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Sep 15 2009

Dedicated to Lian… :D

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This week’s lesson for Keepers at Home was rag quilt making. Lian did a great job cutting out heaps of 6″ squares, so that the younger girls could have a head start. This is Lian’s quilt, the demo.IMG_6304 Both of my girls begged me to be able to work on it today. I was really impressed with Alycia, the way that she sewed all day on my machine. Stephanie was all fired up, determined to finish. Steph can do anything when she puts her mind to it. This is hers.IMG_6333On Monday the children had to dress up as a character from a book. Camden dressed as the Cat in the Hat, notice the pose?IMG_6308This afternoon we dropped off a meal to a man, that our minister suggested to us might appreciate one. I knocked at the door, introduced my self, and where I was from, and handed him a meal. It was quite funny, as the poor chap looked at us as if we were nuts. He graciously took the meal, but I wonder if he ate it…The children and Ifelt really weird once we got back to the car, but Steph re-assured me that this is what we are suppose to be doing within the church. It was kinda funny, I hope that he doesn’t think that we are out to poison him!!

Remember those treasure stones that I made, well the smell is killing me. The entire house smells like coffee! I don’t know whether they are suppose to stay in your house for two weeks.IMG_6332

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Sep 02 2009

Brought to You by the letter T

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T for tomato, that’s what the girls needed for their “Keepers at Home” class. Actually they need a few more than one. They made Tomato sauce, Ruth did a great job teaching them. I helped out with the boys this time, they were painting their castles. Do you believe my girls forgot to take some home? tomato

Today we went to visit a lady who has just been placed in a home. I had told her I was coming, but not what time, so when I arrived she wasn’t there. I went back when she was expected back, and waited with the children in the home for her. I think that I met everyone, except the person that I went for. The children were very good as we waited for half an hour in the lounge. We didn’t end up seeing her, so I will have to go again sometime.

Before we went visiting, we popped into the op shop which was fairly close by. Look what I got!IMG_6185Not exactly what I was shopping for. As it was my ticket was displayed on the dashboard, but because of the steepness (is that a word?) of the dashboard it had slipped down, and was difficult to see.ticketOf course I went straight to the council offices, drove, parked, all children out blah blah blah…Showed the paid ticket and the fine. I had to fill in paper work, have my ticket photocopied, blah blah blah…Lets see where this ends. I declare this blog to be my evidence your honour!

Back to the op shop. We bought a bag of toys for $3.99, this included lego, figurines, horses, baby borns and this cute Hello Kitty. Can you tell me what the point of this toy is though? Is Mackers telling us that they do use stray cats for their burgers? LOL!IMG_6189Here is the stray little kitty, turn it inside out and this is what you have…IMG_6188Has it put you off?

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Aug 17 2009

Danger, explosives…

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So I have exaggerated a tad. This afternoon has been one of little annoying mishaps, I can feel myself bubbling, not quiet ready to explode. The car we were looking after wouldn’t start despite Jared trying many times yesterday…..then I discovered that my son played with someone’s hat and that hat is now missing….I haven’t got a person for America for Dayspring Day which is less than 6 weeks away, my ink has run out on my laser printer, and it costs a small fortune to replace…and lets just say that I am running behind on things. Little things that can get you grumpy if you let them….I have a confession…..Perhaps a good night sleep?kahcard

Today the girls did a card making lesson. Stephanie (a mother, not my daughter), showed the girls how to make cute cards out of basic materials. Isn’t it nice to recieve a little note? I often think of sending one to people, but 75% of the time, I don’t.

Here is my add for Dayspring Day.dsdaddpicDon’t think I don’t trust you, but you know how it is…there are some creeps out there, so I have blocked out my phone number just in case…for the children’s sake.

gotta go and have a sleep.

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May 23 2009


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Did I scare you? I have been hiding for over a week. Where have I been? Here and there. I went out for tea with some homeschooling mums Thursday week ago.IMG_1896We had a yummy dinner at a training tafe resteraunt. The service was almost too good ( nearly annoying), how many times can someone fill up your glass of water?IMG_1900I finally blew up my earth ball that I bought for Dayspring Day. Wow, it sure is big! I was exhausted blowing it up…only kidding! Thankfully Aldi had a sale on a powered pump. All I have to do now, is think of a game to play with it.IMG_1901Just ignore the messy room, but look at Camden. He is listening to the Bible on Tape. I have been so excited  to see his eagerness, to see that he is taking it in. I hope that it will continue.IMG_1902See this little cat? It was only 75c at coles. I bought heaps of horses for the little children for Dayspring day. The under 4s get a horse instead of the missionary cards etc. I don’t want the toddlers to feel left out!    Lachlan gave me a message at lunch.IMG_1907I borrowed some videos from my friend.Picture1After watching the bread making one, I tried making some. Mmm, they look tasty don’t you think?IMG_1910

The Keepers at Home course was on soap making last monday. The girls got to make  and take home a number of different soaps.IMG_1934and these are the soaps.IMG_1936and the writing..keepers at home sopa The Girls went on a Girl’s Brigade camp on the weekend. We went to knox city after dropping them off. Jared preached on Sunday, and the Sunday before, it was great to hear him preach again. I was inspired to be more faithful, what a wonderful saviour we have.

Monday straight after our soap making class, I dropped Steph off at G’ma’s to keep her company while G’pa had an eye operation. Steph made cups of tea etc for her. I drove back the next day to pick her up thinking that G’pa would be home, but he was staying down in Melb for an extra night. After driving for over an hour to pick her up, I wasn’t about to drive back home, and come back again for a third day in a row. So really, my idea of encouraging G’ma was a bit of a flop. My mum traveled up with me, so it was nice to spend the time having a chat with her. Wednesday we were suppose to have visitors, but they called up and cancelled. Thursday, was boy’s brigade again. Oh, I recieved some goodies in the mail.IMG_1937I have a problem, I love looking at material. I am too afraid to wreck it though, by cutting into it, agh! Must get over that one.

Youth group was this Friday, I was asked to speak about mission. It was a good night. I took all my DVD’s and books on missionaries for anyone to borrow. It is lovely to hear of faithful Christians who have perservered to the end.

Check out these cute Playdoh sets. This is Cassandra’s, but we all had a bit of play with this one.IMG_1953

These would be great made from fimo.IMG_1950Now my days will be spent printing, cutting and laminating getting ready for Sept. 30th.

Until we meet again!

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Feb 03 2009


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Yesterday we had our homeschooling group. This year I am helping with a “Keepers at Home” class. Lian has some great ideas to encourage the young girls to learn new skills, and then use them. Both Lian and I were hopeless when we first married our husbands, not ever having to cook, clean or look after babies before. My children will be a lot more confidant and useful with their skills. The first lesson was designing their personal folder file, to fill with recipes etc. Lian wrote the words, and I just put in some clip art around it. We made two different designs to give the girls a choice.keeperand the other one..keeper2Today we started school, Camden started on his tables, and he will give Lachlan a run for his money soon. Cassandra always plays up despite the box of creative goodies that I had stored ready for her use. The painting occupied her for about 10 minutes.


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