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Apr 24 2013


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My mother passed away this morning.

I am so thankful to God that my sister, my Dad and myself where there for her, all together. We were at the hospital for over 30 hrs, give or take and hour or two. It is such a personal thing watching someone die, someone you love so  much. There were some horrible moments, but I think she was at peace before she died. I am going to miss her so much. I called her every morning to “touch base” as she would say.  My dad has lost his other half, I hope that God will provide him the comfort and strength that he will need. Daughters are helpless..

The nurses presented her like a princess, putting a lovely red rose on her pillow. A Gideon Bible was placed on the table with Psalm 27 opened. Yes, wait on the Lord, and He will strengthen your heart..

I am up at 3am, it is the next day. It is my birthday. I won’t want to celebrate, but yet I do. I thank God for my life, which is so fragile. We busy our lives going here and there..building up our homes, and our accumulating our stuff.. Stuff that is left behind.

Acknowledge and take heart this day, that the Lord is God. In heaven above and earth below, this is no other. Deut 4 :39.

Four days later, only four. It seems like months…Today is my mother’s funeral. I hoped it would be in the morning, so it would be done, but I sit here instead..crying already. It is like saying goodbye again, but I know the truth, that she has already left us. I will miss her so much, words seem so inadequate.

Stephanie made a slide show of mum’s life, it makes me cry every time I see it. Jared just came down and told me not to keep watching it. I will have to be sneeky..

Kay Edwards, my mum.


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Jul 11 2012

Sad times.

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Last Monday night I got a call from a friend to say to call his sister Sandy because she was having trouble breathing and she might not be alive for too much longer. I called straight away. I was able to speak to my friend who I have known since she was 13, she is now 38. I am so grateful that I got to speak to her, because it was the last chance that I had to say goodbye. I guess I didn’t really believe that it would be the last time that I spoke to her, I don’t think she truly realised either, although she was a little aware of the possiblity. But you know how it is, you think that a cancer sufferer will go into hospital for a few days and be back out again in an instant. I was able to say that I loved her, that she has been a wonderful witness to everyone of God’s goodness, despite her sad circumstances. I encouraged her not to fear, and said that one day we will all see our wonderful saviour face to face. By the time I woke up in the morning, I discovered that she had died peacefully with her family around her. She died, and out the window of the hospital room all that were there, saw the sun rise. I can’t believe that she has died..My Facebook page has her commenting on everything that I have posted, her face is everywhere…but yesterday I watched her being lowered into the ground…I mourn like others, but not without hope. Just as the sun rose on the earth, she too rose to be with her saviour. Our bodies die, but our spirit never does. At this very moment, she is worshiping Christ face to face…awesome. I feel for her two children, even my children hurt, but I know she is not lost. Jared took the sermon, it was encouraging. We need to know that Christ rose from the dead, and so will we. I loved you Sandy, even though you frustrated me, tested me, and made me love you.   This is a pic of her little memorial ( she was buried before her funeral). In case you can’t guess, she loved shoes….really loved shoes. The next day we celebrated our 2oth wedding anniversary. As you can see from the first photo, she was one of my bridesmaids, so it felt so wrong to celebrate….but we did.

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Dec 08 2011

Time Ticks On..

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I can’t believe that it has nearly been two weeks since the miscarriage. I have done a lot of thinking. There are times where I have felt a little alone, but Jared has been my great supporter. I am so thankful for him, and I realise that through this whole ordeal that perhaps I have taken this for granted in the past. He has been very tender.  Sunday was a difficult day, I thought I was fine. Jared was at a different church, so went to our home church on Jared’s advice, due to extra meetings for him. When I had people all of a sudden come up to me to say “sorry”, I had to use all my energy to keep it together. Now I am fine. I have come through the other side. God has been my strength, he has even given me a strong husband who knows me, and children who love me. Thank you God for our daily blessings. Time ticks on….

Now to show you my sewing, I made these for a young lady who is having a baby. We will be hosting a baby shower this weekend for her. I made 6 pairs of little nappy covers for her (3 boy, and 3 girl designs).I also made a few tissue covers, I gave a few away before I took this picture.These are super easy to make, you can find the instructions here: All it takes are some rectangles 51/4 inches by 3 3/4

Jared went out with a couple of children the other day, and Cassandra had spent all her life savings on a bunch of roses and a fish. Well, evidently she paid for the roses, and Jared secretly gave her the rest of the money for the gold fish. I was so moved by her kindness, you see, she wanted to cheer me up. The next day, she came up to me, and asked me if I could give her some money, because she spent all hers, lol.Jared also did an amazing thing. He went into a material shop!! This was a huge thing for him to do, not only because of the type of shop, but because of the prices, lol. With Alycia’s help he choose a pattern of a bowling set WITH material to make it. I am impressed.My first outing was to a celebration of Jared’s boss retirement. The whole day was planned without us knowing what we were going to do for the day. We turned up to college, got in the back of someones van and drove to the river. It was a lovely day on the river although Jared still has me laughing when he said it reminded him of Gilligan’s Island. It made me wonder who on the boat could built us a big hut if we marooned. I didn’t like my chances.

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