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Aug 06 2012

Swap Received.

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Wow, I have been totally spoiled by my swap buddy in my Friends Swap. Thank you so much. AS soon as I started opening my parcels, Alycia said “Oh wow, you have a good one” oh yeah, I have a few stories to tell in the past, lol. To start of the swap, I received a lovely felt candle mat. I love the detail.This lovely scarf ( which has now been adopted by my 17 year old daughter :D)A lovely embroidery bag (so sweet).A lovely notebook cover with the notebook (my 12 year old daughter’s eyes popped out at seeing this, you know where that is going then right?)A SPOTTY BAG! Oh yeah! So cute, and so nicely made. Thank you, thank you.Lots of patterns and a cameo charm set….and she even got me a…Smurf. Thank you so much for the care and fun that you put into my package, I really appreciate it. I’m glad that you like mine too.

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Jul 28 2012

Swaps Done!

I finally sent off my Friends swap, and my buddy has recieved it yay! But silly me forgot to include the letter that told her what the letters stood for! Sorry about that, some were not that obvious. F was for fabric, R was for roses, I was for inspirational, E was for essential girly stuff, N was for nibbles, D was for dolls and S was for stamps. Will I show you what was inside?and..I also joined a Christmas in July swap, this one was sent a couple of days ago, and it has to go to America, so I won’t show it yet 😀We went to a Chinese church the other week. One of the ladies wanted a photo of herself with the kiddies, so we let her, and I took one of her 😀 It was a very friendly church, they pretty much dragged us into the  luncheon. I went away thinking that I would like to learn chinese. I went to the library and checked out some chinese books, I think it might be too hard to do it on my own. I discovered a blog this week where a lady passes on handmade toys to children in hospitals in South Australia. I sent her the above, Steph made the crocheted one. Maybe if you have some toys that you have made or will make, you could send her some too? Check it out here:



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Jul 15 2012


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I can’t believe that three weeks of holidays ( private schools have three weeks) have flown by. I didn’t really achieve much. The first week, I wanted Lachlan to work, and not nag for the computer so job number one (which was very well paid by the way) was to clean all the windows. I was so happy that he worked well, it took him ages.  The second week I took three children to a Church Kids club, which they really enjoyed. I did a bit of shopping each day at different shops, so I didn’t have to drive home and back again. So I ended up buying some new clothes…I hardly ever buy new clothes, so I think I am now making up for it.. (sorry Jared).  I have lost 21 kg now, I still have a long way to go, but I can tell the difference…so cool.I saw someone yesterday who has lost heaps of weight, and looks great. As she said, there is no secret to loosing weight, you just have to not eat as much and exercise.  Um, what else have I been up to? Oh, I ordered from on an online shop linked to Cosco. You don’t have to be a member, and they deliver for a flat rate of $15 within Melbourne. The website is found here. I bought 180 eggs, 25kg sugar, 16 kg of flour.  180 eggs? yeah, I know, a little crazy. I have given a few away, but I have a lot of cooking to do. I will make a lot of Gingerbread and freeze it ready for Dayspring Day. I am going to have the children decorate gingerbread men, fun eh?On a Saturday morning Jared and I found ourselves without any children, so we attempted to go for a bike ride to Boronia. Evidently it is 8km there and back. I really enjoyed it, although I had to walk up some of the hills. Jared didn’t enjoy it so much, he is behind me somewhere. We were testing out his new bike, that we picked up the night before. The money for the insurance, finally came in. This week, I rode to Ferntree gully with the three oldest children. That was more difficult, I think I will stick to Boronia for now. I felt proud of myself. Later that afternoon I caught up with some ladies at a craft group in Cranbourne. If you live around there, I recommend it. Just contact the Presbyterian church there for the details.I have to show you this little Thor that Stephanie has made. How cute is he? She made it without a pattern for a friend. Now if my swap buddy is having a look at this, I haven’t forgotten you. I have been reading your blog too, I just haven’t left a message. I went to Pakenham with the sole purpose of buying something “Tilda” for you. I am so excited about putting a “Friends” package for you.

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Jun 27 2012


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My hubby turned 41  last week ( I am actually older than him by a couple of months)..I hate those couple of months where I am the obvious “older woman”.  The children had something planned for his birthday, Jared asked me what they were doing. I couldn’t tell him much except it involved a chicken and a violin, lol. That got him thinking for a few days. The kiddies arranged to do a Fawlty Towers dinner..I found it amusing because they kept doing things wrong without meaning to. Lachlan poured a drink from a bottle, but it was oil! Also between the girls they forgot to cook some vegetables with the roast chicken ( I mean, possum). It all went with the theme though, right?Great menu eh? hee hee, I just love this girl, she makes me laugh.Don’t you love this cartoon? Well, it made me have a little laugh. I went op shopping with the two eldest this week and I found this jacket. I asked Steph to take a photo of me in it, to see if it suited me. I bought it. Meanwhile Steph just tried on some clothes…ugh!and then..Oh man, she is a challenge when it comes to clothes shopping. I mean, she doesn’t even take her jacket off to try on the clothes!! By the way, I did not choose the above, and we did not buy them. But I love this girl too, she is a real sweet girl. If I was a teen, I would be lining up to be her friend, she is a loyal and sweet talking girl. Love ya Stephy.I went to Heronswood in Dromana with my sister and mother ( and of course the kiddies), yesterday.  We got in for free being RACV members and the kiddies were free too! It was a lovely day. We also did a bit of op shopping ( of course). I found this swap to take part in, yay! My swap buddy is Sheryl, her blog is here… I love swaps…what’s wrong with me?

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Apr 24 2012

My Owl Swap

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If you want to see the Owl swap I sent, go look here: saw this little sign on Pinterest, don’t you love it.I also love this sign. I hope that I am such a woman.

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Nov 03 2011

Random Night.

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I’m back, did you miss me? This is a random night when I am actually at home. This when I usually blog, so that is why I have trailed off a bit.  I have so much to tell you, but perhaps I will just start off with today, seeing as it is fresh in my memory.Today we headed off to visit my sister in Rosebud. Stephanie drove to Keysborough where we met mum, and then we drove on together. We got to my sisters, and then looked at the garden, her house (she is having some renos done), patted her pets and then went shopping! I bought this nice jug at an antique shop. I liked it, and when mum said that it was a bargain, it convinced me.When I bought it home, Jared looked at me in a weird way, but as soon as I said “mum says it’s great value, and that it is the real deal”, he perked up a bit ( he knows my mum has great taste). I also found a dress for Cassandra which my sister bought for her, and tucked away near the ground I found a old dear friend, Snoopy!I had one just like this when I was younger. Now, I know that this looks like some kind of freaky Pixie photo, but isn’t he cute? My sister bought that for me too. Yeah, we made her broke. I also found two books that I was excited to find.Alycia saw this cushion that she would like to copy. We also went into a lovely craft shop, and my mumma found me a lovely little Chrissy present ( I will have to be patient, and put it out of my memory), yeah right!

Overall we had a lovely day. We also had lunch, and my sister gave me a bunch of smurfs (yeah, I know I sound nutty). Stephanie said today that I will be a nutty old lady who has to have a separate house to put all her toys in..(what does she mean old?). I will show you my collection soon.

This long weekend I also did some sewing.I made a mini banner which I think is sweet, and a couple of bears (from the Tilda Christmas book).I also made some bibs for a pressie, and posted off my Tilda swap. I will show pictures once my buddy has the gift. On a side note, I now understand why Jared keeps turning this picture away, or putting it elsewhere. It does look a little like a funeral notice. He should know, he had to make a lot of funeral notices for all the funerals he has officiated over. He always put the picture in an oval frame. I will now need to go shopping for a square frame, pff!

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May 12 2011

My Special Swap Buddy, Joanna.

Sewmamasew giveaway here:

When I was overseas, my special swap parcel arrived from Scotland. Joanna was very generous to me, by sending me some lovely goodies. Joanna obviously did some research too, seeing that I love pretty china, especially cups and saucers.Don’t you just think that it is lovely. And it arrived in one piece!! She also sent me a lovely scarf (which Cassandra was enamored with), and a lovely cup to celebrate the wedding of Kate and Wills.Joanna  sent me such lovely messages  which were a real encouragement to me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Oh, she also sent a couple of edible gifts, that kinda got eaten in record time 😀

You can find Joanna here :

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Mar 26 2011

And the Winner is…

with the help of my trusted assistant, Alycia.Well done Bron, sorry Vanessa, maybe next time? Bron if you could email me your address again, that would be great. My email is

I went out with the ladies from my church today, it was lovely to catch up.  We had some yum cha, which I really wasn’t a fan of. I felt like I was eating raw chicken skin, gag. Did I say that the compay was lovely?I liked the yummy mango pudding.We also picked up Cassandra’s new glasses. She really wanted red ones.Wow, look at these cool scrapbooking stations. Maybe I would actually scrapbook if I was this organised.I’m taking part in a spring swap. My buddy lives in Scotland, cool eh?

Jared picked up 6 copies of his doctorate yesterday. It looks impressive, don’t you think?

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Jan 24 2011

Two Hours Left..

Only two hours left until the auction finishes. I know you are looking, so come on, don’t be shy. (I can be pushy, because the money is not for me :D). While I wait, I am watching T.V.

Do you believe that I have signed up for four different Valentine Swaps? I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day before, so this is a bit silly of me, but who can resist hearts eh? This is what happens when I stay up until midnight!! I really must go to bed earlier!

I have joined in a Tilda heart swap

cookies and cream swap

an Apron Swap

and strumpetscrumpets Valentine swap.

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Dec 14 2010

More Computer Space!

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At last, I can upload my photos. Now, what has been happening around here? I received my Grundle from Lyn on Friday. I love the colours, isn’t it cute?She also gave me a cute little note pad, thanks Lyn.Alycia recieved her Christmas Swap, she loved it. I loved the way that all the craft items were sewn into a neat bag. Alycia got to work straight away.Here are some dolls and teddies that I made to sell, to donate the money to the children’s youth group. How much do you think sold? Nothing!! The baby dolls were only$5. Worse still, I actually lost a bear (heartbreak). I saw a boy ready to throw it, then I was distracted. At the end of the night, I couldn’t find it. The rings that Alycia made, sold. She made $5.50, not the biggest donation anyone has ever seen.The children had a 70’s night dinner as a fund raiser. Here are only a handful of the children. It was a lovely night.Jared received  a card with a balloon, from Melbourne Uni, to congratulate him for finishing his doctorate. Jared was embarrassed to have a photo taken with it, so I held it up in front of him instead.My mum came over today, to give Cassandra her birthday present. Cassandra was very excited, and was upset when Nana left (she wanted to go home with her). She told me that she loves how everything is clean and neat at Nana’s house (what’s that, a guilt trip?).

Tonight I went on an information night with Steph, for her Girls Brigade. She is getting ready for her first hike. The backpack is nearly bigger than her!

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