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May 22 2011


Last week when I dropped Steph off to one of her music get togethers, I went off to do a bit of shopping to fill in time before picking her up. I went into an op shop and found this book.I learn’t alot about Cambodia. The lady Geraldine Cox  certainly has a sordid past,  but she developed a real love for the children of Cambodia. Reading this makes me want to do something. You can see her website here: I only hope that she will know Christ in her work too. What a difference one person can do with their life.

Did I tell you that Jared gave Steph an apad ( a knock off of an ipod), and android tablet. It is so cool. Steph was given it for Christmas, she made a cover for it. I was really impressed considering that she didn’t have a pattern.We had a working bee at Church yesterday, it was such a lovely day. I couldn’t believe how many people turned up for it, nearly the entire church! I love the fact that everyone of my children grabbed a cloth or a tool, and did their bit. I could hear laughs and joyful conversation too, so nice. We had a BBQ for lunch.Lachlan went around and took a few pictures of everyone at work.

At the moment I am watching “The Killing Fields”, it just makes you want to cry. There are so many sad things that have happened in this world.

I have always wanted to help little children, especially little girls, since I was a young girl myself. I hope that I can think of a way to do this.

On a brighter note, I saw these pillows on Cluck Cluck Sew. It is a free pattern, and they look really cute, take a look here:

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May 19 2011

Two Weeks

Do you believe that we have been home for over two weeks? The time has flown by. In that time, we have visited Jared’s Grandparents, had lots of piano practice visits (for Stephanie doing a trio for school exams), catching up with school, and meeting up with a special friend who now lives in Brisbane, but visited Melb for a week.

Today our Washing machine went in for a new engine, ugh!  This is my chant for today, “Please be back very soon, please be back very soon” You all know how tragic it can be without a washing machine. I hear little voices in my head saying “in my day, we had to use a boiler, and then use a wringer..” yeah, I know I am better off, but I need my washing machine!Stephanie asked me to buy her some sardines, but then she wouldn’t eat them, so I said “It’s time”. So this is how she ate it, gross! Mind you, I remember my sister eating these things, so I guess there must be more of you out there 😀This is the best thing I have bought as a homeschooler. It cost me an arm and a leg years ago, but it has been a great investment. All my children have learned about the countries of the world this way, that is such a good thing. I love the fact, that Cassandra is using it with Camden now.Today I made these, yummo. They were so easy to make, they only took about 10 minutes, and everyone loved them. Melissa posted the recipe on her blog, you can find it here:

I still have so much to show you….

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May 13 2011

Crochet. watching my daughter for the last couple of years crochet all manner of things, I decided to give it another try. I took up the challenge in Oxford actually, because I had alot of time by myself. I was having a hard time finding the circles to put my hook in though, because I was doing it so tight. When I got home, I asked Stephanie what I was doing wrong. With a few hints from her, she had me on my way ( I was just crocheting too tight). So I’m still a bit wonky, but I was still able to make a little purse for some coins. It won’t win any prizes, but you have to start somewhere eh?I also made a wonky facewasher/dishcloth (not to be used for both :D).Then I started on another square, but half way I decided to crochet all around the edges, so it became a circle. Who knew! And now it sits next to me…

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May 12 2011

My Special Swap Buddy, Joanna.

Sewmamasew giveaway here:

When I was overseas, my special swap parcel arrived from Scotland. Joanna was very generous to me, by sending me some lovely goodies. Joanna obviously did some research too, seeing that I love pretty china, especially cups and saucers.Don’t you just think that it is lovely. And it arrived in one piece!! She also sent me a lovely scarf (which Cassandra was enamored with), and a lovely cup to celebrate the wedding of Kate and Wills.Joanna  sent me such lovely messages  which were a real encouragement to me. It was a pleasure to meet you. Oh, she also sent a couple of edible gifts, that kinda got eaten in record time 😀

You can find Joanna here :

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May 10 2011

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day

Today I’m posting two items to go together for the Sewmamasew Giveaway day.  Take a look here, you might have time to list something yourself.
For Your chance to win these two items, just leave your name and a way to contact you, and I will draw your name out of a hat on May 25th (to leave plenty of time for people to have a looksie). Nice and simple eh? Now, time for a look at the prize ( I will post internationally), I live in Australia.This is a set of four hardcover books by Tilda. They have patterns for birds, angels, dolls and bunnies. So cute. I also have a cross stitch tablecloth up for grabs in the same giveaway.As you can see, there about three stitches done on this table cloth, I will unpick them. Someone gave me this new 20 years ago, as you can see I wasn’t a highly motivated person back then :D, so perhaps some patient, crafty mumma would do a better job.

Ok, so just leave me a comment. I’ll leave you with some of the images from the book..some more..

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