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Oct 31 2008

The Grumpies and Halloween..

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This morning started with a house full of grumpies, no breakfast cereal and too many dirty dishes..but we tackled the problem head on. We prepared for tommorow, as we will have Jared’s grandparents stay with us for a few nights (that means all tiny objects off the floor, we don’t want them to trip!). First we will be going to a 7th birthday party, and on the way back we will pick them up. Steph and Camden will be staying at a friends house, so that I am able to fit everyone in the car, do we really need a bus??

Today I loaded some photos onto my computer. We found Cassandra with my camera a couple of days, this is her art work..I think I see a nostril.

she was hiding under my desk, um, I think that I need to clean up under there.

We went and looked for a loung again.. Jared has expensive taste!

It’s Halloween today, I knew some pre-teens would come over to our house, but I warned them that I wouldn’t give them anything for Halloween. I did up this card, and actually made some bags, because I didn’t want to turn them away. Yes, they came knocking, but Jared talked sense into me, and said not to give them anything at all. I told them why I wouldn’t have anything to do with witch craft. One of the girls told me that her RE teacher told them that it was actually a catholic holiday…Ugh. I hope she gets a better teacher. I know that wikepedia says something about the catholic church, but we all know what it’s all about now, don’t we?

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Oct 30 2008

You said how many?

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Yesterday Jared asked me to make some desert for a college lunch. He said that the staff were putting on lunch for the students. I asked him how many students were going to have desert? 20 was the answer, so today I got cooking…I made apple and berry pie, a pavalova, a cheesecake and 12 custard tarts. Jared got home and said, “I didn’t want you to cook for 20, just for some!” Opps! So we ate the Pav, froze the pie, and he will take the rest. I must admit, I thought that it would be unlike Jared to take so much, and make such a scene….Ok, our communication needs a little work. Speaking of work, any idea how many dishes all this makes?

I won’t cook two dozen muffins then?

Tonight after Lachlan was taken to boys brigade, I went out to bring my other children in, but instead got side tracked into kicking a football with a couple of neighbourhood children. I was amazed (and I think that they were too), that I could still kick a footy. It was a real hoot! Cassandra ran back and forth, while Alycia, and two others kicked back and forth. E splashed water deliberatly on me, so I got the hose (very briefly mind you, due to water restrictions), and saturated her….fun!

Before I head off to bed, I just have to show you a couple of bunk beds, how cool are these?

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Oct 29 2008

Ugh, what a day…

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I can’t lie and say that this has been the best day. My little family seemed dto be full of whinges today. I perservered, then thought that perhaps I should calm down and so I loaded them in the car. It went against all my parenting instincts to reward them for nit picking at each other but….we went out for lunch. It was lovely, the children were calm, polite, and less stressed. Some times I forget that school isn’t just about academics, but it’s about life and family peace. We are refreshed, ready to go again tommorow.

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Oct 28 2008

After shock..

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After getting over the shock of Cassandra escaping, I now feel up to blogging again (she is in bed asleep), I will listen out for the ringing of bells while I type.

 It was a beautiful day for the fete, plenty of people to buy all the items. We brought home too much stuff..I gave the children $7 each and said “go spend”, so what did I expect…thriftiness? We took our neighbour too, she had Cassandra on a leash, so I actually got a good look around. Check out this book, I really liked the vintage cover.

It was 20c!

Steph bought plants, Camden got a cool castle for $3, and these lovely shades (yes, they are women’s glasses), Lachlan bought a playstation 1, for $15 ( now we feel trendy!!).

 Jared and I took Cassandra lounge shopping in the afternoon.

Nope, we didn’t buy that one!

We went to Church at South Yarra, where Jared preached. It was good to hear him preach again. He preached on the inspiration of scripture. We take it for granted that christians believe this, but evidently some don’t see this as the foundational doctrine that it is.(Sth Yarra do though)

 Yesterday was Pak Arrows, we made wagon wheels for class. Then it was off to Girl’s brigade. When I went to pick up the girls, we had a little drama which is better left unsaid, but I woke up at 5am thinking about it (it’s ok, my girls didn’t do anything)..

Today I have caught up on 6 loads of washing, most is dry already.

 I looked up the you tube videos of the junior PYV camp, to see if I could spot my children. Poor Lachlan was sprung wearing his hat at dinner (What bad manners!), you can’t get away with anything around here. ” A woman is like a tea bag, you don’t know how strong she is until you put her in hot water”

Ok, I admit I just wanted to use this cute photo that I found. I hope that I am a strong tea bag!!

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Oct 25 2008

Very upset..

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Although we had a lovely day at the fete today, it was overshadowed by the fact that Cassandra got out of the house without anyone knowing. A man who lives down the street named Tony found her crying with thorns in her bare feet, carrying a big red bag (something she found on a rubbish heap). Thankfully she knows where she lives, and so does he, because he found her about 3 months ago, doing the same thing. I am so thankful to God for keeping her safe. She is such a naughty little thing, and right now, I feel like the worst parent. Jared had just gone down stairs and asked steph to clean her up, as I heard this, I assumed she was being watched. So in the time, she had a nappy changed, and the time when Tony found her would have been close to 20 min? I have bells on the front door! Camden put the nappy in the bin, and since the door didn’t open again, she must have slipped out un noticed. Steph was like this, so I have hope that Cassandra will settle down sometime soon. In the mean time, I have just bought an alarm device, so that it will go off when she is more than 5-10 meters away from me. This is no substitue for bad parenting, but It might at least help while we are still in the training process. Right now I just want to cry…I get distracted too easily.

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Oct 24 2008

What couch?

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Today I sent Jared an email headed “suprise” with this picture as an attachment.

So when he got home, this is what we did…

We haven’t choosen one yet, so If you want to come and visit, bring your own seat!

I finished off some more stuff for the church fete, I would have liked to have made more, but I didn’t!

Some bibs for bubs!

A couple of little chef hats!

A monster purse (only one, pathetic I know, but I ran out of time). The metal zipper looks like teeth. I love these. I made a bunch of these once and tissue holders to raise money for something a few years ago. I thought that the old ladies would buy the tissue holders, but they all dived in for the monsters…who would have thought? It still makes me have a little chuckle when I see one of them with a purple/green or tiger print monster.

Finally some snowball spiders….

In case you want to come to the fete.

Tonight Steph made a roast dinner, good on you Steph!

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Oct 23 2008


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Today started like yesterday, yes that’s right, another bottle of cream dropped to the ground!

I made a couple of T-shirts for some little baby blessings.

and one for Camden, they are tigers hanging off his name.

Tonight I feel very upset, as a 15 year old boy who lives in our street went up to Alycia who is 8, bent over and passed wind in her face. She was looking at Cassandra and wasn’t aware of what he was doing until it was too late. What a horrible boy. I found out when I got home from picking up the boys from Boys brigade. What do I do? Do I have to tell off ever child in the street? I want to have an open door to any children (we have a lot around here), but I will say something to him at the right time, God willing He will give me the wisdom to deal with it the best way.

Where are the boys who trust in the Lord, and want to do their best for Him? I am praying that Lachlan and Camden will become such men.

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Oct 22 2008

Quiet but busy..

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Spotted around school, I did a bit of cooking. I began by dropping the cream..Thus making me short of the amount that I needed for my recipe!!

But it worked anyway. These are for the college open night tonight.

I then made an apple and berry pie (pictured without the top)

I also made some cookies/biscuits…the word cookie sounds so much cuter don’t you think?

I also learn’t with Alycia about our Australian consitution, especially section 116, all about religious freedom. It makes me want to read the real deal. How did the government change so much in just over 100 years? Have we forgotten to teach our children and grandchildren some really important things? oh, I’m getting on my band wagon again..

This week people in our area are putting out their junk for the junk collectors. Look what was in our street! Alycia has been asking me to keep an eye out for a doll house for a little friend. She was concerned that this little girl had doll house furniture, but no doll house. We saw this, she begged me to bring it home, and then she cleaned it up. I could tell that she wanted it, but because of what she had been saying for over two months, I said that it could be her way to show God’s provision for this little girl. I called up the mum, and guess what, they have a doll house! So now we have a lovely and  huge doll house! Cassandra had a lovely morning with this house all to her self!

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Oct 21 2008

letter box drop..

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We had a Dr’s appointment for Lachlan today, a check up regarding his asthma. He has had his preventative dosage dropped since moving to the basin. On the lower dosage his lung capacity has dropped a little, but Hopefully it will equalise by next year. Afterward we visited my mum, who had to have a cancer removed from her face, poor thing. After lunch we did another letter drop for the church fete, at least we got to know the area better.

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Oct 19 2008

More fete stuff..

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Just a quick post while Camden is writing his answers…

I made some hankies (or at least decorated some), with transfer paper, I think that they are kinda cute.

I also had some sippy cups that I bought from Oriental trading two years ago….so here they are..

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Oct 18 2008

Quiet saturdays…

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Do you ever get the feeling your family just needs to go out and enjoy the sunshine? Well, Saturday was the perfect day for that. We drove up to Emerald, checked out the trains, played at the playground, and did a little shopping!

Cassandra had a great time! Steph wasn’t feeling the best….When we went shopping, I noticed that Lachlan and Alycia were holding hands, how cute is that? There seems to be a mutual respect between them which is wonderful. When I took the photo, they were a little embarrassed, but I assured them that it was great to see that they cared for each other.

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Oct 16 2008

Jamie Oliver

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I just wrote a comment on Jamie Oliver’s blog about his show “The Ministry of Food”. I think that he has brilliant ideas, and that he is really making a differance to people’s health. I did have to ask him to try and tone down the language though, it really wrecks the show. You are never to old to change bad habits Jamie!

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Oct 16 2008

School and other such things..

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We had a normal day of school today, lunch, and then finished delivering some pamphlets for the fete.

Steph and Lach went to Science class, I went home with the younger children, cooked, cleaned (still boiling up water, ugh). I also made some more marble bags, and some finger towels (I’m such a bad sewer!), if they don’t sell, I will use them.

 The children went for a walk with the neighbourhood children. One child said that they would have to swear to fit in…thankfully our children don’t agree with them. One boy is angry with me, because a few days ago he told Camden (our 6 year old) to say something really gross. I have never heard such filth before, even as an adult! I went over to his house, to have a quiet word with him, he was in the shower, so I spoke to his mum. I was calm, and she was gracious. Unfortunatly he learns things from his older brothers!! It really makes me sad to think that children speak about things which are holy, in a defiled manner. Please pray for all of these children.

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Oct 15 2008

A Couple of Days…

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Monday was “Pakenham Arrows” our homeschooling group. This week I taught the children to make Pizza! I hadn’t made this base before so it was a bit of a gamble, but most ate it for lunch. I just remembered that I forgot to hand out the recipe cards, ugh!

At night I went to a women’s meeting at the college. It was encouraging to hear that God is faithful in the lives of those women who’s husbands have gone out as ministers, and for those waiting their turn, so to speak…

OH, the most exciting news..

Thanks Nicky, for finding a new monkey for Alycia!

Tuesday we had a great day of school, and at lunch we delievered a basket of muffins to someone that we hadn’t ever met in person before. It was a little awkward really, although our intentions were good..

As we left, I saw an opp shop that I hadn’t been in before, and I found this bargain, skates for $4! Ok, so I’m an 80’s girl, I can’t wait to go skating with the trendy inline skaters..

Today we dropped off some “stuff” for our church fete which is next sat. and we delivered some pamphlets around Upwey/Tecoma….ugh, haven’t they heard of foot paths??? I’m sure I looked like a red tomato climbing up those roads.

Does this fur coat make me look big?

 We are still lighting the difficult hot water system twice a day (well, Jared is, because I haven’t figured it out yet), hopefully it will be replaced later this week…I miss hot water on demand. Am I spoilt? I think I am.

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Oct 12 2008

Five little ducks….

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We went to church yesterday as a family to Belgrave Heights, which was nice. Afterwards some went letter box dropping, and shared a sausage sizzle. Steph and Lach did the hard yards, while the rest of us went home. Our little neighbour was waiting for us, she kept Cassandra entertained, and Camden bothered! After 4 hrs of loud people I said that they had to stay out side for more than one minute, and then they all started banging on the door including the boy across the road. Ok, I’m not so tuff, the back doors weren’t locked, so up they all came, and guess what they had? Two ducklings!

Knowing our history with pets (they all die), I sent the children over to the nieghbours who have living pets…they decided to call the RSPCA.

This is a picture of Camden. One day he will be a girl’s Knight in shining armour!

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Oct 11 2008

Assembly and other such things..

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This week we stayed at the Victoria Hotel. We were there because of Assembly, this is when all the ministers of the Victorian Presbyterian Church meet together to discuss important issues. Jared is the business convenor so he isn’t able to wag, he has to sit up the front, and sort out all the business… On the other hand, the children and I get to enjoy the extra week off. We went to the aquarium, on the free city circle tram, swimming, and that was all on Monday. There was a service at night, a minister’s wives dinner on Tuesday, a mission lunch on Wednesday and a very long PWMU meeting on Thursday. I was hoping to see my dad on Thursday afternoon, but the meeting took too long! Both my phone and Steph’s phone was out of credit, so they didn’t work, so it made it all a little complicated.

We saw a lovely dress that Steph liked, but we later discovered that just the jacket was $200, so we gave it a miss..

We saw the ugliest handbag..

and we discovered what happened to Skippy, the bush kangaroo..

My beautiful children are so patient in all of these meetings..

It was good to see Jared for lunch too!

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Oct 03 2008

A bit of this and a bit of that.

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Last night we had two neighbourhood girls stay over, so we had a lounge full of children. Pancakes were on the menu for breakfast. We had run out of hot water , so I called a plumber to check out our hot water system.   Jared thought it was broken but…..after hearing what the plumber was going to charge just for coming out $80 and $20 per 15 min,Jared checked again, and guess what….it works now! We saved money!

 This morning I dropped the girls off to the roller skating rink, and then came home to prepare tea. We had some good friends over for tea (are you reading this Lian?). Although all the children were over tired, it was nice to catch up. I played bad mother by letting my two year old stay up past 9pm, she is already asleep….

Ok, so the table didn’t look like this, but we can dream can’t we?

Check out these cute doilies, I found them on ebay, I’m just looking I swear!

I really like this rolling pin, any one know where you can buy them? They probably cost a mint.

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Oct 01 2008

To the Zoo

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Last night we went to a friend’s birthday, it was a nice night out. We left at 10pm when Jared started to look a little pale (he isn’t a night owl).

 Today we went to the Zoo. My sister Nicky has been working there for nearly a year, and was able to get us in for free, bonus! Nicky also arranged for us to touch the giant Tortoise, it was amazing! There were four in the enclosure, one weighing over 150kg. They were all about 70-90 years old. I figured that maybe our grandchildren will one day see the same tortoise (they live to be about 200 years old). Thank you Nicky for this opportunity. The children were also spoilt in that Nicky let them buy a toy for $20 each. Cammy got a tiger, Alycia a monkey puppet, Lachlan a Meerkat, Cassandra a turtle, and Steph a real cactus! Unfortunatly Alycia accidently put her toy down when she took her jumper off, and was unable to find it once she realised that she didn’t have it. You can imagine how she held back her tears, she was very unspoilt, my heart broke.

                                                                       MISSING IN ACTION!

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