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Jun 12 2011

Have I said…

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that I love my family? I am so blessed by all my family. I especially love the way the kiddies get along well. The other night I was wondering what Lachlan was up to, so I went and checked, and found him here.We call these two our twins. Although they are 21 months apart in age, they are inseperable. They speak their own language, they can read eachothers thoughts. I am so thankful for their relationship, Steph helps guide Lachlan, and Lachlan listens, and vice versa. It has been so nice to have Lachlan home from school for a couple of days so that they can reconnect. Here they are listening to music, an ear piece each, while Lachlan writes, and Stephanie crochets.

We had a lovely day today, Jared preached at Essendon and Clifton Hills Pressie Church, I love his strong preaching. We then came home to visitors, so nice.

Yesterday I made some Anzac biscuits.These are very simple to make, and very yummy. Here is the recipe for you.

Combine these four ingredients into a large bowl.

1 cup rolled oats

1 cup plain flour

1 cup brown sugar

3/4 cup of dessicated coconut

Melt 150g butter with 2 Tablespoons of golden syrup

in another container mix 2 Tablespoons of boiling water with 1 1/2 teaspoons of bicarb soda. Combine into butter mixture (it will froth and rise), then add all the wet ingredients into the dry and mix.

Make into large spoon sized balls and place on well greased over pans.

Bake on a slow oven of 15o degrees for 20 minutes.

Enjoy! nom nom nom… 😀

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Jun 01 2011

What’s Up?

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The last couple of days  we have tried a few different activities inbetween breaks at school. The first thing we tried was some puff paint, super easy.Once in the microwave, the paint pops up. You can find the recipe here:

Then we tried to make a modeling clay with the lint from the dryer.collect some of this..and then do this…personally I thought that this was really gross, considering I even had my hair in it. We did mold some, but I ended up throwing it out, after all, how desperate am I to not buy the real deal?Alycia and I both made a batch of hot cross buns today. They looked ok, but the texture wasn’t right. Fail!!I am making more of these, since posting a couple of samples to someone from the church who is taking some to Malawi for the women to have a look at. First thing you do is just trace around an existing pad. Cut out a front like above in flannel or cotton, and a bottom in fleece. Inside we will cut four layers of just the central shape, two of fleece, and two of thin flannel.Sew the middle layers under the top layer. Once this is done, sew the top and bottom together right sides together, remember to leave a gap, so you can flip the material the right way. Sew the wings so they sit well, and then put press studs on the wings, then you are done. Now make 5, ooo of them.:D

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May 19 2011

Two Weeks

Do you believe that we have been home for over two weeks? The time has flown by. In that time, we have visited Jared’s Grandparents, had lots of piano practice visits (for Stephanie doing a trio for school exams), catching up with school, and meeting up with a special friend who now lives in Brisbane, but visited Melb for a week.

Today our Washing machine went in for a new engine, ugh!  This is my chant for today, “Please be back very soon, please be back very soon” You all know how tragic it can be without a washing machine. I hear little voices in my head saying “in my day, we had to use a boiler, and then use a wringer..” yeah, I know I am better off, but I need my washing machine!Stephanie asked me to buy her some sardines, but then she wouldn’t eat them, so I said “It’s time”. So this is how she ate it, gross! Mind you, I remember my sister eating these things, so I guess there must be more of you out there 😀This is the best thing I have bought as a homeschooler. It cost me an arm and a leg years ago, but it has been a great investment. All my children have learned about the countries of the world this way, that is such a good thing. I love the fact, that Cassandra is using it with Camden now.Today I made these, yummo. They were so easy to make, they only took about 10 minutes, and everyone loved them. Melissa posted the recipe on her blog, you can find it here:

I still have so much to show you….

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May 25 2010

Bagels, Yum!

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I can’t believe it, I worked with yeast and they actually turned out. Yay! I found this recipe, and decided to give it a go, afterall Lachlan and I just love bagels. Since they are at least $1 each, I thought that I can’t do any worse.  They are very simple to make, just time consuming (in the sense that you can’t whip them up five minutes before you step out of the door). I don’t have a mixer, but mixing it with your wooden spoon works just as well (and builds up a little muscle). Here they are ready to be cooked in water briefly (that was cool to watch). Ok, so they look a little like snails, but next time they will look more rounded (don’t roll out a sausage shape and join it, it doesn’t work). Instead roll out a ball and use something to cut out the centre. Also my baking paper got stuck on the bottom (don’t tell anyone, they didn’t notice), of course I did my best to peel it off, but I’m not too sure that I got all of it off.  Hee hee, my family ate them too quickly to notice. By the way, they were yum!

Oh, and I tidied up my very full pantry. I haven’t had it this full in a long time, I will consider this a blessing. Now Jared should be able to find  the Peanut Butter when he wants it 😀 I also started on a couple of flowers to go toward my handmade swap, oh, and a wrist pin cushion.

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May 18 2010

Cooking N Stuff.

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Today after school, the girls and I made strawberry jam. Just 1 KG of strawberries ($4) and 1 KG of sugar, and a dash of lemon juice. We enjoyed some for our lunch. When Jared got home, I was excited to show him our 4 bottles of jam. He asked for a little taste on a spoon. The jam that was in the fridge, and the spoon couldn’t even break through the jam, it was set solid! Hmm, don’t know what went wrong there. I just zapped it in the good ole microwave, and “ta da”, nice and smooth again.

I also made these yummy cookies. I love the idea of having most of the ingredients already weighed out in a pretty container. All I had to do was add one egg, some Vanilla essence, and a cup of butter. This recipe came from If you would like to display the ingredients, get a nice clean jar, and layer the dry ingredients in it.

1/2 cup of white sugar

1 cup brown sugar

1 cup of choc chips

2 cups of SR flour

preheat the oven to 180c, add 1 egg, a dash of vanilla essence,one cup of butter,  and maybe some water depending on how dry your mixture is.  cook for 25 min.

Yum, yum!

I also spent a couple of hours under the house, you should see how much stuff we have under there! I have now donated a few items. Why do we hold on to stuff anyway? Meanwhile Steph cleaned up the outside steps. She looks like Cinderella don’t you think?

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