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May 13 2011

Crochet. watching my daughter for the last couple of years crochet all manner of things, I decided to give it another try. I took up the challenge in Oxford actually, because I had alot of time by myself. I was having a hard time finding the circles to put my hook in though, because I was doing it so tight. When I got home, I asked Stephanie what I was doing wrong. With a few hints from her, she had me on my way ( I was just crocheting too tight). So I’m still a bit wonky, but I was still able to make a little purse for some coins. It won’t win any prizes, but you have to start somewhere eh?I also made a wonky facewasher/dishcloth (not to be used for both :D).Then I started on another square, but half way I decided to crochet all around the edges, so it became a circle. Who knew! And now it sits next to me…

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Apr 06 2011

Fat Girl Pants don’t have pockets, and other such things..

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I have two more sleeps until Jared and I head off to England. I feel very nervous. I know the children are in good hands, but I am nervous about flying. I keep saying to myself ” I believe in the sovereignty of God”. Knowing that everything that happens in this world is for a purpose, and I must trust.  I will say this often….Oh, I just saw a computer covered in spots! Opps, I digress..

Oh yeah, fat pants. I bought five dollar jeans, they didn’t have pockets, and they were driving me nuts, so I finally got to work.ok, so now I have pockets. What else did I want to make? A water bottle holder. I didn’t use a pattern so I am pretty proud of myself.I wanted it to be adjustable, but I couldn’t get a buckle duva at the shop, so I went to the cheap shop and bought this:so for $4 I now have a a couple of buckles, metal rings, etc…not bad eh?Now I am trying to make a travel wallet, but I have made every mistake that I possibly could. I will wait until tomorrow, and have a look again, it still might end up in the bin.
This is my girl, Cassandra. She has been spelling out some words with magnetic letters. Cassandra is so proud of herself. I am really going to miss her, sigh….

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Jan 09 2011

Show and Tell.

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After Church today, I made a few items. I made two pencil cases (to put away for future gifting).I was so excited to actually get something done.I followed this pattern.I also had this pillowcase sitting around for a while, so I made it into a dress for Cassandra. Cassandra loved it, she hugged me, when she tried it on. I found this pattern from the book Craft Hope. I know you can find simple patterns all over the internet if you don’t have the book. Saying that, I do recommend the book. I’m sure that I’ll be making a few more things in the future.

Look what Jared has been up to. He has been working in the garden, designing a little area. I think that he is really talented.

I have just realized that Alycia is the back of the photo. From the window she saw a blue bag hanging on the fence, that means that the neighbors have left us some books again :D, sweet!

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Dec 22 2010

Ohh! I’ve Got to Make This (note to self)

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check out this site, so cute. I’m putting it here for my little brain to remember it, you can look too 😀

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Dec 09 2010


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My husband is my teacher, he is teaching me Latin, I didn’t want to learn latin, but now I am. I am trying to be good, it is very hard, (to be good that is, not the latin). I have had three lessons now, they have lasted from 1.30- 2 hrs. I have a headache. This is the book we are using.We have had three lessons, this is only one of our pages that we had to translate.My husband says that I am the worst student, I want to poke my tongue out….

Tommorow, the children and I am going to a 70’s party, to raise money for a camp that the children of our church are going to. At the last moment to register, Jared said that the children could go afterall, phew. I asked if we could make a few things, and the money made could go all to the camp. I hope something sells.Hair clips, for $1 each.more sewing of baby dolls and hairbands. Alycia made some rings, and cut some styrefoam to display them.Alycia made rice the other night, don’t you love what she did with the rice?And on another note, I can finally show you the elephant that Steph made for her Grandfather.Speaking of Steph, she got her results for her maths exam. She had only gone to three lessons before she did an exam, and she topped the class!! Haha, that is so funny.

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Dec 07 2010

Like a Kid in a Candy Store

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I was so excited yesterday to head off to “Meet Me at Mikes” to drop off some softies that I had made. I was so thrilled to see all of the beautiful toys ready to give to children who need an extra love this Christmas.Here are the toys that Steph and I made. Steph made the crocheted lion and penguin. She whipped those up within a day! Here is a closer look at the penguin.She is amazing!

I was a bit stressed about my drive to Fitzroy, I thought that I would never find a park, but I did, just outside the shop!She put our teddies in the shop window straight away 😀 You can see more about this here. The children and I loved ohhing and ahhing over all the cute toys, everyone picked out their favourites.andThe children and I enjoyed the morning.After some shopping in the afternoon, it was off to the Girls Brigade evening. The get you to join in the games, which is a bit of fun, in an awkward kinda way.

No for some reason, my computer won’t let me put any more photos up on my blog, so my ranting with pictures, will have to keep until next time.

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Nov 02 2010

Soul Mates.

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A soul mate for Barry, and it’s not me. It’s Belinda! Despite everyone saying that Barry looks a little rude, I don’t think so, so I made another bear, Belinda. She is very sweet, and her tummy is slightly higher, to make everyone happy.I also made a plastic bag holder from a tea towel. All I had to do was fold down the top and bottom of the tea towel, sew it (that will be the elastic casing), then sew up the long side seam (right sides together). Thread the elastic in, and there you have it.Don’t ask me where the last one went, but I was finding plastic bags everywhere, so this solves that problem. Alycia also cut her old jeans into shorts, so I hemmed them, and put on some cute lace on them. She look so cute in them.I have a little book on my desk, I’m writing down what I am getting everyone for Christmas. When I got back to my desk, this is what I found. Cassandra is trying to write, too bad it doesn’t say anything….yet.

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Jul 21 2010

Two More.

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Last night while going through my fabric stash I found another unfinished project, a  pair of pants that were suppose to be for Alycia,  Alycia is now 10! Thankfully Cassandra is the right size for them, so I thought that I would complete them for her, but make them reversible (which they were suppose to be originally). After a few mishaps…like duh!! How did I sew the legs together?? But after some unpicking, they turned out.and a close up?I also finished some hankies. Do you remember that I cut up a couple of Jared’s shirts about a year ago? Well, I finally hemmed them (how hippie am I?). Now we have an extra 9 hankies. Ah, it feels good to finish what you start. Unfortunaltly, as I opened all my cupboards I am finding more and more UFOs!! I found a cut out baby doll carrier, a number of felt babies, and I know I have a rocket ship somewhere, and some flower broaches, ugh!

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Jul 13 2010


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Ok, so I have finished one unfinished project, a set of four hairbands. I never have a problem cutting out the patterns or the fabirc, but then….I get bored and move on. Today I finished them.These are the cutest thing, and yet so easy to make. Do you believe that I saw these at a shop in Forest Hill for $10 each? Seriously!! I got the pattern from this cool calendar.If you don’t have this calendar, not to worry, you can find a similar pattern here:

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Jun 14 2010


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Up for grabs is this lovely book full of delightful things to make. If you want an opportunity to win this book, all you have to do is leave a comment. If I know you don’t be shy, put your name down too! I will post internationally.Here is a sneek peek of some of the items featured in the book.andand

Today I sewed a bottle holder, well, actually two. Here is one of them.I also made a reversible headband for Cassandra.

the other side.

Stephanie and Ellie (our neighbour) made this today, how cute is this? I was impressed, a beautiful low calorie cake.

Remember, don’t forget to leave a comment. I’ll draw a name out of a hat in two weeks, 28th June.

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