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Dec 27 2011

Lachlan’s 15th B’day

Happy birthday Lachlan. My boy turns 15 today. My sister just dropped him off along with Stephand Alycia to camp. Thanks, Nicky. Meanwhile Jared, myself with Camden and Cassadra are in Bright. Today we went berry picking. Don’t you love this berry?

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Jan 25 2011

Calling Amanda Jane…

I love your name by the way. I don’t have your email to contact you. I hope that you remember my blog, and bidding. Please contact me ūüėÄ

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Jan 25 2011


We have three winning bids.

For the Mini Doll House Furniture $45 to Amanda Jane. Free postage if you live in Australia, $10 if overseas.

For the Kiddy Coolness $30 Rachael. Free Postage if you live in Australia, $10 if overseas.

For the Mamma Goodies $65 to Narelle. Ah, I know where you live, I shall hand it to you eh?

Now all you need to do is donate the money, email me the receipt number and then your address, and I’ll pop the goodies into the post.

Thanks for taking part.

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Jan 24 2011

Two Hours Left..

Only two hours left until the auction finishes. I know you are looking, so come on, don’t be shy. (I can be pushy, because the money is not for me :D). While I wait, I am watching T.V.

Do you believe that I have signed up for four different Valentine Swaps? I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day before, so this is a bit silly of me, but who can resist hearts eh? This is what happens when I stay up until midnight!! I really must go to bed earlier!

I have joined in a Tilda heart swap

cookies and cream swap

an Apron Swap

and strumpetscrumpets Valentine swap.

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Jan 24 2011

Last chance

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Jan 20 2011

No Home

Can you imagine not having a home? In Australia, this seems to be so far from our minds. ¬†We had fires a couple of years ago, and I know of someone who lost everything, and now there are floods. As women we often de-clutter, but to lose everything? Well, that would be¬†absolutely¬†traumatic. I have three auctions up at the moment, with all money raised going straight to the QLD Flood Appeal, so I’m asking you to dig deep, and bid. Even if you don’t want the items yourself, I’m sure you could find someone to give the items to, as they are all new. This way, you could do a double blessing ūüėÄ

At the moment I am in Torquay, I am surrounded by beauty. I love the water, the fresh breeze, and the sounds of the birds that live near the sea.

ugh! Computers on holidays, who’d have em? I am using my mobile phone as my internet connection, it’s not working the best, so I can’t put up any photos just now…

see you, happy bidding.

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Jan 15 2011

Auction 3 “Mini Doll House Furniture”

A collection of  unused doll house furniture. All the money made through the auction will go to the QLD Flood Appeal. Free postage within Australia, and $10 for international. Happy Bidding. Bidding starts at $15.

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Jan 13 2011

Auction Two, “kiddy Coolness”

Included in this auction we have the lined pencil case with pencils, a Birthday Banner which is just over 2 metres in length. A great “You can sew book”, Some fat quarters, stickers, a cross stitch mini kit, an applique kit. Two paint with water books. A dinosaur picture kit, some blank bookmarks and a bow holder.

I’ll start the bidding at $20 Aus. Posting is free withing Australia, and $10 for overseas.

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Jan 13 2011

Auction One “Mumma Goodies”

You might have to take a closer look at what is included. One of my lined pencil cases with pencils, a covered notepad, and tissue cover. Some fat quarters. A gooliwog kit, a couple of patterns. A large cross stitch kit by Dornacher, a magazine. A bag of lace, an apron ready to be painted/decorated. A cross stitch purse… Plenty of goodies. I’ll start the bid at $20 Aus.Postage is free within Australia, and $10 for overseas.

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Jan 13 2011

Auction, We have Go!

Here is a bunch of “Crafty Goodness” for someone to bid on. To bid all you have to do is to leave a comment with the amount of money that you are willing to pay for the items. I will be doing two¬†separate¬†auctions, so make sure that you leave your bid on the correct post. The Auction can start as soon as this post is up, but it will finish at ¬†midnight on Jan 24th. All the money raised will be donated straight to the QLD Flood Appeal, when you have the proof that it has been paid I will send you your goodies ūüėÄ Remember to leave your email, so I can let you know if you have one. Happy Bidding.

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