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Apr 24 2013


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My mother passed away this morning.

I am so thankful to God that my sister, my Dad and myself where there for her, all together. We were at the hospital for over 30 hrs, give or take and hour or two. It is such a personal thing watching someone die, someone you love so  much. There were some horrible moments, but I think she was at peace before she died. I am going to miss her so much. I called her every morning to “touch base” as she would say.  My dad has lost his other half, I hope that God will provide him the comfort and strength that he will need. Daughters are helpless..

The nurses presented her like a princess, putting a lovely red rose on her pillow. A Gideon Bible was placed on the table with Psalm 27 opened. Yes, wait on the Lord, and He will strengthen your heart..

I am up at 3am, it is the next day. It is my birthday. I won’t want to celebrate, but yet I do. I thank God for my life, which is so fragile. We busy our lives going here and there..building up our homes, and our accumulating our stuff.. Stuff that is left behind.

Acknowledge and take heart this day, that the Lord is God. In heaven above and earth below, this is no other. Deut 4 :39.

Four days later, only four. It seems like months…Today is my mother’s funeral. I hoped it would be in the morning, so it would be done, but I sit here instead..crying already. It is like saying goodbye again, but I know the truth, that she has already left us. I will miss her so much, words seem so inadequate.

Stephanie made a slide show of mum’s life, it makes me cry every time I see it. Jared just came down and told me not to keep watching it. I will have to be sneeky..

Kay Edwards, my mum.


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Dec 17 2012

That’s My Girl

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VCE results are in! My girl was up at 6 am this morning (highly unlike her), waiting for the 7am results on the computer. Of course it crashed for about 15 min ( overload I imagine). Anyway, she recieved a great mark 87.8! She can now get into the course that she wanted to at Melbourne University, without even applying for the special consideration ( because she was home schooled until year 11 and 12), she doesn’t even need it! Way to go Steph. I am so happy for her, she is such a good worker, and I can honestly say that she did it on her own. I have been amazed at how many people have assumed that she would not do well, and they have actually said that there is no way that she will be able to get into Melb Uni because she won’t get a high enough score..I am proud of Stephanie’s character, she didn’t get upset, she just did her work, and now she has proved them all wrong. Well done!Lachlan had a birthday party last week. Stephanie arranged it all. Lachlan’s birthday is actually on the 27th of December, but we had a party early so he could actually have some friends over. They had to dress as Egyptian, Greeks or Romans. It was a good night, and Lachlan really enjoyed the effort his friends took to get there. I loved Cassandra’s costume, what do you think? Who knew sheets could be so useful? The next morning we got up at 4 am to go to Geelong Adventure Park. The Today show was hosting a free entry between 6-8am. Bargain! I dragged my Dad along too, it was a good morning. CAn you spot us? The girl in the pink is the weather girl.I know we have done more, but I have already forgotten :/  We just spent the day with some family doing an early Christmas. It was very nice. Yesterday we spent the day at Church, followed by lunch, then  tea at another church followed by another church service. It was a big day, but enjoyable. I had a lady ask me what the church was on about, and was able to answer. My heart is the happiest when I can speak of the gospel, there is no greater joy. My salvation is sure, it is not based on me, it is based on my saviour and his amazing mercy. The Bible is my only authority for knowing what God wants, who He is, who I am. The OT points to Jesus, and the New reveals Him. He died to take away my sin, He has given me all things. How can I not rejoice? Ah, it is good to share the gospel, what a privileged.

I made up some little kiddie bags for an outreach Christmas dinner for two weeks ago. The groups that the church invited are people who are good at recycling, creative etc, so I tried to reach them where they are at. I tried as part of my little bags to make up a pegdoll kit. Do you like the stickers? lol, it is a little lame, but hopefully the big bouncy ball etc made up for it.A couple of nights ago we also had a final night for the oldest three at their youth group. Jared and I and the younger two went as well, it was a hat night. They had a huge twister (no, thanks), and played “who knows the book of Hebrews the best” I am so glad that I memorised that chapter off by heart 20 years ago! Take the time to memorize it’s awesome how God’s word will come back to you over your life. ON that note, I am going to bed, I am tired.

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Dec 01 2012


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I have had a lovely week. My sister’s friend gave Jared and I an opportunity to have a mini two day holiday in Phillip Island. Jared is very busy right now, so I took Camden and Cassandra. We had a lovely little holiday, it was so nice to focus on just the two younger ones.We went searching for seals, we went to the library. We went swimming, in both the pool and at the beach. Tough life eh?Cassandra insisted that I took this photo of the pigs from a book found in the library for Stephanie ( you now know that Stephanie loves pigs right?).Let’s just say that Stephanie wasn’t as thrilled as Cassandra was giving it to her, lol.Here are the kiddies outside of our little home.You should have seen the size of the pool! We had it to ourselves, coolness!oh, yeah, I’m still enjoying the beach….now for the pool.I have a new appreciation for Camden, he showed patience, simple enjoyment, and was able to work the DVD player when I couldn’t 😀 Cassandra tripped over at least three times on the first day (due to excitement I guess), it was a lesson in self control, she wanted to let out a huge scream, but I was able to say in a calm way ” self control, I know it hurts, but try to calm yourself” and she did. I need to do a little bit more of that I think. I enjoyed the holiday, but was very thankful to go home, I missed the rest of my family. It was lovely to come home to a clean house ( My girls blessed me so much, by putting in some hard work to get everything in order). Oh, and we ate pizza. Don’t you think that my children look tired? Yay, at last, I tired them out!!

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Nov 20 2012

Nearly done!

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One more pace to go until we finish for the year, yay! Saying that, Alycia will then join Camden in learning latin. Thankfully Stephanie wants to continue to learn it too, so they will have a buddy. I need some full on attention for Cassandra, because although she can read, it is not up to the standard that it should be yet. Today Alycia went to Nanas and Grandpas to stay for a couple of nights. I met up with mum at a shopping centre to “do the exchange”. We had a bit of fun checking out some glasses.We also dropped in to Ikea to pick up some drawers. Stephanie showed her rebellious side by riding on the trolley.We bought some yummy cherries, $16 for 5kg.Yesterday, I spent an hour or so sewing on buttons for Jared’s jacket. They are special buttons to commemorate the Queen’s jubilee. Snazzy huh?The children have enjoyed a nice clean pool too. Me? I’m not game enough, not yet, it’s not that warm!Now I have just finished a book on courtship, it is the second one in a series. I had already read the first one years ago. I think I have another two to go.

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Nov 18 2012

A Couple of Days

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Yay, Steph has finally finished her schooling. After years of homeschooling and the last two years of nearly regular school, she has finished.  Stephanie has been such a good student, doing all her work without prompting, but Yet not stressing, because she gets the bigger picture.  The thing I am most greatful is the fact that she has loves the Lord, and is a lovely young lady. Only recently she said to me, that she is most greatful for the things that Jared and I have taught her, especially regarding the Bible. When she said this, it bought tears to my eyes, what more could I want? I have a greatful, sweet girl, who walks in the truth.We met Stephanie at the end of her final exam with some balloons. She likes pigs so the kiddies choose them for her. She had to have her exams at Bayswater secondary college. We went out for tea at night to celebrate. We gave her a Bible that she has been wanting.Although it was a lovely meal, I was more interested in the two fish eating a dead fish in the fish tank right next to me. One little black fish was amazingly cute, but yet vicious..Speaking of fish, our neighbour across the road gave us a huge snapper for dinner. I have never cooked fish so fresh before, it was creepy having the eyes still on it!Ain’t it big? 

Friday we drove down to Moe, Lachlan was with us, but Jared was at work. We spent the day walking around, visiting our once regular spots.  We went to some op shops, found heaps of Trixie Belden books for 20c each and beanie bears for 50c each. We bought 19 of them, half we will be giving away to a little girl who has just started to collect them.andSat. we all went and did some gardening. Our garden is out of control right now.  It will take me weeks to get it tidy. The pool needs a bit of work too, ugh! In the afternoon we went to Ikea with the younger two children. The bonus was that outside, Anaconda was giving free Kayak demos. Both Camden and Cassandra got to ride? one for free, oh yeah! Bonus.andToday we went to Church, then waited for Jared to preach in the next one, joined him for a fellowship lunch, and then waited again for Jared to have a meeting. Once home the kiddies jumped into a cleaner pool, freezing…brrr.

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Nov 13 2012


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Yeehaw, I’m back. Wow, it has taken me ages to get my images onto my computer. After having a virus, my computer has finally accepted my pics, phew! So much to cover. I guess anyone that knows me, might be wondering how I am going with my weightloss, well I have to be honest. I haven’t done so well, considering that I am mean’t to have lost 36 kilos in two weeks. It looks like I am only going to be 20 kilos. The poor Indian Children, I have failed them. Anyway, I won’t go there tonight.Warning ugly person above :/

I am really excited, Stephanie will be doing her final exam for year 12 on Thursday, yay! After all those years of  homeschooling and the last two years at a closer to “normal” school, she will be finally finished. I am so proud of her, she is such a good worker. I was proud of her, she got a cute award from a teacher that said that she was the most diligent.See you tomorrow 😀

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Jul 16 2012

Back to Basics

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School has started again, so we are back to basics, and I am glad of it. Who would think that such a routine would be enjoyable. Holidays are great, but I find that housework and the like are left to fend for themselves (which obviously they don’t). I had Lachlan home, so I got him to tutor Alycia, bonus! Camden and Steph got to work on their own, and Cassandra stuck with me. As a bonus today, we made some homemade icecream. I found a recipe in a library book by Annabel Karmel. I love her children’s cook books, they are sweet and pretty. Here is the recipe.It was nom nom nom…Cassandra was very proud of herself. She got to use the mixer (hand held) by herself. It was so funny to see the cream flying all over the place.Whip, stir, mix…Then eat 😀

Have you seen these cans? My children bought one home from the reject shop for me after seeing one of their friends with them. It is an instant hot chocolate. You push a button, then shake it, and then it heats up. This might be handy to have when I wait in the car on a cold night…oh yeah!I was collecting the library books last night, and only just discovered that I had borrowed two copies of the same book!! How lame am I? SERIOUSLY!! Should I admit that I actually bought the book this week too? Do you like my bruise? I don’t know what caused it. I got it the first time I rode my bike, a week later with the next ride it got bigger. That can’t be good right? Oh well, we will see what happens next week. For two weeks in a row I have had a white van toot at me and yell stuff (thankfully I am deaf, so I can’t hear them bagging me), I hope that I don’t see them next Saturday. Maybe I will think of them as my groupies. I can get away with that can’t I?

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Jul 15 2012


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I can’t believe that three weeks of holidays ( private schools have three weeks) have flown by. I didn’t really achieve much. The first week, I wanted Lachlan to work, and not nag for the computer so job number one (which was very well paid by the way) was to clean all the windows. I was so happy that he worked well, it took him ages.  The second week I took three children to a Church Kids club, which they really enjoyed. I did a bit of shopping each day at different shops, so I didn’t have to drive home and back again. So I ended up buying some new clothes…I hardly ever buy new clothes, so I think I am now making up for it.. (sorry Jared).  I have lost 21 kg now, I still have a long way to go, but I can tell the difference…so cool.I saw someone yesterday who has lost heaps of weight, and looks great. As she said, there is no secret to loosing weight, you just have to not eat as much and exercise.  Um, what else have I been up to? Oh, I ordered from on an online shop linked to Cosco. You don’t have to be a member, and they deliver for a flat rate of $15 within Melbourne. The website is found here. I bought 180 eggs, 25kg sugar, 16 kg of flour.  180 eggs? yeah, I know, a little crazy. I have given a few away, but I have a lot of cooking to do. I will make a lot of Gingerbread and freeze it ready for Dayspring Day. I am going to have the children decorate gingerbread men, fun eh?On a Saturday morning Jared and I found ourselves without any children, so we attempted to go for a bike ride to Boronia. Evidently it is 8km there and back. I really enjoyed it, although I had to walk up some of the hills. Jared didn’t enjoy it so much, he is behind me somewhere. We were testing out his new bike, that we picked up the night before. The money for the insurance, finally came in. This week, I rode to Ferntree gully with the three oldest children. That was more difficult, I think I will stick to Boronia for now. I felt proud of myself. Later that afternoon I caught up with some ladies at a craft group in Cranbourne. If you live around there, I recommend it. Just contact the Presbyterian church there for the details.I have to show you this little Thor that Stephanie has made. How cute is he? She made it without a pattern for a friend. Now if my swap buddy is having a look at this, I haven’t forgotten you. I have been reading your blog too, I just haven’t left a message. I went to Pakenham with the sole purpose of buying something “Tilda” for you. I am so excited about putting a “Friends” package for you.

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Jul 12 2012

20 Years..

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Although it was a sad time for us as a family, we could also appreciate the fact that Jared and I have been married for 20 years. It amazes me how quickly the time flies. Jared suprised us with booking us to go to the Cuckoo for lunch. We haven’t been there for over 15 years. Cassandra nearly had heart failure when she knew she could go and get anything she wanted for lunch. Camden wondered if they would count our plates..I had one very excited little girl. Can you see my necklace in the picture? Jared bought me a ruby necklace. He went very overboard, as we don’t normally buy things for each other. He had just bought me a lovely handbag too. Yesterday he gave me a David Jones voucher as well. What did I get him? Nothing. I have been spoiled. So much has happened in the last couple of weeks, considering it has been school holidays. They have gone so fast….I’ll tell you about that later.

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Jul 11 2012

Sad times.

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Last Monday night I got a call from a friend to say to call his sister Sandy because she was having trouble breathing and she might not be alive for too much longer. I called straight away. I was able to speak to my friend who I have known since she was 13, she is now 38. I am so grateful that I got to speak to her, because it was the last chance that I had to say goodbye. I guess I didn’t really believe that it would be the last time that I spoke to her, I don’t think she truly realised either, although she was a little aware of the possiblity. But you know how it is, you think that a cancer sufferer will go into hospital for a few days and be back out again in an instant. I was able to say that I loved her, that she has been a wonderful witness to everyone of God’s goodness, despite her sad circumstances. I encouraged her not to fear, and said that one day we will all see our wonderful saviour face to face. By the time I woke up in the morning, I discovered that she had died peacefully with her family around her. She died, and out the window of the hospital room all that were there, saw the sun rise. I can’t believe that she has died..My Facebook page has her commenting on everything that I have posted, her face is everywhere…but yesterday I watched her being lowered into the ground…I mourn like others, but not without hope. Just as the sun rose on the earth, she too rose to be with her saviour. Our bodies die, but our spirit never does. At this very moment, she is worshiping Christ face to face…awesome. I feel for her two children, even my children hurt, but I know she is not lost. Jared took the sermon, it was encouraging. We need to know that Christ rose from the dead, and so will we. I loved you Sandy, even though you frustrated me, tested me, and made me love you.   This is a pic of her little memorial ( she was buried before her funeral). In case you can’t guess, she loved shoes….really loved shoes. The next day we celebrated our 2oth wedding anniversary. As you can see from the first photo, she was one of my bridesmaids, so it felt so wrong to celebrate….but we did.

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Jun 27 2012


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My hubby turned 41  last week ( I am actually older than him by a couple of months)..I hate those couple of months where I am the obvious “older woman”.  The children had something planned for his birthday, Jared asked me what they were doing. I couldn’t tell him much except it involved a chicken and a violin, lol. That got him thinking for a few days. The kiddies arranged to do a Fawlty Towers dinner..I found it amusing because they kept doing things wrong without meaning to. Lachlan poured a drink from a bottle, but it was oil! Also between the girls they forgot to cook some vegetables with the roast chicken ( I mean, possum). It all went with the theme though, right?Great menu eh? hee hee, I just love this girl, she makes me laugh.Don’t you love this cartoon? Well, it made me have a little laugh. I went op shopping with the two eldest this week and I found this jacket. I asked Steph to take a photo of me in it, to see if it suited me. I bought it. Meanwhile Steph just tried on some clothes…ugh!and then..Oh man, she is a challenge when it comes to clothes shopping. I mean, she doesn’t even take her jacket off to try on the clothes!! By the way, I did not choose the above, and we did not buy them. But I love this girl too, she is a real sweet girl. If I was a teen, I would be lining up to be her friend, she is a loyal and sweet talking girl. Love ya Stephy.I went to Heronswood in Dromana with my sister and mother ( and of course the kiddies), yesterday.  We got in for free being RACV members and the kiddies were free too! It was a lovely day. We also did a bit of op shopping ( of course). I found this swap to take part in, yay! My swap buddy is Sheryl, her blog is here… I love swaps…what’s wrong with me?

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May 23 2012

I’m Back!

Wow, another month gone? Phew! What have I been up too? Well, I’m still being a good girl ;D. I have lost 16 kilos now, I am pretty happy with that, but I know I have such a long way to go. If you are a chubs, let me give you some advice..”start today, don’t leave it until you can’t fit through doors without going sideways”. It really isn’t so hard, at least not at this stage. I have discovered yummy hot chocolates (thanks to Jared). Jared has decided to check out all the hot chocolate places in Melb!! He asked me to join him, how could I say no? They are so yummy ( and yet, I have to include 300 calories) to make sure I don’t go over my limit. I actually took the kiddies to “indulge” while Jared was at work, I sent him a text…nom nom nom..I have also been getting ready for the next Dayspring Day. I have decided to do a “Masters Chef” day. I will making 100 chef hats. I have nearly made 20.How do you think it looks?Stephanie received her Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award last week. The funny thing was that Lachlan came home with one too! He got one without realising just by doing his Army Cadets at school. Stephanie on the other hand, had to volunteer at the local library for 3 months, run up and down the 1000 steps every week, go on two big hikes, and practice her violin for 6 months…Congrats Stephanie (and Lachlan).Meanwhile Camden has tried to be a Zombie..don’t ask.He tried to eat my brains..He went away hungry, lol.The girls and I have done a bit of Naan cooking. So yummy. We found this super easy recipe here: lost her first tooth this week. I gave her $5. All of the kiddies have recieved $5 for the first tooth, and then it goes down to 50c per tooth after that. I have done a bit of op shopping and have found a few cute bags…And..Stephanie has been doing more driving, as you can see from this pic she is driving in the van behind me (we were coming home from Church in two cars).Stephanie has also been crocheting for a friend. Her friend loves Dr who, so here he is with a darlek.I bought Alycia a pattern of her choice yesterday to start work on. A hedgehog! Alycia loves hedgehogs. It wasn’t a cheap pattern, but once she can make one, she can make many. I love the fact that my children want to create.We traced the pattern and cut out the material this morning. We were blessed during the month by a 4 year old. He knocked on our door and said ” I want to share my cupcakes with you”. How sweet is that? I really love seeing little children directed to think of others. Thank you to his mummy Narelle for making and sharing such cute cupcakes.My friends and I have been able to be part  of wonderful idea. A place near me asked people to donate new baby things for single mums. Normally young girls who find themselves pregnant with no one to turn to. This group provides a wonderful alternative to abortion. I thank God for them. Check this out if you want to know more.

On a less serious note, I will leave you with a picture of my physco collection.



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Apr 21 2012

It’s My Birthday!

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I’m 41 today, an old lady yeah? I must say I feel pretty good though. The kiddies woke me up with bacon and eggs this morning. I love it when the whole family ends up on our bed, talking, smiling. I have been so blessed. Cassandra had wrapped her present up by herself, so it kind of fell out into my hands. A packet of twisties  that I shared with everyone after lunch. The four oldest bought me a tin with a doll to make up from Typo. I opened it up, and 3/4 of the kit was missing :C, so we went back to Knox shopping centre to exchange it for another one. They also gave me some spotty notepads, nice. Jared also spoiled me by taking me to the pictures and out to tea with the family. Thank you Jared. My friend Narelle, dropped of some lovely flowers. Thank you Narelle.My friend Gail sent me this this week as a motivator. Thanks Gail. Look at this enormous blessing. A long time family friend dropped off a lot of goodies for us, some to pass on to Malawi, and others just for us such as TWO overlockers! Yup, you read right, two! My girls and I have been very spoiled. This will be very handy especially as I have just decided that I will make 100 chef hats for Dayspring Day this year. Now the girls can help me, oh yeah! Thank you Robyn.More strawberry jam was made. I didn’t cook it properly, it was a little runny, so I had to cook 12 jars again, but now it is perfect 😀

I just had to take a photo of this gross trolley that was waiting outside Safeway. Oh yeah, I’m really going to put my groceries into that!This is the best part of my life, little kisses and cuddles. If you are thinking of having more children , I say, go for it. They are my greatest blessing apart from my saviour, and a christian husband. I love being a mum, I am so blessed.

A great suprise for me today was that I hit the 10 kg goal, yay, yay, yay! I know I have a long way to go, but how good is this? I have learn’t that it isn’t really hard work as such (at this stage anyway), it is more discipline. I have never been disciplined. Of course I have to work up a sweat, I don’t think I ever realised that eyes could sweat! Even my watch is rusting on my wrist! I feel so much better, but I’m not sleeping as well as I use to, so I’m not sure what that is about.My boy has been doing some work experience this week. He has been working at surveying and engineering. We are very thankful for a friend who orgainised this for us, thank you Mairi and Basem, As you can  see, he even got paid for it. We went out for tea tonight, I am so spoiled. This is Lachlan and Stephanie my “twins” not really, but they are very close.This is my hubby and Camden. I think it is like a mirror. I look at Camden and I think this is what Jared must have looked like as a kiddie.Look at this cool kiddie sewing designer kit. I found it on pinterest. If you haven’t heard of pinterest, where have you been? Check it out here: It’s like a big scrapbook of anything that takes your fancy.

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Apr 14 2012


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Can you believe it, two weeks of holidays nearly over?  How can two weeks go so fast? What have I done? Of course we had Easter in the middle, so it was busy with Church on Good Friday and  and two church services on Sunday. We also had a friend and her daughter stay for one night. It was lovely to catch up. My friend gave us a very generous gift too, which was much appreciated. Thank you Sandy. I also had time to catch up with some other friends.The girls have done some crafts. This is what Alycia made for her American Girl doll, Josefina.We also went to the Resource Rescue centre to buy a heap of junk to make other bits of junk. If you are a local, you can find it here: I have been getting to know my camera. I have been using the treadmill that Jared bought me about 2 years ago. I would rather walk outside, but it is very handy when you have half an hour to spare or it is raining outside. This treadmill was a bargain, it was less than $200 from Kmart.It is very wizz bang. It takes your pulse, tells you how many calories you have burn’t and has a cup holder for my nifty bottle 😀I made a couple of bunny bags. The pattern is from Melly and Me. You can find her site here: I bought the pattern for $4.50 at a local craft store, Keith Fagg. The second one was a lot better than the first. Today I also made another Peg Bear.I also made a Melly and Me bee.Those wings were a killer to turn considering I had stuffed them with some wadding.I drove over to Sunbury the other night for the children to watch Courageous with some friends. It was a long drive. I got Stephanie to do the driving on her L’s. She did such a good job. I drove home though. They are a lovely group of teens, I was there the whole time with one of their mums, and it was a lovely time of fellowship.I found some good books in the opp shop. Another Church history book. An old Pilgrims Progress and some Latin books. I also found a Holly Hobby doll for $1.50. It is very worn, but still sweet.My three youngest took to cupcake making while I sewed upstairs. Jared was downstairs so if there was a fire, he would save the day ;D  They ended up taking some over for the neighbors, the ones who made our house catch fire. All is forgiven eh?This is Cassandra in a cool mask, I love the way the nose sticks out. This came out of a book of masks. It kept her very busy.

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Feb 25 2012


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Tuesday  night Steph arrived home from India. Her plane arrived at 8:40pm. I felt really excited waiting for her. A few of the parents hadn’t arrived by the time that the team where coming out, the kiddies looked disappointed. We were prepared with balloons and a lame hat 😀She finally walked out…It’s amazing to know that she has been to India and back. Of course she brought back some gifts for people. I told her not to bring back any trinkets, so i think that I actually stressed her out. She mainly bought back some bangles (glass ones) for her friends, a special box for her auntie, some ear muffs for her daddy and brothers. G’parents and supporters will get a little something too, just to say thank you. I love this picture, I can’t help but laugh. This is a small group of the team (one technically wasn’t part of the team, she came seperatly) in a rickshaw. Poor Joshua stuck in the side. I loved the fact that each group of girls had a boy to watch over them. He was to be the protector ( you have to love that eh?). All up, it sounds as though he did a great job, afterall they all came back, lol. Joshua’s mummy and daddy should be proud, all that training as the oldest sibling has paid off 😀 On the very last day they did some sightseeing. I would love to put some photos of the children that they went and and got to know, but I need to wait for permission.  Overall, it sounds as though they worked very hard, had their eyes opened, and also had the bonus of getting to know their team like family. Personally I feel as though I know Steph’s fellow travelers really well with all her talking over the last few days.This is a cool sight, I could see how far Stephanie had traveled on the way home. Awesome! I made up some washing liquid for the washing machine. I found the very simple recipe here:http://down—to— All it takes is  1 Litre of water, I cup of Lux soap flakes, 1/2 cup of washing soda, and 1/2 cup of borax. Bring to boil, put into a 10 litre  bucket, and add water, mix well. Then funnel into your  clean bottles. Easy. I have done three loads so far, and it has worked well.  Rhonda has  just written a book too (which I have just ordered), so you might want to take a look at it.Alycia has done some painting.Another little experiment that I tried this week, is making an egg heart. I think I will need to try it again to make it perfect.this is my effort, mmm,,,try again..We have done a bit of cooking too. I love the fact that my local fruit shop, sometimes have a book of vegies for $3.As long as you use it up quickly, it’s a bargain.

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Feb 07 2012

My Big Girl

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My Big girl, Stephanie (16), has gone off to India. Wow, she has nearly been away for a week, it is sooooooooo quiet. I wake up, and the first thing I do is pray for her, and the it is the last thing I do at night. She will be working in an orphanage teaching and playing with them, and also doing some maintenance etc. She is with 13 other people. There is an older couple acting as mumma and pappa. She was one excited girl at the airport, and then suddenly she went quiet.This is her team.Besides hearing from her from Singapore Airport inbetween flights, we haven’t heard from her!! I know that someone over there has a phone, because that girl called me to say that she heard that Steph arrived, so……? Ugh!!  After we watched our girl walk through the international flight area, we went of to a friends house.  Cassandra was running around the house with their son, when they banged into eachother. Ouch, what a bruise she got.oh yeah, I take photos of everything. A couple of days later, she had nasty bruises under her eyes as well.Poor little thing. She is ok otherwise. In between we have had a few visitors for tea. One of Lachlan’s friend’s family, another family who is interested in homeschooling. We have been to the zoo, with a lovely family. Busy, busy. Now it is back to the school routine. Although I must admit, I wagged this morning to go and visit my mother :D. Check out this cup that I bought last week. I know, it’s kitch, but I love it, and at $2.99, how could I walk past?Look at these cool items! My friend Jayni who is in Malawi right now with her family, gave them to us. I was so excited.  They have been given to the girls of the Hood family. Some lovely papers, stamps, ink pads and this gorgeous owl punch. I admit it, I had a little play before the girls, but they will get to play too, I promise 😀 Thank you Jayni and Craig, you are very generous to think of us, when you are so busy as it is. If you are reading this Jayni, I admire you so much, not because of your gift to us, but because of your gift of  serving others in Malawi, especially the little children. Can’t wait until you get back to Aust. and we can have a good catch up.Check out my creative Dad. He made this echidna!! I was impressed. I’m thinking of selling it on ebay for him, do you think anyone would buy it for their garden? It has feet, and a nose. I love seeing my parents getting crafty.

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Dec 08 2011

Time Ticks On..

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I can’t believe that it has nearly been two weeks since the miscarriage. I have done a lot of thinking. There are times where I have felt a little alone, but Jared has been my great supporter. I am so thankful for him, and I realise that through this whole ordeal that perhaps I have taken this for granted in the past. He has been very tender.  Sunday was a difficult day, I thought I was fine. Jared was at a different church, so went to our home church on Jared’s advice, due to extra meetings for him. When I had people all of a sudden come up to me to say “sorry”, I had to use all my energy to keep it together. Now I am fine. I have come through the other side. God has been my strength, he has even given me a strong husband who knows me, and children who love me. Thank you God for our daily blessings. Time ticks on….

Now to show you my sewing, I made these for a young lady who is having a baby. We will be hosting a baby shower this weekend for her. I made 6 pairs of little nappy covers for her (3 boy, and 3 girl designs).I also made a few tissue covers, I gave a few away before I took this picture.These are super easy to make, you can find the instructions here: All it takes are some rectangles 51/4 inches by 3 3/4

Jared went out with a couple of children the other day, and Cassandra had spent all her life savings on a bunch of roses and a fish. Well, evidently she paid for the roses, and Jared secretly gave her the rest of the money for the gold fish. I was so moved by her kindness, you see, she wanted to cheer me up. The next day, she came up to me, and asked me if I could give her some money, because she spent all hers, lol.Jared also did an amazing thing. He went into a material shop!! This was a huge thing for him to do, not only because of the type of shop, but because of the prices, lol. With Alycia’s help he choose a pattern of a bowling set WITH material to make it. I am impressed.My first outing was to a celebration of Jared’s boss retirement. The whole day was planned without us knowing what we were going to do for the day. We turned up to college, got in the back of someones van and drove to the river. It was a lovely day on the river although Jared still has me laughing when he said it reminded him of Gilligan’s Island. It made me wonder who on the boat could built us a big hut if we marooned. I didn’t like my chances.

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Nov 11 2011

The Duggars.

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A couple of months ago, I sent a letter and a tube of Vegemite to the Duggars. I was asking for a favour. I was hoping that they might write a note to a young lady who was getting married. I must admit I was disappointed that they didn’t write back in time, but today….I recieved a postcard from them. Ok, so it wasn’t for the young lady that I wrote for, but for me. I was still thrilled.On the back was a little message, and what I love is that the postcard had the gospel printed on it. What a wonderful opportunity that they have to share the gospel with people who write to them.Today Jared took the children (except for Stephanie) to get the car serviced. He potted around the city with three (while Lachlan was at school). Stephanie and I went up to Sassafras which is only 5 mins away.  There are some cool shops there, particularly the toy shop. I love buying toys to put away in the present cupboard ready for a pressie for someone special. This is what I bought.I said to Steph, “when I die, empty the present cupboard quickly, because when someone sees it, I will look like a nut”, Steph said “perhaps I could hand them out at your funeral?” That girl cracks me up! Seriously though, I would like Bibles handed out at my funeral, when people walk out the door. After all it is the greatest treasure. To read for yourself of God’s grace to us. while we were sinners, Christ died for us.

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Nov 09 2011

Bagels and cookies

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Yesterday I spent a bit of time looking for my bagel recipe only to find that the website has now closed, ugh! Why didn’t I write down my recipe? So I searched for another, and found a suitable one. They were so easy to make, I didn’t even have to wait for the dough to rise for an hour.They are very yummy.My second batch looked better, I had to make the holes bigger (but I didn’t take a photo of those), you have to take my word  that they tasted yummy. Oh, yeah, I also made some cookies, nom, nom, nom.

Apart from cooking, finishing off school for the year (we still have a few weeks to go), we are still applying for visas for STeph, thus the photo..Haha, this makes me laugh! Meanwhile, Alycia is going through a growth spurt. She is so lethargic, I remember Steph being like that at the same age. The weird thing is the skin around her eye is breaking down too, the exact thing happened to Steph. She wasn’t so out of it, that she couldn’t make a happy animal out of her apple though.Can you see all my vases? I gave them a little clean with some salt and water today, works a charm. I learn’t this trick from “How Clean is Your House”. I also cleaned my pantry again!! Don’t you love this picture? A lady in the Church that Jared sometimes preaches at gave it to us.This is my first ever cross stitch. I made it for Jared when I was about 19. It means Scripture (the Bible), Grace  and Faith alone. You can only find out who God is and what he requires of us by reading the Bible. You can only be saved by Grace (God saves us despite us, not because of any good thing we have done), and faith alone ( a free gift).

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Nov 07 2011

Seven Eleven Day

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Today is the 7th of November, so what did we do? Well, Alycia was ill on Sat, so you guessed it, Lachlan was sick today. So he got a day off. I did school with Camden, Steph did her own school, and Alycia and Lachlan slept. In the afternoon when people were feeling a little bit brighter we went to 7-11 to get a free slurpee each. Everyone seemed to really enjoy them. Later in the afternoon I also found this recipe, so I whipped some up. It was so yummy. I gave some to everyone.I think that they liked it. You can find this recipe and others here: the weekend we bought a trampoline from Aldi for Camden and Cassandra as an early Christmas present.I did a bit of sewing on the weekend. Do you like my mermaid?and some Tilda birds.They are friends.Look at my wall. I think we have a problem.Our house is sinking, ugh!

Look at my vintage girl. My sister gave her this top. I had a track suit like this as a child…..I didn’t like it. But, hey, it suits her. It will have to grow on me.Ok, so here is my psycho secret. I am collecting smurfs. Perhaps I have enough now? I saw this bag in the op shop which now houses them. A perfect match don’t you think?

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