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Nov 28 2008

A slow death..

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That was last night. We went to the Boy’s Brigade awards. A band and singers who made you gringe sang some modern christian songs, some skits that no one understood! It seemed to drag. If ever you want to see my son Lachlan looking as uncomfortable as anything, go watch him sing on stage..Camden was happy to get a present, three complicated puzzles, that I cannot even do step one (How is a 6 year old suppose to do it?). Despite the night, I have to take my hat off to the leaders who are trying to train boys to become men. They make a big committment every, the photo is blurry…I couldn’t seem to get a good photo!


I made mini plumb puddings today for some supper for tonight, and some for Monday night when the girls have their girl brigade night. Jared and I will be heading up to Warrnambool for the weekend, so my parents and sister will take turns in looking after Steph and Alycia.

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Nov 26 2008

Old Mother Hubbard Takes a Walk..

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Interesting title don’t you think? This morning we had our little girl neighbour over at 7.15am to make sure that she was going to get to school safely, as her mum is in hospital for an op. We walked her to school to make sure that she got there safely. Alycia went to college with Jared today…she was bored… After dropping E off, Steph said “lets walk to Boronia”, so we did! It took about 3/4 hr, and of course we had to carry Cassandra some of the way. We caught the bus back. It was our P.E day, we were still home in time for Maths, and other such wonderful subjects.

 I had Stephanie start on her market items today, Tomato relish…blog-10781

I also finished a shower cap that I started about a month ago (thus the old mother hubbard referance). I think my friend Jasmine would like this design too! I love spots! I think that I put the elastic too far away from the edge though. Jared freaked out when he saw it, he didn’t realise that it was a shower cap, not to be seen in

And wait for it….blog-1075

Yes, I know, it looks better on the sewing machine!

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Nov 25 2008

What's in a name…

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Today Alycia did some sewing. At our homeschooling group, we will be having a little market day, where the children will make some items to sell. Today I taught Alycia how to make some marble bags. I was very strict with her, as I believe you should do your best, and no one will buy her items if they are sloppy! So we spent a lot of time unpicking….ugh! I nearly gave up, we even saw some tears, but….she perservered, and looked satisfied by the job once finished. She made 10, and it was all by herself.. I thought that it might be a good idea to make up a little name for her, so together we choose…..”Little Rubies” after all she is a little woman in training! (based on Proverbs 31)



  Do you remember Jared’s pride and joy? His special rose…well guess who else thought it was lovely? Opps..

blog-1061Um..I must clean that spot on the chair… Cassandra’s hat is actually Alycia’s, she won it at the homeschooling group from the soccer coach who said that she was the best player, cool eh?

 Lachlan went with Jared today to work in the library. What a wonderful experience it is to work along side their dad, being useful, and gaining skills for the future.

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Nov 23 2008

Sweet Sunday..

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Today has been a fairly quiet day. We went and visited the PC of Eastern Australia in Wantirna. It was a good sermon, and a friendly welcome. It was nice to sing some Psalms, but I do not agree with a Psalm only rule. We have heard of the risen Christ, how could we not sing about it? I am miffed that we left Cassandra’s hat at the church, why do we always leave things behind? Perhaps I should start using glue a bit more often.

 I also spoke to two JW’s for half an hour. I got the line “we are not trying  to convert you..” how many times have I heard that one? I said “Let’s be honest here, I’m trying to convert you, because if I think that I have the truth, why wouldn’t I want you to know it too?” It was a good conversation, I was calm in spirit, and we covered a lot. Jared listened and said that I explained things quiet well. I do feel for these people..they love God, and try to do his will, but yet they deny the most important truths. Who is Christ? Why did they want to crucify him? It is because they knew he was saying “I am”. f66gcamwbsikcacx9781cad9qoedcajprzqfcasi8edxca0salrkca7rwrjacai0gy4kcap6jwagca4elne1ca9n93xcca68i5zjcasm1ra3cazgxzcdcabrogr2ca7iy7qvcal9nt7dcav42o9ycalpceof

Remember how I wanted to lock my self in that bed cupboard? Well, I feel a little better about it all now. It is good to have someone who is willing to listen and also to explain. God hears our prayers, and He is gracious, even when we are not.girlreading

I have had to judge a writing contest this week, I have just printed off a couple of certificates. It is hard to put an 8 year old and a ten year old in the same judging catergory.

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Nov 21 2008

The Great Outdoors..

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Today, Alycia finished grade three, yay! The others will take a few more weeks. I am so looking forward to the holidays. I really need to sort through a heap of stuff that the children and I have horded..ugh! Beore lunch we went for a walk to buy some bread rolls at the local bakery, Steph went in with Jared to sort some books in the library, she did a great job. On the way home we stopped at the

Cassandra looks cross eyed, she was going fast…

My children are crazy! We have borrowed our neighbours two man tent tonight, and the children are sleeping outside in the rain, even Cassandra! Considering that it is a two man tent and there are five people in it, Lachlan came in, so now there are four….they are crazy! Has anyone looked out of the window  tonight?




I made up a basket of goodies for them, hot chocolate, and freshly popped pop corn. I had to add in glow sticks of course.


Oh, and look at the baby birds now.


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Nov 19 2008


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Yesterday we went off to the Orthodontist for a 9am appointment. When we arrived, they didn’t have our appointment listed…not even our names in the system! I asked if they had the children’s x-rays, after all I could have the place wrong, or the day!!! They had my x-rays, so they figured that it was their mistake. They asked if they could see us at 11.25 instead, and gave us a $5 gift voucher to Gloria Jeans! So off we went and bought a big Tim Tam shake after two hours of toy shopping. The children had a blast.


Steph was told that she needed braces costing $5000, but Lachlan who has the terrible bite, was told to get a jaw opperation when he stops growing around 21 years of age, ugh!

When in Target, I always check the price of these cookie cutters, they are way too expensive at $29.95, but at last I found them to be 40% off, yay!


places I have places that I would like to are also a few others like the Leaning Tower of Pisa and a windmill, not too interested in those places…especially Italy, I don’t think that I could stand the whole “I’m so close to the pope thing”, although Roman history would be pretty cool, as in the early church..

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Nov 18 2008

New life!

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Alycia has been watching a nest of eggs just outside her bedroom window. First there was one egg, and within a few days there were four! Camden had gone outside and had touched one, going against what Alycia had said to do, so we thought that they would die, but alas! Today three baby birds have hatched. AS you can/can’t see by the picture, it is pretty difficult to get a

oh, here is Jared’s rose once need to spray it with something though, it has little black bugs on it.

I have also be asked to write up my own quote to get the pool fixed by the pool man. Have you ever heard of doing that before? I should cut a couple of hundred dollars off if I’m writing my own quote. He says he can fix it the week before Christmas….I hope that he is a good worker, ugh! Our poor pool, needs a makeover!blog-965

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Nov 17 2008

We built a house, just like the Duggars..

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If you don’t know what the title means, the Duggars are a family who are expecting their 18th child. A few years ago they built their own house as a family project, they homeschool. Here is our house…blog-958Ok, it’s not to the standard of the Duggar’s home, but I think that it is pretty good. It was a family effort too, Alycia, Camden,Cassie and I.

I had tea made, the washing done, and two loads of washing all before 9am. Then school, built a house, and at 3.30 Ellie was came over and we all went to the swiming pool. Going to the pool with 6 children is a bit of a challenge. I’m sure Ellie thought that I was super strict, but I wanted to bring six back home too!

We also had a little drama, Cassanda bit nasty does this look? Camden asked for it, he was covering her up with a blanket, I guess she freaked out. I gave them both the discipline that they needed. newlogo

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Nov 16 2008

Daily doings..

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Well, it’s been a few days since I last posted, what have I been up to? On Friday we drove to visit with G’ma and Pa. It was nice to catch up again, I wish that they didn’t live so far away. It’s only over an hour, but it’s long enough to take up the whole day. I asked them what they would like for christmas, what do you get 80 year olds? G’pa said a beltblog-945to match these shorts, and G’ma a can opener. One thing you have to love about their generation is that they are very practical, and not money wasters. They have always been very frugal, but certainly not stingy with their money. They could teach my generation a thing or too about wants and needs.

 Sat. we went and did a bit of shopping, and had visitors for tea (the ones that were suppose to come last week). I really enjoyed their company, and their beautiful boys. It is hard to imagine little boys sometimes as future men, but thats what they are. What an awesome and great responsibility mothers have..what a happy heart this mother will have when she sees her sons as godly young men.christianmomnetwork5

Today, we went to Church, Alycia went to a friends house, and I slept! Do you believe that I slept for two hours in the afternoon with Cassandra next to me. bedOk, this isn’t my bed, but I thought that it was pretty enough to put on my blog!  I haven’t done that since having a baby….I think I was haggered (don’t know why). Perhaps it the end of the year tiredness, we all get that way don’t we?

Jared is rejoicing over his rose that he planted. I am delighted (that sounds very English) with my beautiful pink standard rose. I love flowers, especially roses, pastel pink ones!blog-942My Beautiful standard rose (thanks mum for prunning it for me!)

blog-948Jared’s apricot rose (sorry, the picture isn’t the best)

blog-947And a beautiful red lilly?

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Nov 12 2008

Let's get political..

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Well, not really! Considering that Obama has won, there is a lack of talk about Sarah Palin now….What is everyone to do? So many jokes, and so many new glasses perscriptions! For some reason Jared has taken it all in  with his little comments dotted along the way, so I thought that he might miss her, so…I found a website So I downloaded Sarah, and had her waiting at his desk. She is kinda of cute isn’t she? Although personally, good job or not, I think that she should be at home looking after her baby! blog-937

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Nov 12 2008

A bit of a puzzle..

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58600386_a040c93430Have you ever tried your best at something only for it to go pear shaped?  I have given up a little job that I loved doing, simply because it was becoming a little bit more of a time consumer than I thought it would be. Now I am puzzled that something that I had the best of intentions while doing it, has made me look like a greedy and selfish monster. I hate that. I would like to climb into this closet bed, and shut the little wooden doors behind me.stong_bed_closet Ok, the bed could do with a bit of a makeover, what about some pastle bedsheets, and ditch the gun and the furs. Who knows what animal those furs came off…

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Nov 11 2008

Dentist and other fun things..

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Our day began with going to the Dentist. It was a pretty small dental clinic, but the dentist was nice. Steph said that the receptionist was grumpy, but that might have  something to do with the fact that we were there a week earlier than our alotted time. He saw us anyway. Steph had the all clear, no fillings as yet. Lachlan has teeth that haven’t developed properly, thus two huge fillings in his permanent teeth will be done tommorow, oh and a visit to the money orthodentist, for next week.dentistHere is a dentist, laughing all the way to the bank!

Here’s a bit of information for you..My first job was as a dental nurse. I liked the job, but I thought that my bosses were creeps. $400 went missing? once, and I think that they thought I took it, I would never do that, it was the biggest insult, so I eventually left, and became a State enrolled nurse instead.

Cassandra, Camden and I printed,cut out and wore a sheep mask today. Cassandra found it all very amusing.


Ellie also made this cute necklace for Cassandra, it has bling! What girl could resist?


 The children went out to the neighbour’s, joining them for a swim today. We still haven’t fixed our pool, I doubt that we would be able to fill it anyway (water restrictions and all). At the moment it seems to be a dead bird collector, a collection of Australian wildlife, a Kookoburra being one of our lovely native birds.

 I just watched a documentary on Sir John Monash. I took in every detail, I have discovered that I love history…I just wish that I could remember it all!! Note to self, study more Australian history.


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Nov 09 2008


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Ok, I could feel like a bit of a loser now, or I could reminise of days where I have done the same thing. What am I talking about? Our visitors for Sat. forgot to come! This is the second time this has happen this year (not from the same people), thus the heading. But…I have been guilty of this myself, a looooooooong time ago. I was pregnant with Steph, Jared and I were devouring KFC when we got a phone call..”ARe you coming?” ” Ah, yeah, sorry, we are running late…” Ok we were not only pigs, but liars as well. I really didn’t want to hurt her feelings, perhaps I should have fessed up. Not to worry, they will come next weekend.

 Today we went to Belgrave, and Lachlan went to a friends house, and we brought home a little girl to play at our house. When we dropped her home, we found a Blue Tongue lizard sitting on the nature strip! It was the little girl’s family pet, it had been missing for 2 days! Yay, for once, we actually saved an animals life, instead of killed it…I’m kicking myself that I didn’t have my camera, so now this is a boring bit of blog…I will need to search for a picture of interest….now let me see…pa290006Not interesting? Nope, not really. This photo was sent to me by some missionaries that I saw recently. I look like a man! No wonder people tell me to wear my hair down. Look at my teeth, they are actually grinding together, due to Camden with another fist full of pop corn, how full does he look? He and Cassandra actually ate through that whole bowl. Lets just say when we left they had the seat of learning meet with the rod of correction.

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Nov 07 2008

Sticky Date Puddings.

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We are having visitors tonight, and I also have to do a cooking lessons for the children on Monday.  I thought that I would “kill two birds with one stone” so to speak, and make this recipe for both occassions.sticky-date-pudding-recipe


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Nov 07 2008

Happy Seven Eleven day!

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blog-897Did you know that on the 7th of November, if you go into the 7/11 shop and say “Happy Seven Eleven Day”, you will get a free small slurpee? So on the way home tonight, that’s what Camden, Cassie, and I did…nothing like a freebee. The poor man looked bothered by it all, I wonder how many times he has heard that from such cheap people as myself?

Today was a typical school day with some cleaning spotted in between, and then some special guests.. I had two mothers come to speak about homeschooling. I’m not the great expert, but if you want to know what I do, I am willing to tell you. It was great to see two mums (who are both being blessed with another child due in 2009), who want to train up their children in the best way that they can, don’t we all want that for our children? I always pray that the Lord will guide myself and Jared in training them, it is a huge responsibility. Just keep this in mind though, if you don’t teach your children the right thing, someone else will teach them the wrong also went and checked out some more couches…blog-892

We made ourselves at home in IKEA!

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Nov 06 2008

I'm a happy little shopper!

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Yes, that’s me, a happy little shopper. The buyer’s remorse won’t kick in until tommorow when I won’t have any money for milk! I bought a couple of towels (Clint’s/Sams) for $7 a bunch of material on special at Spotlight. Ranging from $3-$8 a meter. I haven’t bought material since April, so I thought it was time to restock. I also have to work on a quilt block to go toward a young girl’s 18th. I’ll be freaking out soon that it won’t be up to the other’s standards, but I will try my

Oh, and…blog-879I also made a new dessert..Apple custard

Oh, it’s blurry! Jared says that it tastes like Apple crumble, it was a lot of effort just for that, when he doesn’t particularly like apple crumble…Oh well, it’s good to cook something different for a change.

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Nov 05 2008

Show and tell junk!

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I always tell my children that I have eyes at the back of my head, and now they know I do. We drove past a pile of junk on the side of the road, and in the corner of my eye, I saw something…so I drove back. Look what is was (it’s the time of year for junk piles)

Not bad eh? One man’t junk is another man’s treasure!

Steph made a bag out of ties at Girl’s brigade, It is totally gross, but very strong. If ever they stop selling bags, I know how to make one

It could probably grow on me..

Last night’s

I saw a teenager, Slyvia do this at the homeschooling group for all of the young children (she herself is the oldest of 5). I thought that it was very sweet, and yet a simple way of expressing love. So now I do it..sometimes.


We finally sent off this nappy cake to my cousing to celebrate the birth of their new little baby. I expected the postage to cost about $50, but it only cost $11 something, Brillliant! Steph made this, with the blanket, socks etc, topped with a crown and a pink rubber duck.

Remember how I said that Cassandra was foul at the birthday party on Sat?blog-834This is her throwing herself backwards. After many trips to the hidden hallway, and a few smacks, she has continued to be happy. If she even look at me in the naughty way, I have nibbed it in the bud, and smacked her straight away. Our house actually seems peaceful again, it’s been a long time coming. Saying that, our little neighbour hasn’t been around because of the long weekend, so that could make a differance too….she is a stirer.

So Good night

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Nov 03 2008

A little visit..

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On saturday I drove to Trafalgar for a party, and picked up G,ma and Pa to stay with us for a few days. It was a pleasant couple of days, were we all just relaxed, drank lots of tea and coffee (not me though, I don’t like the taste of either), and ate. G’ma’s birthday is next week, so we had a roast dinner for Lunch after our church service at Belgrave. Isn’t it easy to make someone feel special? It was nice only having the three children, because Cassandra was able to get a bit more attention, and for the first time in a long time, she was happy! She loved having G’ma and Pa over, she chatted very clearly, asking questions and just generally making them feel loved. They were a blessing to each other. Because Jared had some car trouble, I needed to take them home a few hours earlier to make sure that I was home in case Jared need a lift home.

 Camden and Stephanie had a lovely time (I’m sure that Camden didn’t want to come home). Both Steph and Camden seemed happy to have a big cuddle from Cassandra though, and her saying ” I missed you!”.

 On a sad note, I have a friend who lost her little baby. My heart breaks for her and her family. God must know how much a parent’s heart is broken in these times, I only pray that He may pour a special blessing on them, to let them know that He loves them so much.

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