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Dec 02 2010

Back Again.

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The last couple of days we have had Jared’s parents stay with us, the children have really enjoyed playing Scrabble and Boggle etc with them all. They are a bit like a dentists, we can’t show you their faces on my blog 😀

I sent my Grundle off yesterday, I hope that my buddy likes it. Here he is.Stephanie and Alycia are going to see Mary Poppins with my sister tonight, how blessed are they?

Now I have started on working on something for Malawi.

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Nov 17 2010

Give a Grundle.

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Do you feel like making something? How about making a Grundle?. Pop your name down on this site, she will send you a pattern, and then you can get creative. You don’t have to have a blog to join this one, so that’s good for some of you non bloggers. It looks like a bit of fun, so I’m in. Hey, I might even get to see my postie again ;D.

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Jul 08 2010

Bowled Over.

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Ha ha, I went bowling today with Alycia, Lachlan, a friend and her two children. I won the first game, and Lachlan won the second.

We also had a moment to pop into an op shop. I found some magazines to inspire.$1 for five mags, not bad eh?

Yesterday, I saw my mum, then went to Mothers Group for a catch up. We shared a lovely lunch, and children all got along well. I also popped into another op shop, and found some little treasures.Do you believe that these books were only 50c each? I can hear you swooning. Maybe I’ll have a giveaway in about a week? I also found this book, I loved the cover, but then I read the blurb on the inside, cool stuff. So I gave it to Lachlan to read.

Here is another item that I got from my homemade swap.

This was made by cute little bag and pin cushion by    Interesting blog name, I like sparkly things too, but personally I think this particular item would be rather scratchy!

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May 19 2010

Another Swap

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I know, I hear you say “another one?” What can I say, I love the postman! I also love making things, and I already have all the stuff to do so, so why not? If you would like to make 5 or 10 things, and recieve the same, pop over to here and put your details down. You have ages, until the last week of June to make the items, so get going. Oh, it is only for Aussies though, sorry! Humm, now what will I make first?Something like the above would be cute. I found this here. is having a give away at the moment too, but don’t enter because I want to win. 😀What about this?

Gotta go folks, I have to enter the giveaway.

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Apr 26 2010

Favourite Things.

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Who doesn’t have favourite things? Well I do, even though they might change a little. I was into fluffy pens at one stage, then things that sparkle, and now it’s anything pastle. This all sounds very girly doesn’t it? If you want to join in a swap of “Your favourite things” why don’t you join in over at this blog. 

Today Jared was working on his lectures even though it is a holiday, but I managed to distract him later in the afternoon when I found this site . is the picture I made of Jared.Then Jared did one of me…Aren’t husbands suppose to see their wives as beautiful? Well, I could cry if this is how he sees me. I looked like Michael Jackson!!Time for a makeover!!

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