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Sep 30 2008

The things we do!

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What has been happening the last few days? We picked up the children from camp, they had a great time, and looked very encouraged. We drove straight from Frankston Church to Bacchus Marsh and then back to Frankston for another service which Jared took. 4+hrs in the car.

On the way home I saw these guys, don’t you know you can get your hand chopped off doing this? Oh, and it’s not good for the lungs either!

Cassandra has a new talent, hey, it keeps her busy!







This morning I drove to Thomastown. I’m glad that I looked up where to go myself, because Jared had told me to cross the Westgate Bridge! I think he wanted me to get lost, considering I had to go in the opposite direction! I went on Eastlink, every time that we go through the tunnel Cassandra says “cool”Taking a photo while driving must be up there with the dumbest things that people do, don’t do it!

 Here is todays art work, by Alycia, a tiger!

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Sep 27 2008

Missionaries of the past.

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Here are some photos of the Missionaries from the past, and Birthday Betty whose job is to encourage children to remember their missionaries with birthday cards etc.

As you can see, I made this up as a thank you card for them, they all did a brilliant job, and the children took in every word that they said.

 Today we potted around, I did a bit of cooking for the freezer, and then we took the three youngest to see “journey to the centre of the earth” It was better than I thought it would be.

 I also bought a new ironing board cover for $10 at spotlight with a matching laundry bag.

last night around 1am I was sorting through some magazines to go to our church fete. I took some photos of the things that I liked because I didn’t want to rip the pages out.

I also came across something that I made for the new nana and G’mas when Seph was born, how could I resist not making one for myself too? It was in a frame, but someone knocked it off the wall, so here is a photo of it. Our prayers for Steph have come true, I hope that our other children will grow in their faith too.

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Sep 26 2008

Catch up!

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Today was a catch up day,  loads of washing, clean floors, bathroom etc. We also went food shopping and side tracked to Target where the towels that I have been looking at for over 8 months have finally been marked down to half price. The set has a towel, hand towel and face washer. The pink is Cassandra’s and the green will be Alycia’s or Camden’s.Alycia also did some more art work, I like this rose!

Yesterday I drove Steph and Lachlan to the PYV camp in Bacchus Marsh. They have to dress formally for a Brownlow dinner. Steph decided to go looking like a Jane Austin character.

I have to wait to show the DSD photos until Jared can turn on the button that is only invisable to me, the computer downstairs is “offline”, and I don’t know how to put it back on!

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Sep 24 2008


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The day started with me tripping over the steps and banging my legs, they immediatly swelled up! Just as well I had 6 packets of ice with me, very handy! The day went well despite that, we had 70 children, 34 adults and many little babies. What delightful children! They all listened really well. We had the characters dressed up, and they were brilliant, I will show you photos later. For now, here is a picture of them all together holding a sign that says “we love and care for you”, ok, it’s hard to see, but you get the picture.

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Sep 23 2008

Ready, set….

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Everything is done! All the bags packed, games organised, ice cream ingredients packed, the lot!


The car is loaded.

I think that I can fit the children in!! Jared is working from home tommorow so he can look after Cassandra, that means I have one extra seat….for more stuff!

Lachlan learn’t how to make badges, ready for tommorow.

Alycia painted up a storm.

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Sep 22 2008

Sewn at last!

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About a month ago my sister’s friend gave me some material and glass jars, in exchanged she asked if I would make her a couple of things, how could I say no? I’m not the best sewer, so I accepted the challenge with some trepidation. The first thing was a bag holder, that was easy enough. The second was a bag out of the same material, easy enough without a pattern but….I decided to line it, and the handles, but I typically sewed the handles on back to front, then the lining with the seem showing, so I had to do a lot of unpicking….typical Cassie! I liked the bag in the end though, but I don’t think that I will start a business from making them! Here is a photo of them.

She also asked for an apron, she gave me her old one to use as a pattern, ugh! Ok, once again simple enough, but I had to use tiny bias binding!! I had to unpick, sew, unpick, sew, and that was the pattern. Time wise it would have been better for me to go out and buy a $30 apron, at least it would have looked good! Here is Steph with it on, there was a part on the shoulder that she will have to make right, but apart from that it was ok.

People, don’t ask me to sew for you, I’m no good at it!

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Sep 21 2008

Two services, a luncheon and a nap!

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Today the whole family worshipped at the same service. We went to Essedon and Clifton Hill pressie church, once the first service is over, you get time to say hi, and then you are off to the next one. Jared has enjoyed his 3 months preaching at these churches, as they were eager to learn and friendly. It was nice to hear Jared preach again. One thing for sure, they love their regular minister, and speak very highly of him and his wife. After the two services they held a luncheon for us, we were very spoiled, it was nice. Once home Cassandra fell asleep, exhausted!

Alycia went off to Nana’s and G’pas this afternoon for a sleep over, and tommorow, she will spend the day with my sister, Nicky. My sister has taken each of my children (except Cassandra) out for a whole day of fun, with their choice of activity. Steph went to the Botanical gardens and then shopping, Camden went to see Kung Fu panda AND Luna Park, and Lachlan went to see the cartoon star wars movie. Alycia has choosen bowling, and perhaps the Wallie movie. How spoilt are they?

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Sep 20 2008

Melbourne show

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Yesterday we went to the Melbourne show (my children and Ellie). We got there first thing in the morning, had one person in line in front of us as we bought the tickets, and parket at the local primary school just across the road. This year because of Ellie, I was talked into getting onto the rides (well, two of them anyway). Alycia was very game, and even Camden, but my two older children had more sense and refused to have anything to do with such dizzy nonsense! My camera decided to die, so the photos that I took are no longer….and I had such cute photos of Cassandra with the piglets! Yes, it costs a fortune, it cost $67 just to get in. I had $100 for show bags for the five children, but thankfully there is a lot to do for free. The highlight was watching the pigs race, and even dive…is that cruel?

Today I went and bought more cardboard for the final items for Dayspring Day, and once again cut and laminated. Now I will search for a picture until Steph downloads her phone photos.

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Sep 18 2008

A Visit to Grandma's and G'pa's.

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Today the children and I went off to Buln Buln to visit Jared’s grandparents. They are in their 80’s and they are doing very well. I do feel bad that I don’t visit them more often as it is clear that they would like to spend more time with all of their family. The last time we saw them was for Jared’s birthday in June! I do speak regularly on the phone, but due to so many sickiesthe last few months it was just put off. So it was good to see them.

 I think that these days women get so busy, and have so little time, that elderly people get forgotten. I know I am guilty of that, even though I try and remember, life just goes so fast! The Bible talks about looking after your family, especially when they are of the household of faith. Our time will come soon enough, and you set an example to your children on how you want to be treated, so don’t forget. Some older people can be critical, but that just means it will test your character. Everyone wants to be loved, so be patient, and treat them as you would want to be treated.

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Sep 16 2008


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Inbetween maths and wordbuilding we packed 100 “Dayspring bags”. It was a lot of fun, but very messy.

After School two neighbourhood girls came over, so I gave them a job! They helped to make up 100 sets of past missionary cards. What took then 15 minutes would have taken me an hour!

My swap buddy received her gratitude swap today, so now I can post it. I am not the best sewer, but I was happy with my first attempt of one of these wraps


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