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Mar 06 2009

Bye Bye Nicky!

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Tonight my sister is off to Thailand for 6 months. She came over today to take the children out, or should I say to spoil them….again! They had McDonalds and them went bowling. She also brought with her a whole lot of goodies her and her friend were getting rid of. Thanks Nicky, and Jaqui! Do you believe that we scored a mini DVD player? Lachlan’s eyes were bulging out of his head, until I said “MINE”, I’m sure that I will share it with them though. I have a nice picture of her with the children, but for some reason it won’t insert…I’ll try again later. Any way, have a lovely time Nicky, stay safe!

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Mar 04 2009

Little Knitters.

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I meant to show you the lesson that my friend Lian did for the last Keepers at Home course. We have been encouraging the girls to knit little squares so that we can sew them together to make a blanket. Why a blanket? So we could give it to the fire victims. Here it is..img_0792and page 2img_0793Here are the girls in the group, or at least some of them.img_0773and at home, we even have our neighbour joining in!img_0787

What did Cassandra do today?img_0778stencilling..img_0781

Helping herself to a sandwich..img_0783Check out these cute gloves, maybe the dishes would get done if I had some of these?gloveables-reg-blue-fashion-gloves-blue-polka-dotsgloveables-lime-gingham

I am thankful to God for the rain, happy for the cooler weather.

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Mar 03 2009

A Foreign and Beautiful Sound…

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Mar 02 2009


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After such a lovely day out on Sat. it was hard to come back to reality on Sunday. Jared had to preach in Morwell on Sunday, so off we went for a 9.30 service. On the way I was stunned to see how dry, the normally green grass that we grew to know so well, is a golden brown; So dry. Afterward we visited our Grandparents at Buln Buln, and was shocked to see black patches within walking distance to their house and Jared’s brother’s house. We thank God, that He kept them safe. Jared’s brother has now bought a pump, and heavy duty fire hoses…perhaps he wasn’t that prepared after all? I haven’t taken any photos, I felt too morbid to take them.

img_0725 Today was a day of encouragement. Our homeschooling group had a yound chap “T” and his soon to be wife talk to us about their work in China. What a blessing it was. This guy is 25, has no material possesions, because he walks around sharing the good news where some missionaries have never been. He taught the children some basic colours, then played a game with them. Then he taught them a song in Manderine, then he explained how a lot of the Chinese characters actually have the Bible stories written within them. How cool is that?righteous-photo

We also did our Keepers at Home course today, I’ll show you what we did tommorow.

On a differant note, if you could remember us in prayer for the next few days, I would appreciate it. We had a fire in The Basin today lasting three hours, it is still actually going, although they consider it safe?????? I am so thankful to God for our home, I hope that His mercy will be upon us, and He will keep us safe. We need rain, as Australians I really think we all need to bow our knees and humble ourselves and pray to the one who controls the weather. God have mercy on us.

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