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Jul 15 2012


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I can’t believe that three weeks of holidays ( private schools have three weeks) have flown by. I didn’t really achieve much. The first week, I wanted Lachlan to work, and not nag for the computer so job number one (which was very well paid by the way) was to clean all the windows. I was so happy that he worked well, it took him ages.  The second week I took three children to a Church Kids club, which they really enjoyed. I did a bit of shopping each day at different shops, so I didn’t have to drive home and back again. So I ended up buying some new clothes…I hardly ever buy new clothes, so I think I am now making up for it.. (sorry Jared).  I have lost 21 kg now, I still have a long way to go, but I can tell the difference…so cool.I saw someone yesterday who has lost heaps of weight, and looks great. As she said, there is no secret to loosing weight, you just have to not eat as much and exercise.  Um, what else have I been up to? Oh, I ordered from on an online shop linked to Cosco. You don’t have to be a member, and they deliver for a flat rate of $15 within Melbourne. The website is found here. I bought 180 eggs, 25kg sugar, 16 kg of flour.  180 eggs? yeah, I know, a little crazy. I have given a few away, but I have a lot of cooking to do. I will make a lot of Gingerbread and freeze it ready for Dayspring Day. I am going to have the children decorate gingerbread men, fun eh?On a Saturday morning Jared and I found ourselves without any children, so we attempted to go for a bike ride to Boronia. Evidently it is 8km there and back. I really enjoyed it, although I had to walk up some of the hills. Jared didn’t enjoy it so much, he is behind me somewhere. We were testing out his new bike, that we picked up the night before. The money for the insurance, finally came in. This week, I rode to Ferntree gully with the three oldest children. That was more difficult, I think I will stick to Boronia for now. I felt proud of myself. Later that afternoon I caught up with some ladies at a craft group in Cranbourne. If you live around there, I recommend it. Just contact the Presbyterian church there for the details.I have to show you this little Thor that Stephanie has made. How cute is he? She made it without a pattern for a friend. Now if my swap buddy is having a look at this, I haven’t forgotten you. I have been reading your blog too, I just haven’t left a message. I went to Pakenham with the sole purpose of buying something “Tilda” for you. I am so excited about putting a “Friends” package for you.

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May 23 2012

I’m Back!

Wow, another month gone? Phew! What have I been up too? Well, I’m still being a good girl ;D. I have lost 16 kilos now, I am pretty happy with that, but I know I have such a long way to go. If you are a chubs, let me give you some advice..”start today, don’t leave it until you can’t fit through doors without going sideways”. It really isn’t so hard, at least not at this stage. I have discovered yummy hot chocolates (thanks to Jared). Jared has decided to check out all the hot chocolate places in Melb!! He asked me to join him, how could I say no? They are so yummy ( and yet, I have to include 300 calories) to make sure I don’t go over my limit. I actually took the kiddies to “indulge” while Jared was at work, I sent him a text…nom nom nom..I have also been getting ready for the next Dayspring Day. I have decided to do a “Masters Chef” day. I will making 100 chef hats. I have nearly made 20.How do you think it looks?Stephanie received her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award last week. The funny thing was that Lachlan came home with one too! He got one without realising just by doing his Army Cadets at school. Stephanie on the other hand, had to volunteer at the local library for 3 months, run up and down the 1000 steps every week, go on two big hikes, and practice her violin for 6 months…Congrats Stephanie (and Lachlan).Meanwhile Camden has tried to be a Zombie..don’t ask.He tried to eat my brains..He went away hungry, lol.The girls and I have done a bit of Naan cooking. So yummy. We found this super easy recipe here: lost her first tooth this week. I gave her $5. All of the kiddies have recieved $5 for the first tooth, and then it goes down to 50c per tooth after that. I have done a bit of op shopping and have found a few cute bags…And..Stephanie has been doing more driving, as you can see from this pic she is driving in the van behind me (we were coming home from Church in two cars).Stephanie has also been crocheting for a friend. Her friend loves Dr who, so here he is with a darlek.I bought Alycia a pattern of her choice yesterday to start work on. A hedgehog! Alycia loves hedgehogs. It wasn’t a cheap pattern, but once she can make one, she can make many. I love the fact that my children want to create.We traced the pattern and cut out the material this morning. We were blessed during the month by a 4 year old. He knocked on our door and said ” I want to share my cupcakes with you”. How sweet is that? I really love seeing little children directed to think of others. Thank you to his mummy Narelle for making and sharing such cute cupcakes.My friends and I have been able to be part  of wonderful idea. A place near me asked people to donate new baby things for single mums. Normally young girls who find themselves pregnant with no one to turn to. This group provides a wonderful alternative to abortion. I thank God for them. Check this out if you want to know more.

On a less serious note, I will leave you with a picture of my physco collection.



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Apr 25 2012

Lest We Forget.

We didn’t go to the Anzac service, we didn’t even make Anzac biscuits, but we do remember them. Thank you.

We had a quiet day home with everyone, so nice. We did a bit of a clean up.dishes done.Bins emptied.Oh man! While I was on the treadmill up stairs, Jared gave Cassandra permission to have her first shower by herself. Well, she sat over the plug hole, thus flooding the floor again!! This carpet is doomed!In the afternoon, Jared took myself and the three youngest children to Eastland so he could buy his “special” hot chocolate. I didn’t want one, after all I’m trying to loose weight, but he really wanted me to. So…One dark chocolate milkshake (didn’t much like that one), the other one was a hot, cold chocolate, yummo. Of course these two were shared between the five of us. When we got home, I made up some badges. I got this tiny toy badge set from the op shop, so I had a little play.I made some tiny badges.I got out an old Cath Kidston catalogue and cut out some of the designs and made these up. Then I got out the real badge maker and made up some bigger ones. I also made two American girls badges too.I have also made up some yoyo hairclips for a friend’s daughter. I cut out some extra circles so that she could learn to do some too. They are super easy.I have also bought 80 of these little cupcake container ready for Dayspring Day. I need another 3 sets of 8 though. I hope I can get them tomorrow.Today I have done two lots of burning 500 calories on the treadmill. I did this yesterday too. I am eating 1300 calories, so I had better burn some weight this week, seriously, or those scales will be thrown out of the window.

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Sep 02 2011

Catching Up with My News…

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I can’t actually remember much from the last few weeks, so I will have to check my photos.  My kiddies have all been working hard for some cash. Lachlan has just got a lawn mowing job, it takes a couple of hours, but the people are very generous paying. The same people have been paying Alycia to make her lemon cakes for $5 a pop, and Steph gets paid for her piano lessons, and for a crocheted turtle. Narelle, I hope that we are not going to make you broke.Last week Cassandra had her own fashion creation, she kept wearing a scarf around her neck, looks a little Parisian don’t you think?This beautiful bassinet was given to us, to pass on to a single mum. Isn’t it lovely? It comes with a stand. The bassinet was like new, so lovely.I have my kiddies working again, here is Alycia laminating. I have to make 160 packets with 30 missionary families in each. I also have to make 160 packets to hold them, ugh!Oh, my Mr Men and Little Miss have multiplied.Steph has made another toy, a crocheted panda. The girl named it Pete Panda, and he evidently has his own Facebook account now. Toys are so advanced these days…I recently bought some clippers, I gave up and got Steph to take over. She did an alright job. The next day I did Camden’s hair and totally hacked it. He actually had some bald spots, oppsie!I saw this nifty little trick with a banana so I had to give it a try. I had to poke a pin into letters, and as time goes on during the day, the letters get darker. It would be a cute lunch time treat to find in your lunch box, don’t you think?I thought the above sticker was clever.I like this one too.

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Sep 29 2010

It’s Done.

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Dayspring was today, and I am glad that it is over. I woke up at 4am to the sound of heavy rain/hail. I was thinking “oh no”, but then I thought about it. God is in control of everything, how could I get miffed at him sending rain? So I decided to be positve and think of plan B.We had about 80 children with their parents, I was hoping for 100 this year, but perhaps the heavy rain prevented people from coming?  We had Detective Dan talk this year, and Bible Bill on the phone (remind me not to do that one again, it was a total flop).

Here is a identi-kit picture of the APWM director, aka Bible Bill.

I was most excited by an eleven year old who read through the entire Bible in one year, how good is that? His name is Joshua, he got a medal to encourage him.This is the boy’s spy kit that Joshua won for being a super detective. Detective Morrow also gave a little girl a “Nancy Drew” kit as well.This is Stephanie and Lachlan, the prayer twins. I love the fact that my children are happy to do their bit. I am so thankful to God for them. Alycia has been a great help this year too, with the laminating that she did. Camden and Cassandra really wanted to help too, so they helped to sort the toys.  Jared and I are so blessed with our children.On a side note, look at these books that I bought for $1 yesterday, you heard me $1! 20 books for $1 or 50c each, so of course I choose 20 books. There are some gems in there, anything else will end up back in the op shop. I found a book on David Livingston, Florence Nightingale, and other popular titles such as Charlottes Web.

Well, that’s it for now.

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Aug 21 2010

Don’t Shop at Midnight.

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Do you ever have that feeling, that you mean’t to do something, but you didn’t actually do it? We, I have only just discovered that I have actually done something before,  in fact, three times!! This is what happens when you shop at midnight! Oh man, how could I order something twice? I have done it three times!! Shhh, don’t dob on me, I don’t think that Jared wil find it funny.

This is my house at the moment, it will only get worse. I am very thankful that I have helpful children. Do not visit me, seriously don’t! Unless of course, you want to cut, or sweep :D, then you will be most welcome.What else have I done? School, visiting (a friend of my had an op), vistors for tea (some missionaries), I always love hearing about where peope live, and what is on their heart. Um, er…what else?Look what I found in an op shop on Friday. A whole bag of new Australian wool! 7 Balls, with knitting needles, for $10. I will keep it for Steph for Christmas (does that sound cheap?). At least I know that she would like it.  Steph just loves crochet, she is working on a blanket for Thailand at the moment, she also just finished a little scarf…if only she could choose some clothes that match it.Today we took Lachlan to sport, he threw a shotput three times, and then we drove home…via Knox City. I have discovered that Steph and I should never go to the pokies together. There was a little toy dispenser (you know the ones that you put $2 in, turn the knob, and get a toy?)well, to cut a long story short, we wanted the train to give to someone, but ended up with five carriages, some tracks and a bridge! I spent all my money!! Steph was saying, one more, the next one will be the train. What is wrong with me?? No wonder my husband doesn’t give me a credit card. This mag is the best! I found it in the op shop for $1, I haven’t seen it in any newsagency, but I have seen it on Melissa’s blog, she is the editor. can’t see where you can subscribe to it though.

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Jun 12 2010

Time to Work.

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Isn’t it always time to work? It’s a good thing though right? I have started on my planning for Dayspring Day. Although it is in the last week of Septmeber, it takes me a while to plan everything. I have stayed up tonight to design a little bookmark. I normally make a poster to encourage the children to read through the bible in a year. Using the poster encouraged me to do so last year, and Steph, and Camden (although he listened to the Bible on tape), and Lachlan and Alycia read through a big chunk. I have heard recently that some little children that I know are marking off their poster too, and they are only 8 and 6. Now if they can do it, you can too! Tick off the books as you go!

At the moment I am sewing another bag, but with very bright Amy Butler fabric. I’ll show you when I am done, it will go toward my handmade swap.

Look at these lovely little pinnafores! I saw these at Spotlight, the ladies have made them to donate to the orphanges in Africa. I thought they are simple and sweet, and something that I could probably make, but alas, they don’t have the pattern in the Bayswater store, or the Fountain Gate one. Perhaps I could try my hand at making a pattern, or is that too adventerous for me?I’ve been shopping! On line of course! My postie has knocked on my door three mornings in a row, I should be embarrassed right? I said to him today that he must know our address by heart, he said that he has driven into our drive way by habit before, when he didn’t even have a parcel, opps! I will show you tommorow what I bought. I might even have a giveway soon, so stay tuned.

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