall It was me that did it to him!IMG_1979
Cassandra during her “nap” got up to some creative endevours. Did you know that vaseline is as good as glue when used on a mirror? It even holds a head band!IMG_1978Now, back to hair. Camden likes to brush his hair a particular way, he reminds me of Peewee in Richie Rich comics.IMG_2165I have started making up things for Dayspring Day. 150 little bags, have been put together.IMG_2120 Now I will leave you with a picture that I came across today, of two of my girls. My mum took this photo a while ago, but I love it.IMG_2121

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May 23 2009


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Did I scare you? I have been hiding for over a week. Where have I been? Here and there. I went out for tea with some homeschooling mums Thursday week ago.IMG_1896We had a yummy dinner at a training tafe resteraunt. The service was almost too good ( nearly annoying), how many times can someone fill up your glass of water?IMG_1900I finally blew up my earth ball that I bought for Dayspring Day. Wow, it sure is big! I was exhausted blowing it up…only kidding! Thankfully Aldi had a sale on a powered pump. All I have to do now, is think of a game to play with it.IMG_1901Just ignore the messy room, but look at Camden. He is listening to the Bible on Tape. I have been so excited  to see his eagerness, to see that he is taking it in. I hope that it will continue.IMG_1902See this little cat? It was only 75c at coles. I bought heaps of horses for the little children for Dayspring day. The under 4s get a horse instead of the missionary cards etc. I don’t want the toddlers to feel left out!    Lachlan gave me a message at lunch.IMG_1907I borrowed some videos from my friend.Picture1After watching the bread making one, I tried making some. Mmm, they look tasty don’t you think?IMG_1910

The Keepers at Home course was on soap making last monday. The girls got to make  and take home a number of different soaps.IMG_1934and these are the soaps.IMG_1936and the writing..keepers at home sopa The Girls went on a Girl’s Brigade camp on the weekend. We went to knox city after dropping them off. Jared preached on Sunday, and the Sunday before, it was great to hear him preach again. I was inspired to be more faithful, what a wonderful saviour we have.

Monday straight after our soap making class, I dropped Steph off at G’ma’s to keep her company while G’pa had an eye operation. Steph made cups of tea etc for her. I drove back the next day to pick her up thinking that G’pa would be home, but he was staying down in Melb for an extra night. After driving for over an hour to pick her up, I wasn’t about to drive back home, and come back again for a third day in a row. So really, my idea of encouraging G’ma was a bit of a flop. My mum traveled up with me, so it was nice to spend the time having a chat with her. Wednesday we were suppose to have visitors, but they called up and cancelled. Thursday, was boy’s brigade again. Oh, I recieved some goodies in the mail.IMG_1937I have a problem, I love looking at material. I am too afraid to wreck it though, by cutting into it, agh! Must get over that one.

Youth group was this Friday, I was asked to speak about mission. It was a good night. I took all my DVD’s and books on missionaries for anyone to borrow. It is lovely to hear of faithful Christians who have perservered to the end.

Check out these cute Playdoh sets. This is Cassandra’s, but we all had a bit of play with this one.IMG_1953

These would be great made from fimo.IMG_1950Now my days will be spent printing, cutting and laminating getting ready for Sept. 30th.

Until we meet again!

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May 14 2009

Good, Better, Best.

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I am de-junking ( or at least attempting to). I have just put about 20 videos/DVDs into the op shop. Why? We seem to have many movies with witches, and magic in them. They don’t come across as sinister as such, but it is a stepping stone. Why do I want my little children watching these things anyway? I could have good, but why not try for best? I don’t mean the best children, just the best books and videos going into them. Don’t get me wrong, I probably have things that you wouldn’t have, but it really is between you and God. My big question is “Why is Harry Potter wrong to watch when Christians seem so eager about The Lord of the Rings, and Nania etc?” Is witch craft wrong or not? Is God telling his people in Deuteronomy, do what you want? I don’t think so…so I am becoming an ultra conservative? Umm, dunno.
Today I locked myself out of the house, with three children and the groceries, agh!!! I left the shopping by the front door, hoping that Jared would get home a little early, and off I went to do some extra shopping. I had taken the house key off my car keys when I had the car serviced (am I paranoid?). All is well now, home and cosy…I must remember where I put the key!!!IMG_1881Yes, I know, I’m gorgeous. I need a sleep!

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May 13 2009

A Nice One.

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We dropped off the car again this morning for a new vent duva. This time Jared dropped me home, avoiding looooong walk.IMG_1875We had a lovely evening with a friend tonight, Cassandra really took to her. Once again Cassandra would not stop talking. Camden was a little over zealous too, agh! Jared was in a meeting ( I didn’t know that he wouldn’t be around until Monday night..)

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May 12 2009

Stop Talking!

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Wow, for the last two days Cassandra has not stopped talking. She talks so enthusiastically, but I seriously have a headache! I couldn’t have ever spoken so much…even though I remember people always telling me to stop.IMG_1863I made scones with her, you can tell, because she has a flour spot on her forehead.
In the afternoon I popped into the op shop to look for a couple of graters for our soap making class coming up. Lian, if you are reading this, I have two. I didn’t want to use the one that I grate the vegies on! I got all this for $5. Two graters, a pot with a nice solid base. A new zip, a latin book of words (Steph is wrapped), an Australian history book, and two different coloured bias tape…not bad eh?IMG_1867 I also paid Lachlan $5 to clean the ceiling with white king, perhaps our fan isn’t working properly?IMG_1865Yesterday we also did a little magic..IMG_1859

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May 10 2009

Happy Mother's Day

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carolinemurat_childrenHappy Mother’s day everyone. What a blessing a good mother can be, and what a home destroyer a difficult one can be. I am guilty of both, but I hope that I may be a blessing above all else. We have all heard the saying “a happy mother means a happy home”, how sad, and how true that can be. Mother’s need to remember that we are called to be our husbands helper not the other way around. We should develop an attitude of thankfulness and joy. When we respect our husbands, and our husbands love us, we have happy children. Don’t forget that we are leading our children everyday. Where are you leading them? Point them to Christ, let them see your faults, and your hope in the one who forgives them. Be humble. Be faithful in teaching them God’s Word, your time will never be wasted.Worship004

 A lovely lady at church today said to me that when she woke up this morning and prayed, she thought how many mothers would be upset if their children didn’t acknowledge them on Mothers day. How many mothers would feel hurt. She then said that this is what God must feel every Lord’s day when his creation all ignore Him! Wow, what a thought. How true is this. We need to acknowledge God, everyday, especially the Lord’s day.

Jared just spoke to his mother on the phone (they live in another state). I asked Jared if she liked her present, he said that he forgot to ask. Either it fell apart in the post (highly likely), or else she didn’t get it? I posted it on Wednesday, so I hope that she did. Here is a photo of what I made her, a jewellery roll. I also added a box of chocolates. IMG_1741It then can be rolled up, for travel. It’s my first one, I was pretty happy with it.IMG_1743

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May 09 2009

A Biggy!

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IMG_1761Today we had a big day, as Lachlan had his Scotch College test. A two and a half exam with a 15 min break. We saw Lachlan in the break, and his face was shiny. His test was not as hard as he thought it would be, he actually was pleased. He was so relieved. Stephanie and I wondered around the school taking in the sights, and listening to our guide. There are many opportunities for a boy to excell in many things, but I don’t think christianity is one of them. I think a danger with private school is that the focus is on yourself, and not on Christ…correct me if I’m wrong.IMG_1785Afterwards we went to the museum to see the Darwin exhibition. We went because Steph is doing the Vision Forum essay challenge about Darwin Versus Calvin and the effects of their beliefs on our western culture. The Museum is pathetic. It is aimed at grade 2 level. IMG_1790I think that a better explanation is that God created the animals on day 6, and that He is a creative and powerful God.

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May 06 2009

What's Up?

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The time has just flown by in the last couple of days. Here is the lesson that we had on Monday. Lian was amazing organising the girls to cook so much in only one hour. They all loved it though.img_1693This is the sheet that Lian wrote, and I decorated.kepThere is a back page too..

Alycia who is 9 made a casserole by herself, how good is she?img_1740Steph made the yummy cake too, how spoilt am I?


On Monday night we had a special Mother’s day night at Girl’s Brigade. It was lovely to see the older girls lead the evening, including a great devotion with the gospel.

Tuesday, Cassie and I did a bit of cooking. A yummy apple tea cake. img_17351I also did a bit of sewing late into the evening, a present for my mother in-law. Now I can’t show you just yet, just in case she reads my blog before Mother’s Day. Let me just say once again, that everything that can wrong does (when it’s me sewing). I had to unpick a lot!!!

Today I spent some of today with mum for Mother’s Day. We went and put a cart on layby for Alycia. I have a vision for her and Steph to go and sell their craft items once a month around our streets. With a pamphlet made up by Steph, they will sell things like baby blankets, some food items, aprons etc. I imagine that it will take a while to get our act together though, perhaps by the end of the year?img_17441The cart is expensive, so I hope that we can use it wisely. Alycia and Steph will have to pay some of their profits toward it.

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